Why You Should Watch New Blood

This post is a collab with Lily Olivia

I've recently started watching a new BBC series 'New Blood' which began 9th June, is a crime drama starring newcomers Ben Tavassoli & Mark Strepan which is set in modern London. ‘New Blood’ brings together two investigators, Rash and Stefan, from CID and the Serious Fraud Office respectively. 
New Blood is just so authentic and fresh and unlike any of the more serious cop dramas on TV at the minute. I think the storylines are very well developed and supremely well written. If you want light-hearted, middle of the week drama then I think this is a perfect fit. New Blood for me is the best thing on television right now and here's why.

The Leads 
Two dashing young Alpha males, British-Iranian Rash and British-Polish Stefan. No middle-aged existential angst, instead we get tons of ambition, testosterone and perfect stubble. And to have two unknowns is a breath of fresh air, Ben Tavassoli and Mark Strepan in the lead roles of the primetime drama which we can lose ourselves into. Their first appearances are pretty memorable with Rash, all nervous, trying to impress his senior officers, but clearly going places with his CID attachment, and Stefan undercover for the Serious Fraud Office and fending off the bumbling bully advances of someone hopefully up to his crooked neck. By the time these two met, knocking knees in a local weekend race, it was inevitable mayhem. 

As Simone rightly eluded to above, the reason why this show is so successful and unique has to come down to the characters. We’re talking a young, attractive, charismatic duo that honestly have some of the best on-screen chemistry I’ve seen in a while. Now I haven’t watched Case 2 which is currently available on iPlayer yet as I’ve somehow managed to find the restraint to wait until it comes out on TV, but so far, within the two episodes I’ve watched I’ve found myself really rooting for Rash and Stefan. (To be honest I’m not really sure if we’re supposed to ship them #Stash but I totally am.) 
Like Lily said above about finding the restraint to wait till it airs onscreen, i couldn't wait that long! It's honestly that addictive but if you wait till its onscreen or watch it on BBC iPlayer, it's worth it! Let's just say Rash and Stefan are one hell of a power couple.

Great Chemistry 
Okay so we’ve somewhat covered this already, but it just had to be said again. The bromance between Rash and Stefan is frustratingly good, you either sitting there thinking 'do they fancy each other' or 'are they just have a cute bromance that's just keeping you hooked' They bicker like an old married couple. Either way, the chemistry is on point. Anthony Horowitz did a wonderful job with the casting of Rash and Stefan, there couldn't be anyone better.

The Perfect Balance of Drama and Humour 
The script writing is just so good and the lines are delivered perfectly. One minute you’re on the edge of your seat the next laughing out loud at some ridiculous one liner from Stefan. While there are some unexplained crimes, there is some added humour and it fits so well which is probably why i enjoy the series a lot.

Fantastic Soundtrack & Effects
 Even the title music is pretty darn good. Whoever was in charge of post production is doing a stellar job. I always find myself singing along and of course the music fits perfectly with the scenes/moments. The effects are awesome especially *spoiler alert* the jump into the pool and in the titles with the little montage.

Supporting New Shows 
Both the main leads in New Blood are TV newcomers so not only are you supporting an amazing show but you’re putting confidence in the work of incredibly talented young actors. As it is it’s always great to see some ‘new blood’ on our TV screens... This has honestly been the best crime drama on our screens for a long time.

I think it’s safe to say that if there isn’t a second season there will be some serious uproar because it’s too good just to leave to fade to nothingness in the great archive of the BBC. If you’re thinking about watching this show then don’t just take our word for it! Both episodes of Case 1 and Case 2 are currently up on iPlayer so you can easily check it out further. It's definitely worth binge watching.

Thanks Lily for collabrating on this post with me. Don't forget to follow her on Twitter & check out her blog! Are you a fan on the new BBC series? If so let me know what are your thoughts.


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