Things That Make Me Happy

I've been feeling down in the dumps lately, getting anxiety, feeling down or just feeling overall lethargic isn't unusual for many of us, it happens on a regular basis for me, which is when I'll either become a little enclosed within my own thoughts or just become miserable. 
And thats been happening quite a bit lately because i've been feeling stuck and negative. 
Since i had my laptop near by i thought why not do a blog post filled with things that make me happy.

1. Having a good nights sleep.
2. Disney movies
3. My lovely blog
4. A nice cup of coffee in the morning and a couple of bourbon biscuits. YUM
5. A Youtube vid binge before going to sleep - btw, Katy Bellotte is adorbs
6. Adorable fictional characters and couples *Paul Coker. cough cough*
7. A good mental health day
8. Feeling confident
9. Videos of puppies
10. Chick Flicks
11. A lovely hot bath
12. Autumn and Winter 
13. Buying new make up to try out
14. Listening to music
15. Christmas lights
16. Sweaters
17. Catching up with my favourite blogs
18. Scrolling through Tumblr & Twitter
19. Jonny Labey ( he's just the cutest, I'm just so in love with him right now. Actually all my favourite people..)
20. Seeing dogs across the street and cooing over how cute they are
21. Writing, writing a blog post, Writing out my feelings, my ideas, my worries, my anxieties. Writing tends to come quite naturally for me and a favourite creative outlet
22. Colouring, i find it very therapeutic
23. Cuddles with the family cat (lately he's been giving me lots of love)
24. Watching fan videos of my ships, i'm a little emotional balloon when it comes to fictional pairings (i love a good fan video)
25. Spending the day in my PJs

What makes you happy?

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  1. I love these kinds of posts, they never fail to put a smile on my face! :) I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit down lately, I hope happiness will find its way back to you soon x