My Little Fur Baby... 6 Months On

As of September 1st it'll have been 6 months since i had to say to goodbye to my beloved fur baby, my little sidekick.

Here's a little back story: After having a few talks with my mum, i was allowed a dog - to help with my depression & anxiety. We heard a neighbour of ours was rehoming some of their dogs, pugs to be exact. Which was perfect for me because i had always wanted a little dog i could spoil rotten and a pug was just right.

When we visited the neighbours to see the pug we could be rehoming, i was so excited over the possibility of having a dog of my own, my responsibility, my little bundle of joy. One thing i remember is sitting down of the sofa and one of the pugs came and sat next to me wanting kisses and cuddles, and that dog was Benson, it felt like love at first sight or the fact that he chose me to be his mummy, I knew i wanted to take him home and from then on it was Simone & Benson. Side by side.


6 months on, i still feel empty and lost without my little guy. Although i didn't raise him as a puppy, he had such a wonderful impact on my life & family. When you love and care for an animal, they become part of you, part of your routine, part of your life. 

Another moment i remember is our domestic short haired kitty, Teddy noticing something wasn't quite right and he would sit beside him, giving him kisses and cuddles. The day we took him on his last vets visit was a very emotional one for many reasons, the little moment Benson & Teddy shared was beautiful as they gave each other one last kiss and cuddle.


Benson was the sweetest dog and i miss him daily. He helped me fight my mental illness, he helped me become confident. He was perfect in every way from his big brown eyes to his cute curly tail. He would always make me feel better, just by being there and giving me a much needed cuddle. He loved his yogurt, chicken, tuna, gravy etc. He loved anything, especially if it came from your plate or bowl - he'd want to lick away every last bit.
He was the best support in the times i needed it most. And times were i would cry, he'd try and lick away every little teardrop. I miss seeing him get excited when i'd come through the door, his little butt wiggle, his snorting.. 

I think you get the jist of it - i miss every little tiny detail of him. And that's okay, because i'm always going to remember him and that happens when you lose a beloved pet.

I love you to the moon and back my little angel

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