25 Times Mark Darcy Was Every Girls Dream Guy


As Bridget Jones's Baby appears in cinemas worldwide, we are reminded why Mark Darcy is every girls & young woman's dream guy. Having watched the 3rd instalment of the Bridget Jones franchise and loved the first two films, i thought it would be a good idea to put together a list and reasons of times lovely Mark Darcy was the perfect dream guy & the list goes on why Mr Mark Darcy is the perfect dream guy.

It's become clear over the years we have fallen for Colin Firth probably because of his British charm, whether that's because he crashed on to our screens as Fitzwilliam Darcy in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, or as everyone's favourite rom-com male lead Mark Darcy. 
With the new Bridget Jones’s arrival, we are reminded of his films and especially of our dreamboat, Mark Darcy. He comes crashing back into our lives and into our hearts with his socially awkward ways, which we all love. From his dry sense of humour to his declarations of love, he’s quite the catch and we love that Bridget got him even if we can't. 

1. Mark Darcy and his Reindeer Jumper.
We first met him in that lovely reindeer sweater. Where we see Bridget being ushered into the living room at her mothers Christmas party to meet someone from her childhood. But before she can even meet him, she looks at him from behind and thinks to herself “Maybe this is the mysterious Mr. Right I was destined to meet.”

As he slowly turns around, the first thing Bridget notices is the ugly Christmas jumper he's wearing that his mother gave him the day before, it would look awful on anyone else but Mark Darcy. He looks dashing despite how uncomfortable he obviously is in it and it’s a perfect introduction into how he’s going to be as a character. I think the audience fall for him the moment he turns around. We see Bridget make a series of terrible (but funny in my opinion) jokes in attempt to relate to him, he makes this small attempt at a smile and it shows just how much this woman fascinates him. He later tries to deny whatever hold she has on him by calling her absolutely things but that just makes him even more like his character’s namesake. 

And it’s this initial reaction between Bridget and Darcy that makes him absolutely endearing to the audience.

2. "I Like You Very Much. Just As You Are"
Mark tells Bridget that he likes her. It’s so telling of him as a person. The moment that he sees that she is suffering and alone, he comes to tell her that he likes her. Just as she is. The scene that makes Mark Darcy the most amazing of romantic comedy men, is when he goes after Bridget after the party. Mark is the kind of guy who would rather do some big gesture anonymously than admit his feelings, which is why this scene is so important. He openly says Bridget is perfect. Maybe it’s because he is a modern day Fitzwilliam but no matter, it still makes him one of the most caring love interests in film today.

The thing with Mark Darcy is that he knows what he’s getting himself into with Bridget Jones. Time and time again he tells her that he likes her. And every time that Bridget questions him, he always is there to reaffirm her. It’s why he’s amazing. He puts himself behind Bridget. Whatever makes her happy is what he wants for her. He's pretty perfect.

3. Mark Gives Bridget an Exclusive Interview.
The moment that made Mark Darcy even more of the perfect gentleman was when he gave Bridget the exclusive interview. She screwed up and missed her chance to talk to the clients of Mark. So, she assumed she’d be fired. He goes out his way to help her and happened to behind her in the shops when he hears, he offers an exclusive interview, and that couldn't be any sweeter.

Constantly, Mark’s career gets in the way of his relationship with Bridget. But in this instance, it’s one of the reasons she ends up falling for him. When she turns around to find Mark Darcy standing behind her, the first thing she says is “You like me just as I am.” We’re all aware that Mark is a lot sweeter than he let's on. He makes sure she’s safe & secure and that means even breaking his own rule. He told his clients to not give interviews and then gives an exclusive on to them to Bridget.

It happens a lot throughout the series, where Mark’s job drives them apart but it’s this moment it proves that he would do whatever Bridget needed him to do.

4. The Blue Soup
For Bridget's birthday. she attempts to make dinner for her friends and fails at it. and to her surprise her knight in shining armour comes to her rescue. Mark Darcy appears at her flat to show her a newspaper featuring her report and congratulates her own her report, he then decides to help her cook. It’s clear through the following scenes that Mark isn’t a good cook either but it’s in his instinct to try and help her fix whatever situation she's in that makes us love him.

