Thoughts Girls Have When It's That Time Of Month

And by 'That Time Of Month' i mean, periods. That dreaded time of month, when Mother Nature punishes you with stomach cramps. I thought it would be fun to do a post on thoughts girls have when on their period because lets face it NO ONE likes being on their period, they should skip periods all together. We’ve all been there (every 28-ish days) depending on our period cycle. 

1. Wait, is this a sign my period is starting?
2. It's so not fair. Why do other girls get 4 days and I have to suffer 6-7?
3. Let's watch some chick flicks. They always do the trick.
4.  AHHHH! My uterus is killing me!
6. Why I am getting punished for not being 21 & pregnant!?
7. I better take 5 more pads, just in case.
9. Why are men so lucky? They don't have to bleed every month and pop kids out.
10. JUST GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD. I'm blaming this on my period
11. I just want to curl up into a big ball until this is all over
12. Actually i'm going back to sleep. maybe that will help?
13. Nope, okay. A nice soak instead then
14. I feel bloated and crampy.
15. One down, only 400ish more periods to go.
16. These stomach cramps literally feel like someone has chopped up my uterus into tiny pieces and then puzzled them back together wrong.
17. Can someone give me a dog to cuddle, I don't like people
18. Everyone and everything is annoying me right now.
19. I’m really worried that my ovaries are actually exploding right now.
20. Oh my god, this pad wrapper is so loud. Now everyone in the girls’ toilets knows I’m on my period. Brilliant.
22. I need someone to stroke my hair and rub my back while i eat my weight in junk food and cry at chick flicks
23. Why is there an advert of happy girls on their periods. It's not a happy time. ITS TORTURE TO MY UTERUS
24. Instead of getting their period girls should just get to sleep for 5 days straight every month everyone wins
25. I don’t want to do anything like, EVER again
26. I'm definitely not pregnant, can this be over now.
27. I thought I already got my period this month.
28. This explains why I was breaking out so bad this week.
29. God damn it, men will never know what this feels like.
30. And women go through this every month so we can experience the joys of childbirth.
 31. Ah, pain relief what would i do without you.
32. Periods are the worst. Being a woman is the worst.
33. Am i leaking!? It feels like a waterfalls happening in there.
34. a nice hot drink to cuddle my insides. Just what i need.
35. Welp, another bed sheet bites the dust.

What are your thoughts when you are on that dreaded period?

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