00's Nostalgia Playlist

As a 90's kid (1995 to be exact) i grew up listening to some pretty catchy songs and we can't deny that we don't go on YouTube or Spotify for a little musical nostalgia. Also the 00's music was changing and we were discovering our first taste of fandom, I think everyone can guess Jonas Brothers was my first 'proper' fandom. 

The other day was just listening to a bunch of old songs from the early 00's and onwards, and that how this post came about - i thought it would be fun show what i listened to growing up and entering my teens to & the songs i used to dance to around my bedroom and pretend i was at Wembley. I think we can agree that the music in 00's was the best. Here are my instant classics, favourites and one hit wonders that take us back to those times. Feel free to reminisce.

To the kids born in 2010 onwards, that are now growing up. We had the best childhood filled with classics and no technology, we had fun with our colouring book. classic disney movies and awesome kids shows. We Had The Best Childhood.

What are your favourite 00's songs? 

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  1. There are so many good throwback songs on this playlist! My faves were definitely the Jonas Brothers - they were the first band I ever fangirled over :) x