Bridget finds herself in less than desirable situations. She is always trying to do her best but it doesn’t seem to pan out. That is, unless Darcy is there to help her out. Mark doesn’t see it as a fault of Bridget’s, in fact he’s charmed by her ability to succeed in other areas of her life. But it’s the little things that she’s terrible at that he’s more than happy to help her out with. It’s a dynamic of Mark pointing something out that makes her endearing and Bridget works on whatever that is until she’s better at it. It’s almost as if Bridget betters herself to spite him in some instances but it only seems to further his affection for her.

5. My Wife, My Heart
Mark is a very interesting character because even though he does open up to Bridget and smile and laugh more when she’s around, it doesn’t seem to correlate into the rest of his life. He still remains cold and distant from everyone else and it shows just how much Bridget truly means to him. And we see Bridget tell Mark she likes him too just the way he is flaws and all.

It’s why we all love him really. He only opens himself up to the girl he loves and he continually proves that he loves her through doing these outrageous things for her. In every film, Mark gives Bridget up to better her life by sacrificing himself. And in each film, it’s proven that they’re better off together than apart.


6. New Start, New Diary
The end of Bridget Jones’s Diary proves to be one of the most romantic endings to a film ever. Just when you think Mark has gone to New York and left Bridget alone, he comes back just so he can be with her. And, that moment shows us Colin Firth looking his absolute best.

Bridget and her friends are about to take a trip to Paris for the New Year celebrations. When they’re packing up the car, she slowly turns to see Darcy standing in the snow waiting for her. As they’re about to kiss, her friends ruin it and Mark and Bridget move inside.
This is where Mark shows just how sweet and oblivious he really is. He sees Bridget’s diary and how she used to feel about him and instead of telling Bridget he’s leaving and he’ll return, he just walks out of her apartment without a word.

But, despite Bridget’s thought that he was angry at her, Mark decides that she needs a new diary as they’re having a new start. With Darcy, he has these brilliantly romantic ideas but he just doesn’t know how to go about them properly. And it’s that instinct of his to go and get her another diary so they can start anew that makes him one of the best fictional guys out there. And to be honest who doesn't want a man like Mark Darcy who likes you for who you are and just wants to make you happy.

7.  Wearing Matching Christmas Jumpers
Although some people deemed Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason to be less than par. It has some amazing Mark Darcy moments that continue to prove why he’s every girls dreamboat. Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason begins with Bridget and Mark being seven weeks into their new relationship and happily existing in their little bubble of love.

There is a scene where Mark and Bridget attend her mother’s Turkey Curry buffet. This time though, they wear matching sweaters from Mark’s mother and it's an adorable scene.
He doesn’t seem the type to do idiotic couple-y things and yet he willing wears a god awful sweater to appease his mother and his girlfriend. It says a lot about him.

Mark isn’t the kind of guy who will act silly just to make a girl laugh but it’s doing these things to please his mother that shows how much he cares. Again, Darcy isn’t going to straight up admit feelings about anything to anyone without prodding but it’s the little moments that show his true intentions.

8. Darcy Sleeping
A key thing in Bridget and Mark’s relationship in Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason is that she likes to watch him sleep. It’s typical of a romantic comedy but their situation is different. The first time it’s introduced, Mark responds with “Stop staring at me while I’m asleep and go find something to do”. When she doesn’t, he simply wakes up to talk to her. And this happens to be one of my favourite scenes.

It’s extremely cute and happens occasionally throughout their relationship, but it also shows that Mark would rather wake up and talk to Bridget than go back to sleep. 
The thing about Darcy is that he is continuously aware of the fact that his heart can be broken again (he was married once and engaged and neither relationship panned out). And he knows that with Bridget, there’s a very high chance that she could hurt him terribly. But they know the other’s stories and work to make their relationship balanced and it all starts with this little moment. Also who wouldn't want to watch lovely Mark Darcy sleeping.

9. "I Happen To Have A High Regard For Your Wobbly Bits"
This is where he continues to show how perfect he is. If Mark Darcy is known for anything, it’s his ability to love Bridget no matter what she looks like. It was created to show the difference between Darcy’s love for her and Daniel’s lust for Bridget. But that doesn’t change the fact that having a male character love a ‘chubby’ female character despite the flaws she sees in herself was ahead of the curve.

In most movies, the guy loves the girl after she dolls herself and makes herself look beautiful but in the case of Mark, he loves Bridget almost at her worst. Every time they run into one another she is either inappropriately dressed or her life is in shambles.
So when she is trying to hide herself so that Mark won’t see her naked, his response almost seems offended. “Well now that’s a bit pointless, isn’t it? As I happen to have a very high regard for your wobbly bits. In all circumstances.” 

