How I Cope With Bad Mental Health Days

I've been fairly open about my mental health on this blog as i live and learn about depression and anxiety. I'd like to think the mental health posts i create help and give you some kind of comfort for you guys when you're having a particularly bad day or if you just need a little reminder that you're not alone! Of course we all cope in different ways and these i just some of mine.

 Since I've started blogging it really has become one of my favourite creative outlets. Whenever I'm in a bad mood or feeling anxious I really do like to go on my laptop, get comfy and just write blog posts. I always find doing something creative takes your mind of whatever it is thats making you anxious. There are plenty of other ways to get creative and take your mind off the bad thoughts such as; adult colouring books or things like sewing and knitting! Knitting is definitely something i'd like to try but my patience level isn't very good but who knows when i decide to pick it up. 

There's nothing better on an anxious day than getting in a hot bath and soaking away your worries - it is the ultimate relaxation method for me and definitely does a good job at cheering me up and putting me in a generally happier mood! Having a nice hot bath is my go to 'me time' thing to do. And just ending the night snuggled up in bed watching a film/ tv series or listening to music.

Music is definitely something that is a big part of my bad days! I have so many playlists that I turn to on days where I feel anxious or generally negative and I must admit my taste really does change depending on the day! Some days all I want to do is stick on a cheesy pop playlist or some 90's - 00's throwbacks classics and have a sing along and a boogie and it definitely does just the trick when it comes to putting my in a more chirpy mood and also making me forget about all the stresses and anxious thoughts! 

Having a laugh or watching something funny can be just what you need to get out of your slump on a bad day! I always find that watching a funny YouTube video or watching a funny film not only puts me in a better mood but also keeps me distracted from my anxious and negative thoughts. Some of my favourite go-to films on these days are mainly chick flicks or Disney films and they always do the trick. Both uplifting and are the perfect boost to any mood, i don't think there will be a day where i get bored of Disney or a good chick flick.

I was umming and awwing about adding planning in that little list but honestly i'm not good with sticking to plans unless they are very important. It's not to say i don't plan anything exciting, i just don't like to plan things if i'm going to get myself into a little panic. Everybody is different.

How do you cope with bad mental health days? Leave me your tips in the comments.

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