15 Things I Love About Autumn

Autumn is beautiful. When I see all of the beautiful leaves change, the beauty of seeing the leaves fall onto the ground, hearing the crunch under your feet when you’re walking along the path, it makes you believe that changes can happen in life and they can be beautiful. Not only that seeing your breath in the air when you walk out in the morning and then you snuggle into your scarf, your coat and gloves and you walk along the path all toasty and warm.

1) Leaves Changing Colour - There's just something really calming in seeing the leaves change colour and the vibrant colours of reds, browns and oranges. The weather looks dream like and pretty.

2) Cosy Nights In - There's no better excuse to be unsociable than when the colder months are here and you can get all snuggled up in a big blanket with a hot chocolate (or a tea whatever you fancy) and one of your favourite films.. (in November it's perfectly acceptable to stick on the Christmas films! YAY) 

3) Piles Of Crispy, Crunchy Leaves - i love when I'm out and about, seeing pile and piles of leaves. You can't help giving into the temptation of running into them and having a little kick. At least the kid in me does.

4) Wearing Jumpers & Boots - Autumn clothing at it's best. Scarves, hats, big knits, jumpers, boots, gloves OH i feel snuggly and warm just thinking about it. Everything nice and snuggly.

5) Warm Drinks - I love my coffee all year round (something i didn't like until a year ago), but when it starts to get chilly outside, a hot drink therapy just gets ten times more exciting and enjoyable.

6) Crisp Mornings and Chilly Evenings - the auburn glow at sunset and those chilly evenings are the best. Being all nice and cosy both day & night.

7) Fireworks & Sparklers - seeing pretty firework displays are definitely one of my favourite things of bonfire night.

8) Preparing For Christmas - Christmas films, Christmas music, decorations, everything christmassy. 

9) Having That Extra Hour Of Sleep - who doesn't love having that extra hour of sleep?

10) Stepping On The Crunchy Leaves - We all pretend to be 'real' adults now, but who doesn't actively walk on the path with all of the colourful leaves just to hear that satisfying crunch noise?  This will never get old.

11) The Smell Of Rain In The Autumnal Air - i don't like walking in the rain but the smell of rain in the air during autumn time is so nice, and hearing the rain against the window is comforting

12) Dark Lipsticks - I've recently started dabbling into the dark lip shades & i love them! my favourite shade to wear at the moment is 'Vintage Pink' from Rimmel London. I love the berry lips.

13) Not Dying From The Heat - I've never been a fan of the hot weather, it's just not comfortable: feeling sweaty and gross is disgusting. Give me the pretty autumn colours and cold air any day. I'm much more happy in jumpers, leggings and boots, everything cosy.

14) Snug Sleepwear - Chucking on your comfy pyjamas and bed socks is heaven when the weather is colder

15) Strictly Come Dancing & X Factor - this is one of favourite things to watch when it's autumn, what not to love with the glitter, sparkles and handsome/beautiful professional dancers strutting their stuff on the dance floor. Lets be honest, it wouldn't be a good autumnal evening without Strictly. Also who doesn't like watching a bit of X Factor in the autumn season and laughing/cringing at the ones who can't hold a tune and having the occasional eye roll over how many sob stories are in one episode. 

Do you love Autumn? What are your favourite things about the season.

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