It’s not even about a girl needing to hear that her body is beautiful no matter what, it’s more that Mark continually does it without being prompted. He’s a gentleman and he continues to shower the women he loves with whatever affection he can muster. So, Mark might not be perfect in his relationship with Bridget but he certainly tries and that’s what makes him desirable. And why we love him.

10. " The Problematic Thing Is I Love You"
As to be expected in a relationship like Mark and Bridget, considering how fairly different they are from each other. They continually fight, she thinks that he’s embarrassed by her and he gets tired of her continually lashing out and not talking to him in a civil manner. They have big blow out fights rather than casually talking about their issues. And this results in the most innocent show of affection Mark Darcy has shown thus far: his proclamation of love. 

They go to an event for Mark and when he doesn’t sit with her at the table and shakes his head at her on numerous occasions, Bridget thinks that he didn’t want her to come in the first place. On the way home they fight and Bridget thinks she’s ruined it. Mark, however, shows up at her flat to talk to his girlfriend. And when she doesn’t immediately let him up, he says through her speaker “The problematic thing is I love you”. Which i find quite romantic.
What makes Mark extremely appealing in this scene is that despite his obvious discomfort in screaming his love for her through a speaker, he continues to do it to please Bridget. He’s willing to sacrifice his own comfort level to make her feel better and that makes him a truly wonderful love interest. 

11. Maybe Baby
Despite the better judgement of most women,  Bridget continually thinks that Mark is going to propose to her after having only dated each other for  a short while, two months to be exact. So when Mark says he has to ask her a question and he wasn’t sure how to phrase it, she immediately assumes marriage. Instead, he asks her to go away with him for the weekend. Which i think is equally lovely.
While there, Mark has some questionable moments but it’s his sheer joy at the possibility of having a baby with Bridget that makes it all worthwhile.

Mark comes back to discover her waiting for the results and he has this look of utter bliss at the prospect. That is before they start prematurely fighting about what schools their make believe child would go to etc

It’s a weird fuelling to their break up (or their extended break before they're back together again) and it was a failed attempt at making Mark unappealing. 

12. Thailand
Where the film loses a lot of people is when Bridget suddenly finds herself in jail in Thailand for possession of cocaine. She goes there to be a co-host to a travel show with Daniel Cleaver (who i still find annoying) and on their return home, a male friend of Shazza’s puts drugs in her bag and the airport dogs find it. The sad moment of this scene is when Daniel sees Bridget being arrested and just continues to walk towards his flight without a second look. But Shazza is smart enough to remember to get someone to help Bridget out of jail. 

And so, to Bridget’s surprise, Mark flew the entire way to Thailand to tell her that she’d be freed within the week. He lies and says he was nearby on business (Bridget later discovers this) but it is another one of his grand gestures to show her how much he still cares. And, in a way, it shows he’ll do anything for her.
Mark’s definition of fighting for Bridget and her definition of it differ which is why they don’t see eye to eye in most cases. But that isn’t the case for the audience which is why we love every inch of Mark and how hard he works to make his feelings known.

13. Bridget's Friends Tell Her About Mark.
Mark lies to Bridget when he goes to see her in Thailand. He says to her that he found out that she was going to be freed in a week and he was just the messenger and did barely anything to get her out. What really happened was that Shazza called Mark as soon as she got back to London and she tells Bridget all that he did to get her acquitted.

It happens many times in these films but each one makes Mark even more of an excellent choice for her. Granted, this time may have been the filmmakers outlandish way of showing how much Mark would actually fight for her but it doesn’t change the fact that he dropped all his important work to do it.

A constant theme is that Mark works too hard (and it’s why they don’t work out the second time). But this moment, he shows that he would quit and do whatever she wanted him to if she asked.

14. He's No Longer Embarrassed By Bridget 
What seems to be the underlying theme of Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason is that Mark is embarrassed to have Bridget as his girlfriend, which isn't true but he isn’t quite clear on how to show that to Bridget until one of the final scenes in the movie.

