Is It Okay To Cry At Fictional Deaths?

And the answer is YES it is. Because why does it have to be such a big deal if you do, it just shows you are an emotional person who grows attached to thing that are fictional and it doesn't need to be a bad thing. It shows you have feelings and you aren't afraid to let them out.

 To say I am mindlessly obsessed when it comes to television programmes might be an understatement, however when you develop attachments to your favourite television programmes they become apart of your routine, you can’t help but feel like the characters involved in these fictional programmes are almost like friends or family, like you really know them (I say almost). That you want them to be happy, cause hey when you are watching these shows and something happy happens, well you get that feel good feeling. But if something unthinkable and tragic happens well it can affect you for a while (perhaps more than it should), especially when it comes to the ultimate heartbreak, the killing off of your favourite characters and leaves you crying for days

Somehow i always find myself getting attached to fictional characters, and when they die i cry my eyes out. Just like when i was a kid watching The Lion King and BANG Simba's dad is killed by Scar (Simba's uncle) or even any other Disney death and i remember specifically sobbing my little heart out in my mums arms because little Simba was trying to wake him up so they can go home. Then fast forward mid teens/ being a fangirl. Because of these emotional bonds we form watching certain characters, it’s perfectly understandable that we mourn their loss when they die on a show, If you’re invested enough, the death of a character is going to be very real to you.

Honestly how i see it, it's perfectly okay to cry over a fictional character. We all do it. I guess you are wondering why I'm writing this post, and the reason being is the British soap EastEnders killed off a character called Paul Coker, who is a sweetheart with his cheeky grin, lovely eyes and of course his unruly curls. And it got me thinking why do we cry over fictional characters? We all have gone through that horrible phase of curling up in our beds and crying over the deaths of our favourite fictional characters at one point or another. It happens to even the strongest of hearts. We genuinely invest our emotions on a well written character, whether on screen or on paper. I'm sure we all have fictional deaths that we all struggle to recover from.

I guess what I'm trying to say is why do people think of you weird or insane just because you've grown an attachment to a character and when they leave or get killed off, your heartbroken. Like we know its a TV show or movie but even still it's still sad when a beloved character dies or leaves. I've cried over the death of Paul Coker so many times, including the aftermath of the people he loves finding out and lets just say Harry Reid who plays Ben Mitchell deserves an award for most heartbreaking reaction - it's not to say i didn't cry at his grandparents finding out but somehow Ben being so wrecked with grief tugged on my heart strings even more. 

Personally i find that you are allowed to grow emotionally attached to a fictional character but just know the difference between real life and fictional. Overall I'm just a very emotional person and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Every single one of us are fangirls/fanboys in one way or another and we all get attached or obsessed if you want to call it that and sometimes crying over a fictional death comes with the whole shebang. Fictional deaths really make me cry like a baby whenever I'm into a TV show, movie or character. The only thing that makes me sad is the fictional deaths of TV show or soap character. Death is a part of life. Since television shows tell stories about life, there are naturally going to be stories about the end of it. Not every TV character's death will leave a chasm in your life, though. Nor will it make you feel like you've lost a close and personal friend. 

I thought, why not end the post listing some fictional deaths that broke my heart.

Paul Coker (EastEnders)
There is so many reasons why this is the most heartbreaking fictional death, because it was out of the blue (yes we knew Jonny Labey was leaving, not by choice might i add) and he was a much loved character with a story to tell. He was a beautiful and positive character that gave EastEnders the breath of fresh air it needed. And the fact they killed him off in a horrible way being beaten to death because he's openly gay and proud of who he is, just for the sake of telling the story of homophobic attacks which is great they are doing that BUT for a much loved character like Paul who was planning his future with Ben Mitchell, they had just got matching tattoo's which was really sweet and soon as they are together openly with Ben being happy and comfortable in himself - He and Paul get attacked on a night out for just being a couple. I know it happens in real life everyday somewhere around the world but honestly we need to see positive representation of the LGBTQ community. Honestly i think i might have felt a little better about this one if it was an accident.

Matthew Crawley (Downton Abbey) - Another heartbreaking death is lovely Matthew Crawley's who had just met his newborn son and suddenly killed in a car accident which i found very sad and the fact it was shown of Christmas Day where everything is meant to be joyful but it didn't stop me from crying over the death of beloved Matthew Crawley.

Jackson Walsh (Emmerdale)
At the time when i watched sweet Jackson's death, i guess i had the same reaction as to Paul's death to this one. I cried when he found out he's paralysed from the shoulders down after a train accident but it ultimately made me cry even more when he chose to end his life with the help of his mum and boyfriend.

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It goes to show media, TV shows, movies etc have the power, potential, and influence viewers like me and it's not a bad thing to cry at fictional deaths, we all do it. It would be nice if characters we adore get the happy endings they deserve. I hope you liked my little ramble about fictional deaths, is there a fictional death that broke your heart leaving you, heartbroken for days?

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