Thoughts I Had Watching Jonny Labey In Soft Lad

I decided to give this film a watch after hearing a few people i follow on Twitter rave about about good it is and talking about Jonny Labey's northern accent which is one of the cutest things i've heard. Having gotten the DVD in the post, i decided to rewatch it and fall in love with Jonny Labey again, and this movie and quickly become one of my favourites. I don't think it's much of a secret of how much i adore Jonny Labey. He's going to go on to do some great things. that's for sure. And i can't wait.

Synopsis: Twenty-two year old David has it all – he’s young, hot, and he’s just got into the prestigious dance school of his dreams. But he has a secret: for two years he’s been sleeping with his sister’s husband, Jules. After an argument between the two lovers, David throws himself into a one-night stand with Sam, a casual encounter which fast becomes something much stronger.

Unable to express his feelings to anyone, Jules is slowly driven mad by his secret desire for David, and jealous of his newfound, public relationship. When David’s sister, Jane, insists he brings his new boyfriend over for dinner, Jules snaps, revealing in turn a secret which none of them can ignore.

*this post may have featured some spoilers*

1) Aww look at how adorable Jonny Labey is.
2) i love those curls... and his eyes and smile
3) the opening sequence of jonny dancing is amazing
4) i could watch him dance for hours, he's amazingly talented
5) omg that accent.
6) he's too cute, i want to give him a hug.
7) and pet those curls
8) yay, another character played by Jonny i love
9) David could do so much better than Jules.
10) Ugh, Jules is an idiot (and a little bit of a control freak)

11) i couldn't love Jonny Labey more
12) Jonny Labey is such a cute romantic lead
13) i love this film already, wow this movie takes you on one emotional rollercoaster.
14) oh so that's what softlad means. i've learnt a new word in the liverpudlian vocab
15) jonny's short curly hair is my new favourite thing... his long curly hair is lush too
16) David deserves to be happy, why does he have to keep being hurt!? Poor baby
17) watching Jonny cry just makes me cry.
18) Jonny Labey looks like a disney prince, okay
19) aww how cute are David and Sam.
20) that little montage of the two of them is too cute

21) David is just breaking my heart, can we just protect him at all costs
22) does SoftLad even have a soundtrack, i love these songs!
23) Jules you annoy me, why do you have to be nasty to David.
24) i hope David gets his little happy ending.
25) can i have a Jonny Labey in my life?
26) Stacey and David's friendship is the best.. give me someone like David in my life
27) David, you're breaking my heart here
28) i love this dance sequence, David's talented angel (just like Jonny ;)) i'm so proud of Jonny
29) David's relationship with Steph is adorable. She idolises him like we do (who wouldn't)
30) He's perfect, compassionate, willing to take a chance, doesn't judge people. Could he be any cuter

Soft Lad is wonderfully acted by all the cast, Daniel Brocklebank plays Jules with a confident arrogance that disguises his real sexuality alongside Suzanne Collins who brings Jane’s emotional struggle to the surface and she’s the character you sympathise with as well as symathising with David played by Jonny Labey. They all have great chemistry and work well on screen together. Leon Lopez crafts a familiar and realistic story that packs a good emotional punch which explores love and betrayal within a family. Some good twists and turns, I couldn't love watch Jonny Labey more.

A coming of age story that deals with lust, desire, betrayal and of course the question of how much we're willing to sacrifice to be who we really are and to be with the one we love. Soft Lad shows how HIV and being unsafe affects not just you but the people you surrond yourself with. 
I find Jonny Labey loveable in both roles he has portrayed in SoftLad and EastEnders. Jonny Labey as David is a pure revelation in this film and an actor destined for more. Even though what he has done to his sister is wrong, you cannot help but feel very sorry for his character. Having watched him in Eastenders, he shines and acts his socks off. Jonny Labey is just insanely talented and now i love him even more.

Have you watched Soft Lad, what are your thoughts on the movie? And if you haven't yet seen Soft Lad will you be giving it a watch?

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