Bridget spontaneously goes to his office,knocks on the door and when he says come in, she idiotically walks in with her eyes closed. She explains that she has something to say to him and when she looks, she sees that he’s surrounded by people of extremely high rank. This moment happens only after Bridget visited his home to discover the woman she thought Mark was with is actually a lesbian. Instead of just leaving and waiting for Mark outside, he lets her finish. And when she says that she loves him, always have and will always love him and he looks as if he had no idea.

It’s that fact, that he never thinks she loves him back that makes him so heartbreaking and so amazing. She tells him before but it’s that time that really gets him and makes him realise it’s true. Mark has had his heart broken so many times that he isn’t sure who really loves him anymore and just when he accepts that Bridget does, it results in a beautiful scene. And you really want it to work out for not only Bridget but for Mark also. 

15. The Moments Gone
When they emerge from his meeting and go into the hallway, Mark tells Bridget he has to ask her something. She says something about hoping that it’s not a proposal (jokingly) and when that was, in fact his intention, the two go back and forth as she tries to get him to ask her again. “Bridget, the moment’s gone.” And the actual proposal is cute and the two end up looking extremely happy as the movie ends, but that line is what makes Mark so adorable. He wants it to be perfect, even though nothing in their relationship has ever been such, and when she unintentionally ruins it, it clearly affects him.

Mark Darcy is desirable for countless reasons but it’s his need to make everything an ideal scenario that differs him from other romantic leads. He doesn’t want second best or even to be complement on an attempt, he wants it to be perfect. And with Bridget, nothing ever is. He is constantly stuck in his state of “this isn’t how I imagined it”. 
He just wants something in his life to go right but he fell in love with Bridget Jones so he’s  constantly attempting to be perfect for her and that imperfection is what makes him more relatable and human than any before him.


16. Mark Attends The Funeral
As someone who has watched the first two movies they have been centered on the feud between Mark and Daniel Cleaver. The first scene we had of Mark Darcy in the 3rd film was of him attending the funeral of his once friend turned enemy. We see he puts his differences aside and pays his respects. It's clear Mark was the bigger/better man between the two. 

He will always be the bigger man no matter the situation. It’s a quality of Darcy that has been continuously shown in previous movies and is proven by this scene. Mark was somewhat affected by his old friend’s death. Yes, they fought and had a falling out but Daniel was still an important person in Mark’s life at some point, having been best friends once and he was upset by his passing. 

17. Becoming Godparents
All of Bridget friends now have husbands and families except for her. And that means that she ends up being the godmother to Jude’s baby. What Bridget doesn’t expect is to be a godmother with Mark Darcy as the godfather as the 'original' godfather seemly pulled out. This is one scene I quite liked as it was clear that it would bring them closer together again.

The entire christening is Mark trying his hardest to not let his feelings for Bridget get in the way of what they have to do but at every turn, they seem to be faced with one another yet again. And so, when Mark admits that he’s no longer with his ex-wife Camilla, it’s no surprise that they are right back to their old tricks.

What’s great about this entire interaction during the christening party is that Darcy never stops watching Bridget. She’s having fun & dancing with all the children in fairy wings, and he’s on the side smiling watching her. Bridget tells him she doesn’t see him as a man who’d know about Gangnam Style and he takes her seriously thinking she means the city in South Korea. 
It’s cute because it shows that even though they had tried for ten years to make their relationship work that they still have quite a bit to learn about each other. Bridget still doesn’t know that Mark takes everything seriously and he’s still out of touch with all the pop-culture things she knows. And i think that's something that makes her laugh as much as i did.

18. Slow Motion Walk To Remember
There is a long slow motion scene in Bridget Jones’s Baby to the song Reignite by Knox Brown. It literally shows how attractive Colin Firth (and therefore Mark Darcy) really is. It does serve to show that the two of them still have chemistry together after trying and failing to be together for years.

Mark Darcy has always been attractive. That’s why we love him. But this scene feels like it is meant ONLY for the people who are super into Mark (and Colin). He literally slow motion walks into a dark room in a very fitting suit and while it’s the second sex scene in the film, it gives fans much more to enjoy. Like Colin Firth walking slowly looking as attractive as he’s ever been at 56. He was always undeniably in love with Bridget and that is his charm. This scene shows that Mark has the ability to be just as sexy as he is adorable.

19. Mark Might Be A Father (Again)
In Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason there was a cute moment when Mark thought Bridget was pregnant. It ended in a horrible fight but he was so excited that we couldn’t help but wish it was true. So in this film, when Bridget tells Mark she’s having a baby, it’s what we truly wanted to happen, for that child he had craved and with Bridget.

