15 Reasons Why Paul Coker Was My Favourite EastEnders Character

There's always a character we grow attached to whether it's from a soap, TV series or movie. And in my case i grow attached to a character in a soap & TV series. Life of a fangirl, right? It's no secret that one soap character i adored is Paul Coker from EastEnders, who's pretty much perfect, with his lovely curly hair, lovely hazel eyes and that beautiful smile of his, not to forget his cute little dimples

And this week has been pretty emotional after it was revealed *spoiler alert* Paul died in a homophobic attack while out with his boyfriend Ben Mitchell which makes it much more tragic and harder to swallow - This marks the end of one of the cutest burgeoning relationships ever seen on the show – but that’s EastEnders for you, creating something lovely only to rip it apart again. STUPID EE. Paul had only been on the show a year before EastEnders decided to write him out which is a big mistake considering people love Paul Coker, me included (Jonny Labey on the other hand didn't want to leave.) 

Paul Coker's death made me sob harder than when Jackson in Emmerdale died. Mainly because it was unexpected and came far far too soon. To see one of Walford’s most adorable couples (after my first EE OTP Christian & Syed) torn apart like this broke my little fangirl heart, everyone fell in love with Paul's personality and confidence. I have wanted Eastenders to do a homophobic attack (hate crime) story for a while but DEFINITELY not at the exspense of Paul Coker.


1. That lovely grin, Paul was a like beaming light in dreary Albert Square. Paul Coker’s smile is actual sunshine.
2. A warm, positive openly gay character who clearly was a all round sweetheart.
3. A cutie, there's no real lookers left on the square who's as sweet as well as handsome. Tanned and baby faced looks - he was the much needed eye candy
4. Paul's lovely nature is what made him lovable, he was always lovely to his grandparents and to those around him.
5. As a Paul stan i fell in love with him from his first episode with his sweet charm.
6. Blessed with a face of a prince and a lovely personality (Thank you Jonny Labey)
7. He was always understanding or at least he tried to be when it came to his granddad's need to dress as Christine and Ben dealing with his sexuality. He was loyal to those he loved.
8. His hazel eyes and luscious curls (and even with that little headband he used to keep his hair out of his eyes was cute), i think everyone fell in love with him the moment he set foot on the Square. He's a beautiful cinnamon roll (I'm aware I've probably talked in tumblr language)
9. Paul's relationship with Ben was lovely to see, filled with affection and seeing them together openly and happy was good to see. Let's be honest, Paul helped Ben in more was than one for Ben to be open and proud of who he is alongside falling in love. And the name tattoo's were really beautiful. Paul leaves the world with Ben written on him, and Ben has Paul's to be a part of him forever and will never truly leave him. Soulmates.
10. He was still as happy-go-lucky and fresh-faced as when he arrived on the Square, perhaps one of the most inoffensive and lovable characters, a loving, friendly, beautiful human being who stands up for what he believes in.


11. As someone who loved Paul as a character it was always amazing to see that he was happy within himself. He always was one to spread positivity on everything and I think that's one of the many reasons he was so loved, as he was a fluffy little angel. He helped someone to face what they really are and to feel comfortable within that. He also only ever saw the BEST in people and always tried to help people.. Even people who were so horrible to him.
12. He was cheeky and adventurous, not because he'd been travelling before arriving in Walford and caught the eye of Ben Mitchell. He hid his number in Ben’s coat pocket, he snatched a snog within an hour of meeting him and would happily flirt without worrying about the consequences. I wouldn't say no to Paul Coker flirting with me.
13. Paul being confident with who he was as a person was inspiring to see and very refreshing to see that in a young character.
14. He was a ray of sunshine, there were times where he was emotional and vulnerable which showed how real he was a person. That was something i definitely liked about him.
15. His quirkiness and how sentimental he is (especially with the 'Ben' tattoo on his ring finger)

I wanted to end this 'Paul Coker Appreciation' post, thanking the lovely Jonny Labey who stole my heart the moment he set foot on screen, thank you for bringing Paul to life and playing him so beautifully - thank you for being amazing. I'm gutted to not see you on my screen anymore... Hope to see you on our screens again soon doing what you do best, being your insanely talented self. 

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What are your thoughts on the sadly departed Paul Coker, were you a fan of the handsome curly haired charmer?

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