Embrace Being You

I did a post a while ago 'Stop Comparing Yourself To Others'  and i thought it would a good idea to do this kind of post talking about embracing who you are because it's no lie that we all compare ourselves to those around us instead of actually embracing who we are as human beings

Essentially, you can create yourself. Like a Sim, i suppose! There are an infinite number of possibilities on how you can choose to live your life, who you hang around with and what you let influence you as a person. If you'd feel happiest having bright pink or any other colour hair  then do it! If you want to get fit and tone up then do it! If you want that tattoo, then do it. If you want to fangirl over that fictional character or band then do it Dismiss the unhealthy standards of society and do you. Why should society have a say on what makes you feel good or what makes you happy.
Imagine if all of the time you spent ranking others above you was spent bettering yourself, putting effort into living a life that would let you prosper! Shed the skin that you don't feel comfortable in and treat yourself to a slow recuperation and creation of the person you want to be (but please stay healthy) and enjoy the ride.

Growth is needed for you to become someone based on what makes you happy. If you do this only for yourself, that's when you'll feel comfortable and proud of being yourself, as long as you're not hurting anyone. Then you can start to accept yourself for the forever freckled, short, tall, metal loving, pop loving, gay, straight, hair dye & tattoo craving, person that you are. Embrace and create yourself to change and love yourself. 

We are taught by society to be harsh on ourselves as human beings, judging every aspect of our lives. We aren't always gonna have it together, have everything figured out in our 20's so i don't understand why we have to kid ourselves in thinking that we will because we are all changing and growing. I'm not gonna lie and say at 16 i didn't think i'd have my life together by the time i'm in my early 20's because i did. We all did.

Certainly at 16 i didn't think i'd be diagnosed with depression & anxiety, and struggle with having a mental illness. we can't see anything so far in the future but we are in control with how we deal with things, how we want our futures to be. I've learnt to embrace my mental illness, my hearing impairment, my little quirks and mannerisims. And most importantly we choose who we want to be, we choose to embrace our little quirks and our imperfections. Our imperfections and quirks aren't something we should hide because they make us who we are and we should embrace that. Of course i'm constantly changing and growing, i see it as getting stronger and wiser.

In my mind, having ‘bad days’ is me letting myself down- and I’m my own biggest enemy. I judge myself and I pressure myself too much to be okay, without realising that it’s okay not to be okay. I'm not gonna have everything together 24 hours a day, i'm going to struggle and it's not something to be ashamed of because lets face it, even the people we look up no matter if their a model, writer, actor, singer etc have days where they just don't want to leave their house, stay in their room all day and cry. We don't know everyone's life story, everyone's struggle and everyone's triumph. At the end of the day we as human beings are a work in progress in many aspects. 

I like who i am, the person i'm fighing to become, the young woman who falls in love with fictional characters and blogs about all the things that make her smile. I like that i'm a hopeless romantic, a emotional wreck when it comes to those lovey dovey, sweet moments or heartbreaking, tear jerking moments in a tv series or movie. I wouldn't want to be anyone else that isn't me.

I want to end this post with a little something: if you are going through a bad time, a bad day. It will be okay, it's not the end of the world although it may feel like it. You are valid and you are strong. Focus on yourself and embrace those wonderful quirks & imperfections. A bad day doesn't mean a bad life. I hope you find a healthy way to be happy and be yourself.

Embrace being you, who you are because you are one awesome human being.

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