He excuses himself from the room and then comes back looking on the verge of tears. He tells Bridget it’s the happiest moment of his life and, even though we know it could be him or Jack, it doesn’t matter because he’s just so overjoyed. And we are all hoping it is Mark Darcy's baby not the latter. It’s in these little moments when Mark cannot control his emotions that make us want to reach out and hug him. Because we all love Mark Darcy. 

This is, really, the first time we see him get emotional enough to have tears in his eyes. We’ve seen him angry and we’ve seen him happy but we’ve never seen him this excited before. And it was so sweet to watch. It makes Mark easier to understand because he excused himself out of the room so that she wouldn’t see how happy he was until he figured out what he wanted to say.

20. "I Bought You A Nice Tea"
In every other movie he’s composed and knows exactly what to do, despite how he feels about it, but in this movie he ends up being  bit selfish and confused and it shows a lot of different sides to him. With all these new moments, it makes us love him even more because he seems like an actual man rather than an emotionless robot. In Bridget Jones's Baby he doesn’t quite know his footing or what he’s doing but he wants to try because he wants to do it for Bridget and his possible child. He wants to be there for her however he can but he’s just not sure how to go about it.

When Mark goes to meet Jack and Bridget for their first birthing class, he brings her a tea. Which Bridget is clearly happy about and Jack points out that tea has a lot of caffeine in it and would be bad for the baby and then takes Bridget’s bag for her. Mark is so at a loss for what to do that he asks her if he can carry her phone. This is where i was just constantly cooing over how sweet he was being despite Jack getting 'the brownie points' 

It’s endearing because he was always a gentleman but this is the first time that he’s fighting against someone who tries to help as much as he can as well. Before, it was always just him. And so, it’s the little competitive edge Mark has in the third film that gives him even more sex appeal.


21. Seeing Another Side To Mark
With Jack Qwant being around you see a different side to Mark, the only thing Jack and Bridget have in common is they find each other physically attractive whereas Mark and Bridget have so much history together. 

You see a side of Mark where he is quick tempered and he lets his emotions come out and gets upset which is something we aren't use to seeing which i find is quite nice to see because he isn't prepared to let Bridget go and be with someone who on paper seems to be a better fit for her. But one thing Jack doesn't know about Bridget is that he doesn't understand her like Mark does. You see just how much Mark loves and cares for Bridget in that particular scene in the hospital. 

Now he has to share Bridget and when Jack lies to him to get Mark out of the picture, he completely distances himself and hides away. Though it’s because he believes the baby isn’t his and he should’ve spoken to Bridget about it, it’s engaging in a way because it shows that he’s still afraid of getting his heart broken all over again. Mark still feels the need to protect himself and it’s heartbreaking.

22. Mark Carries Bridget To The Hospital.
I thought this was a perfect sweep her off her feet kinda moment.. Literally. And one I'd love to have from a Mark Darcy. A series of events lead to Bridget finding out that Jack pushed Mark out of the picture. Eventually, Bridget finds herself unemployed and locked out of her home having accidently leaving her handbag and shopping at the bank (ie baby brain). When she thinks she’s done for, her knight in shining armour appears once more.

Mark comes to Bridget’s flat and helps her inside (by sexily punching out a glass to let her in). She explains what happened and the mistake, as they’re rekindling their love, her waters break. In an effort to look as if he loves her more than anything, he stupidly throws his ringing mobile phone out the window and they have nothing to call a taxi with. 

So he first gets her into a tiny delivery car of the Italian restaurant they went to a few times together. When that only got them so far, he gets out and carries her. At first, he starts off strong and then as the scene progresses, he is out of breath and talks about his lung collapsing.

The great thing about this whole sequence is that he carries her probably over a mile to try and get to the hospital and by the time Jack comes, he can barely carry her a few feet. Which i found quite laughable. It shows that Mark is surprisingly strong, dedicated and perfect and honestly, Mark Darcy can really do no wrong.

23. "I'll Love Him Just As I Love You"
Another key point in Bridget Jones’s Baby is whether or not the man she loves would stay with her if the baby wasn’t his. When she was in a 'relationship' with Jack, he said that things would change if the baby was Mark’s. And when Bridget is crying in labour and Mark is confessing his love to her, she asks him and he simply says “I’ll love him just as I love you”. And without a second thought he says he'll love her son no matter what and that's what makes Mark so special.

