Thoughts I'm Most Likely Having

1. Morning's shouldn't exist, why can't the day just start at 12

2. I need coffee

3. This is weird, i didn't use to like coffee - now i can't get enough

4. Ooh whats the gossip on twitter. I'm obsessed with social media...

5. aww look at the dog. I WANT IT


7. I don't know what I'm doing, help

8. Why can't i get through the day without freaking out.

9. Anxiety just sucks

10. Let's listen to some music, ahh this is better

11. Why haven't i gone to uni yet and gotten a degree?

12. I love this snapchat filter, never take this away from me

13. Those who didn't grow up with the Jonas Brothers, surely did miss out

14. Why aren't my eyelashes longer, i want little butterfly lashes. okay I'm weird

15. OMG how adorable is Jonny Labey, look at that smile, those eyes and those gorgeous curls. I just love him so much

16. Ugh, i don't like summer, everything feels gross and sweaty

17. I want to wear all the cute sweaters and comfy leggings.. Autumn can't come quick enough

18. I want a house full of dogs, now that's heaven

19. Seriously why isn't my life like a movie or a TV show?

20. Why is everyone getting engaged/married/having babies?

21. Aww teddy's being very affectionate today, is there something wrong with him? Aww he's too cute, look at his little pink nose and cute whiskers...

22. I need a holiday. oh wait i haven't got any or even enough money

23. It's so hot, i need a ice lolly. I'm not made for hot weather

24. I want some doggie cuddles. i need doggie cuddles

25. Can i have a nap? is it too early to have one?

26. I love my little blog, i didn't think it would give me this much joy

27. Ahh, i love tumblr... i need to stop finding new couples to ship

28. Maybe I'll be more productive today.

29. Drafting blog posts is being productive, right?

30. Why does my mental health have to make me feel like crap

31. How about a lovely soak in the bath and a load of bubbles, you can't go wrong with bubbles

32. How I'd love to live in London or Australia

33. I miss my little fur baby, not having a dog in the house just feels weird. Why is it animals that make you feel better more than humans

34. Can someone please take me to Disneyland 

35.  I wonder how many hours of sleep I actually need to function?

36. Ooh a new blog find.. omg i love that template

37. Am i a good enough writer to be blogging?

38. Omg i have so many crushes, how did that happen?

39. Oh dear, I'm in love with another fictional character.


41. Would it be weird if i tweeted that??

42. I need to get a life

43. I want pretty tattoos and pretty coloured hair, but I'm such a wimp

44. Why do i say I'm gonna fall asleep earlier when we know that's a massive lie.

45.  I really need to buy more leggings, I wear these to death...

46. There's nothing watching videos of YouTube can't fix

47. Why isn't it socially acceptable to fangirl in public? I have so many feels

48. I need more makeup, i need more mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, powder. I might as well just buy the whole shop next

49. I have nothing planned for the day. Happy Lazy Day to me!

50. I'm adult... What!? I can't adult

51. I love Spotify! oh god not this advert again.

52. Oh wow, I'm addicted to social media.. That can't be healthy, can it?

53. Why do snapchat bring in the ugly filters, give me my cute, pretty filters!

54. I'm probably the only one that still loves this dog filter, but its so cute.

55. Wow i haven't worn makeup for 10 days, what is wrong with me... 

56. I'm gonna go all out with my makeup today.. Actually on second thoughts, lets just stick to the basics

57. OMG look at the doggie, do you think they would mind if i took it home with me? OMG LOOK AT THAT FACE. OMG THAT CUTE LITTLE TAIL

58. Why is the world such a horrible place sometimes? Why does society have to be so judgemental. Like what is 'normal'

59. Why does it feel like everyone's judging my life choices

60. No matter how bad it seems, it will always get better.

My mind honestly does a marathon everyday, I mean tell me someone whose mind doesn’t? So much happens on a daily basis it is very difficult not to overthink everything that is going on in life. Do you have things you ask yourself? Or am i just a little bit crazy.

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