30 Ways To Tackle Low Days

There are days where you wake in the morning and just know that, one of those days is going to be a bad one. All you want to do is curl up under the covers, and not show your face for the rest of the day, or speak to a single person. Whether they appear out of no where or everyday is like this for you, it's not uncommon to experience a bad mental health day. 

For me, my low days tend to sneak up at me out of the blue and they can be quite crippling, so I've complied a list of thirty things you can do to help yourself on day where you've had enough and feel like giving up.

 1. Watch the cheesiest movie you can find. The cheesier, the better right?

2. Or watch a film from your childhood, maybe something Disney? I find nostalgia is a great pick me up

3. Have a nice hot bath, with your favourite lush bath bomb or bath cream.

4. Make a playlist of all your favourite songs either on Spotify or your iPod and stick it on repeat.

5. Remember your thoughts and feelings are valid, and so are you.

6. Write your feelings out. Journaling your thoughts and feelings can be a great release.

7. Or why not write your thoughts and feelings in a blog post. you don't necessarily have to publish it.

8. Remind yourself people care much less about what you do and what you post on social media, than you think. Don't let the worries of what other people will think of you, stop you from being yourself.

9. List the things that make you happy, make you smile, things you hope to achieve. Pen your thoughts to paper and look back at them when your having a bad day.

10. Make a Pinterest of your favourite things, things that make you happy.

11. Watch your favourite TV show or something like Friends or Miranda. Having a good laugh will make you feel better,

12. Have a little sing song to your favourite songs or songs that give you nostalgia. Old school Jonas Brothers does it for me.

13. Spend some time away from social media, when I'm having those days it's nice not to be glued to online activity.

14. Have a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, it can be very soothing for your soul.

15. Colour something. This will take your mind away from your surroundings. I like to colour in my Mindfulness de-stress (I've forgotten what its called) colouring book filled with different drawings and patterns.

16. Or even read something, whether it's a book you've been putting off reading or a magazine and maybe even a blog post? This will also take your mind off whatever your dealing with.

17. If you are out and about, why not pop into your favourite coffee shop and treat yourself to your favourite beverage. Or treat yourself to a DVD or clothing piece you've had your eye on. You can't go wrong with a little shopping TLC and maybe a little trip to the cinema.

18. Get creative. Paint, knit, draw or write. Do something you've been wanting to do, maybe it's to start a blog, take up drawing or knitting.

19. Remind yourself, things will get better. Feelings are only temporary.

20. Tell someone how you are feeling, it will make you feel better getting those feelings out and even having a little cry.

21. Write a letter to your future self and if your feeling more inspired why not write a letter to your younger self. Telling him or her what things to look forward to, what things to expect, what things you wish you knew or heard.

22. Play a video game, depending on your mood. Playing something that helps get your frustrations out will help. A role playing game can help as a temporary distraction.

23. Pay a compliment to someone. Making someone else smile can help with lifting your own mood.

24. Why not pay a compliment to yourself. What you like about yourself, make a list. Make sure you pay a compliment to yourself every now and then.

25. Hug a pet, having some kind of comfort from your cat or dog can help reduce anxiety levels.

26. Try to put your thought into perspective, try and find the root of your thoughts and feelings. Look at the bigger picture.

27. If you have a dog maybe take it out for a walk. That way your getting fresh air and your dog is getting some exercise. Or even sit in your garden and take in your surroundings.

28. There are loads of alternatives to self harm: punch a cushion, scribble on some paper and scrunch it up. Or even try squeezing ice cubes in your hands. The pain is temporary.

29. Snap a rubber band or hair bubble against your wrist, again the pain is temporary.

30. Know your strong and valid, most importantly you are not alone. Remind yourself this is only temporary, its not forever. Believe things will get better.

I hope you found something helpful within the list. If you need someone to talk to about your mental well being get in contact with Mind who are a mental health charity, that offer support and advice to those who are experiencing a mental health problem. 

Or you can drop me a message on my social media platforms, any time.

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