Every other man in Bridget's life wanted Bridget but if there was some kind of catch, they would bow out. But not Mark. He’s always been there to make sure that she knows that he loves her and he’ll do anything for her.
It was a moment that made me and my sister cry. because Mark doesn’t care if the baby is his although it would be the icing on the cake, he already loves him and he’ll continue to do so even if the father is Jack. It shows just how much Mark has changed from when he first met Bridget and how he’s willing to let himself truly love again. Mark also is really good at proclaiming his affections for Bridget and it gives him major points.

24. Mark Darcy: The Feminist
It’s his little act of feminism that makes Mark Darcy even more appealing to women. He continues to tell Bridget that she’s strong and she did everything on her own and she can get through anything she puts her mind to. He defends an all girls group that is being silenced and when they march for their rights, he is in full support. 

Mark Darcy is what male feminists should be and he doesn’t do it to be ‘right’. He supports women and their rights because it’s just how he is. And, again, this is why Mark Darcy is absolutely perfect.

25. The Wedding Of Bridget Jones:  
Every single movie has been Bridget’s search for balance between work and her love life. The first two ended with a hope that she’d figured it out only to reveal in the next film that she hadn’t. But this time, she got her happy ending. There is a scene where they go to find out who the father of Bridget’s baby is but the audience isn’t told.

And the next thing we see is that it's one year later. Bridget is walking down the aisle to her wedding. You don’t know who she’s marrying or who the father is. At first, Jack is holding her son and you think he’s her future husband. And your heart sinks until you see Mark Darcy emerge.
Maybe it’s his age in this film or maybe he just grew into being a sex symbol but this is the best that Colin Firth has ever looked. So, coincidentally, Mark looks amazing. He emerges from behind Jack and we finally get to see Bridget and Mark Darcy marry. It's everything that we hoped for, its a scene i still haven't recovered from.

We soon find out Mark Fitzwilliam Darcy and Bridget Rose Jones have a beautiful son named William Jones-Darcy together. And if you didn’t already love Mark Darcy enough, just imagine him picking up his son and lovingly giving him a kiss. You’ll be done for.


Darcy is a mysterious man who keeps himself closed off as to protect himself from getting hurt. But it’s through all his little moments that make him the dreamboat that he is. He cares so much but is afraid of getting hurt and he tries to keep himself free from anyone who can hurt him.
But then he falls in love with Bridget Jones and proves that he can be the most amazing of love interests to ever have graced our screens. Whether thats because Colin Firth is playing him or just that the character is wonderfully written that way, we may never know, but what we do know is that we love him.

Mark Fitzwilliam Darcy is one of those classic love interests that will continue to make girls swoon for generations to come (case in point how attractive we all still find him in Bridget Jones’s Baby). And it’s because of his charm and his ability to put the woman he loves first that we love him most of all. 

So that concludes my (very) long list of 'Times Mark Darcy Was Every Girls Dream Guy' 
Lets be honest everyone wants their own Mark Darcy. I'd like to add if you did read this post, i guess all i can say is i did warn you. Either way i hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

Keep a look out for a review and my thoughts on Bridget Jones's Baby in the next coming days!

30 Ways To Tackle Low Days

There are days where you wake in the morning and just know that, one of those days is going to be a bad one. All you want to do is curl up under the covers, and not show your face for the rest of the day, or speak to a single person. Whether they appear out of no where or everyday is like this for you, it's not uncommon to experience a bad mental health day. 

For me, my low days tend to sneak up at me out of the blue and they can be quite crippling, so I've complied a list of thirty things you can do to help yourself on day where you've had enough and feel like giving up.

 1. Watch the cheesiest movie you can find. The cheesier, the better right?

2. Or watch a film from your childhood, maybe something Disney? I find nostalgia is a great pick me up

3. Have a nice hot bath, with your favourite lush bath bomb or bath cream.

4. Make a playlist of all your favourite songs either on Spotify or your iPod and stick it on repeat.

5. Remember your thoughts and feelings are valid, and so are you.

6. Write your feelings out. Journaling your thoughts and feelings can be a great release.

7. Or why not write your thoughts and feelings in a blog post. you don't necessarily have to publish it.

8. Remind yourself people care much less about what you do and what you post on social media, than you think. Don't let the worries of what other people will think of you, stop you from being yourself.

