25 Thoughts I Have When Blogging

My blog is my little space on the Internet, one that i love. Although creating a blog post and having a blog is sometimes time consuming, i love it. My blog is like my online diary where i can ramble to my own heart's content about absolutely anything i want. Because hey, blogging is meant to be enjoyable and creative. 

So here are my list of thoughts i have when I'm blogging.

1) why do people read my blog? do they really like it.

2) I'm so envious of those who the prettiest layouts, fonts, everything

3) do people actually like reading about my life or do they just think I'm crazy.

4) starting a blog is the best thing I've ever done, why didn't i do it sooner!?

5) blogging brings out so much creativity in me, starting a blog is the best thing anyone can do. Whatever your interests are.

6) give me personality, snippets into your life, and creativity. I'm very nosey

7) how many times are you meant to schedule tweets and posts? Everyday? I'm a little lazy to do that.

8) does a blog really need a niche? Although i would actually class my blog as lifestyle with some fangirling rambles

9) how long is too long for a mini blog hiatus??

10) Is this blog post interesting? Is my personality coming across?

11) you're meant to write blog post for yourself, right?

12) maybe i should play some music to help my creative juices flow

13) this is gonna be awkward when my family read this.

14) oh well, my blog is fab, my posts are fab.

15) whoever said writing blog posts are easy is lying... i swear it takes me 2 or 3 hours just to do one.

16) ooh this will be a good post to do!

17) i should get better at replying to comments, I'm so bad at replying to anything.

18) why do i write out blog post ideas and don't most of them. Oops

19) i LOVE rambly, chatty posts where people just share what they're up to or chat about the things they like. Or am I just nosey? Maybe we like the same things!

20) ooh i need to get this blog post done, instead of scrolling through Twitter

21) Starting this blog is thing I've ever done.  I LOVE IT

22) what shall my next blog post be.. Hmm decisions decisions.

23) everyone in the blogging community are just too cute.

24) Am i rambling too much? Is this too personal?

25) i love writing so much, thanks to this blog.

What thoughts do you have when blogging and what are you thoughts on blogging in general?

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