50 TV Shows I Loved As A Kid

I don't know about you guys but I loved watching TV as a kid. Back in the 90's/ early 00's we didn't have speedy fast broadband and smartphones. When you came home from school the first thing you did was watch TV. At the weekend you used to wake up super early and watch all the Saturday TV shows, most of which were repeats of episodes you've seen a million times before. 

I truly believe that in the 90s and early 00s the TV Programmes were just top of their game for children and myself like other children couldn't wait to finish school and watch their favourites. Before the introduction of the internet and such wonderful things as MSN, TV was one of the main ways we entertained our younger selves. These range from things I loved as a toddler all the way up till I was about 10 or 11 years old! Some of them i watched in high school because they were that good!!

1. Teletubbies
2. Arthur
3. The Story Of Tracy Beaker
4. Mona The Vampire
5. Rugrats.
6. Scooby-Doo
7. Bear Behaving Badly
 8. The Fimbles
9. Kyle XY
10. Lizzie McGuire 

11.Tom And Jerry
12. Clifford the Big Red Dog
13. Trollz
14. Brum
15. Tots TV
16. Krypto The Superdog
17. 50/50
18. Blue's Clues
19. ChuckleVision
20. The Mysti Show

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21. Jakers: The Adventures Piggly Winks
22. Bamzooki
23. The Cramp Twins
24. Prank Patrol
25. Raven
26. Mortified
27. Shaun The Sheep
28. The Ghost Hunter
29. Home Farm Twins
30. Balamory 

31. The Queens Nose
32. Watch My Chops
33. The Hoobs
34. Boo!
35. Lazy Town
36.The Sarah Jane Adventures 
37. Bob The Builder
38. Banana's in Pjamas
40. Tweetie Pie

41. Come Outside 
42. Mr Bean
43. Spot 
44. Get Your Own Back
45. The Story Makers
46. Sooty & Sweep
47. Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men
48. Big Kids
49. The Shiny Show
50. The Basil Brush Show

What shows did you love as a kid?

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