9. List the things that make you happy, make you smile, things you hope to achieve. Pen your thoughts to paper and look back at them when your having a bad day.

10. Make a Pinterest of your favourite things, things that make you happy.

11. Watch your favourite TV show or something like Friends or Miranda. Having a good laugh will make you feel better,

12. Have a little sing song to your favourite songs or songs that give you nostalgia. Old school Jonas Brothers does it for me.

13. Spend some time away from social media, when I'm having those days it's nice not to be glued to online activity.

14. Have a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, it can be very soothing for your soul.

15. Colour something. This will take your mind away from your surroundings. I like to colour in my Mindfulness de-stress (I've forgotten what its called) colouring book filled with different drawings and patterns.

16. Or even read something, whether it's a book you've been putting off reading or a magazine and maybe even a blog post? This will also take your mind off whatever your dealing with.

17. If you are out and about, why not pop into your favourite coffee shop and treat yourself to your favourite beverage. Or treat yourself to a DVD or clothing piece you've had your eye on. You can't go wrong with a little shopping TLC and maybe a little trip to the cinema.

18. Get creative. Paint, knit, draw or write. Do something you've been wanting to do, maybe it's to start a blog, take up drawing or knitting.

19. Remind yourself, things will get better. Feelings are only temporary.

20. Tell someone how you are feeling, it will make you feel better getting those feelings out and even having a little cry.

21. Write a letter to your future self and if your feeling more inspired why not write a letter to your younger self. Telling him or her what things to look forward to, what things to expect, what things you wish you knew or heard.

22. Play a video game, depending on your mood. Playing something that helps get your frustrations out will help. A role playing game can help as a temporary distraction.

23. Pay a compliment to someone. Making someone else smile can help with lifting your own mood.

24. Why not pay a compliment to yourself. What you like about yourself, make a list. Make sure you pay a compliment to yourself every now and then.

25. Hug a pet, having some kind of comfort from your cat or dog can help reduce anxiety levels.

26. Try to put your thought into perspective, try and find the root of your thoughts and feelings. Look at the bigger picture.

27. If you have a dog maybe take it out for a walk. That way your getting fresh air and your dog is getting some exercise. Or even sit in your garden and take in your surroundings.

28. There are loads of alternatives to self harm: punch a cushion, scribble on some paper and scrunch it up. Or even try squeezing ice cubes in your hands. The pain is temporary.

29. Snap a rubber band or hair bubble against your wrist, again the pain is temporary.

30. Know your strong and valid, most importantly you are not alone. Remind yourself this is only temporary, its not forever. Believe things will get better.

I hope you found something helpful within the list. If you need someone to talk to about your mental well being get in contact with Mind who are a mental health charity, that offer support and advice to those who are experiencing a mental health problem. 

Or you can drop me a message on my social media platforms, any time.

Pins I'm Loving: Autumn Edition

I can't remember the last time i did a 'Pins I'm Loving' post, was it 3 months ago or maybe even longer... Autumn has always been my favourite season, also Winter of course. Autumn provides vibrant colours, frost, fallen leaves, everything pretty. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen me going crazy with anything autumnal! 

What have you been pinning? Are you excited for the autumnal season?

Embrace Being You

I did a post a while ago 'Stop Comparing Yourself To Others'  and i thought it would a good idea to do this kind of post talking about embracing who you are because it's no lie that we all compare ourselves to those around us instead of actually embracing who we are as human beings

Essentially, you can create yourself. Like a Sim, i suppose! There are an infinite number of possibilities on how you can choose to live your life, who you hang around with and what you let influence you as a person. If you'd feel happiest having bright pink or any other colour hair  then do it! If you want to get fit and tone up then do it! If you want that tattoo, then do it. If you want to fangirl over that fictional character or band then do it Dismiss the unhealthy standards of society and do you. Why should society have a say on what makes you feel good or what makes you happy.
Imagine if all of the time you spent ranking others above you was spent bettering yourself, putting effort into living a life that would let you prosper! Shed the skin that you don't feel comfortable in and treat yourself to a slow recuperation and creation of the person you want to be (but please stay healthy) and enjoy the ride.

Growth is needed for you to become someone based on what makes you happy. If you do this only for yourself, that's when you'll feel comfortable and proud of being yourself, as long as you're not hurting anyone. Then you can start to accept yourself for the forever freckled, short, tall, metal loving, pop loving, gay, straight, hair dye & tattoo craving, person that you are. Embrace and create yourself to change and love yourself. 

We are taught by society to be harsh on ourselves as human beings, judging every aspect of our lives. We aren't always gonna have it together, have everything figured out in our 20's so i don't understand why we have to kid ourselves in thinking that we will because we are all changing and growing. I'm not gonna lie and say at 16 i didn't think i'd have my life together by the time i'm in my early 20's because i did. We all did.

Certainly at 16 i didn't think i'd be diagnosed with depression & anxiety, and struggle with having a mental illness. we can't see anything so far in the future but we are in control with how we deal with things, how we want our futures to be. I've learnt to embrace my mental illness, my hearing impairment, my little quirks and mannerisims. And most importantly we choose who we want to be, we choose to embrace our little quirks and our imperfections. Our imperfections and quirks aren't something we should hide because they make us who we are and we should embrace that. Of course i'm constantly changing and growing, i see it as getting stronger and wiser.

In my mind, having ‘bad days’ is me letting myself down- and I’m my own biggest enemy. I judge myself and I pressure myself too much to be okay, without realising that it’s okay not to be okay. I'm not gonna have everything together 24 hours a day, i'm going to struggle and it's not something to be ashamed of because lets face it, even the people we look up no matter if their a model, writer, actor, singer etc have days where they just don't want to leave their house, stay in their room all day and cry. We don't know everyone's life story, everyone's struggle and everyone's triumph. At the end of the day we as human beings are a work in progress in many aspects. 

I like who i am, the person i'm fighing to become, the young woman who falls in love with fictional characters and blogs about all the things that make her smile. I like that i'm a hopeless romantic, a emotional wreck when it comes to those lovey dovey, sweet moments or heartbreaking, tear jerking moments in a tv series or movie. I wouldn't want to be anyone else that isn't me.

I want to end this post with a little something: if you are going through a bad time, a bad day. It will be okay, it's not the end of the world although it may feel like it. You are valid and you are strong. Focus on yourself and embrace those wonderful quirks & imperfections. A bad day doesn't mean a bad life. I hope you find a healthy way to be happy and be yourself.

Embrace being you, who you are because you are one awesome human being.

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25 Thoughts I Have When Blogging

My blog is my little space on the Internet, one that i love. Although creating a blog post and having a blog is sometimes time consuming, i love it. My blog is like my online diary where i can ramble to my own heart's content about absolutely anything i want. Because hey, blogging is meant to be enjoyable and creative. 

So here are my list of thoughts i have when I'm blogging.

1) why do people read my blog? do they really like it.

2) I'm so envious of those who the prettiest layouts, fonts, everything

3) do people actually like reading about my life or do they just think I'm crazy.

4) starting a blog is the best thing I've ever done, why didn't i do it sooner!?

5) blogging brings out so much creativity in me, starting a blog is the best thing anyone can do. Whatever your interests are.

6) give me personality, snippets into your life, and creativity. I'm very nosey

7) how many times are you meant to schedule tweets and posts? Everyday? I'm a little lazy to do that.

8) does a blog really need a niche? Although i would actually class my blog as lifestyle with some fangirling rambles

9) how long is too long for a mini blog hiatus??

10) Is this blog post interesting? Is my personality coming across?

11) you're meant to write blog post for yourself, right?

12) maybe i should play some music to help my creative juices flow

13) this is gonna be awkward when my family read this.

14) oh well, my blog is fab, my posts are fab.

15) whoever said writing blog posts are easy is lying... i swear it takes me 2 or 3 hours just to do one.

16) ooh this will be a good post to do!

17) i should get better at replying to comments, I'm so bad at replying to anything.

18) why do i write out blog post ideas and don't most of them. Oops

19) i LOVE rambly, chatty posts where people just share what they're up to or chat about the things they like. Or am I just nosey? Maybe we like the same things!

20) ooh i need to get this blog post done, instead of scrolling through Twitter

21) Starting this blog is thing I've ever done.  I LOVE IT

22) what shall my next blog post be.. Hmm decisions decisions.

23) everyone in the blogging community are just too cute.

24) Am i rambling too much? Is this too personal?

25) i love writing so much, thanks to this blog.

What thoughts do you have when blogging and what are you thoughts on blogging in general?

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