What It's Like Being A Twin

What is it like being a twin? (the most asked question) and the answer is it's just like having any other sibling except the bond is stronger and they annoy you just as much. I don't know anything different - Being twin makes growing up pretty unique, having a twin had its upsides. It was great to always have a friend by your side. A best friend. We are fraternal twins which means we are non identical. When someone mentions "twins," you probably think of identical twins with matching clothes. Identical twins are cool and everything, but us fraternal twins are so underrated! We're just as special; we also shared the same food for nine months.

Growing up as a twin sibling, me and my sister were known as 'the twins' -  most people assume you’re exactly alike, and it feels like people view you as one person. Being treated like you are a pair can make it hard to be an individual. But being a twin has it's perks too. First of all, having your twin is having your best friend. Growing up, you spend everyday together. What’s even better than that? You are the exact same age so you love the same things at the same time. There was always someone else to play dress up, build a fort, run around the park, scooter down the street, watch disney movies all day and of course one loves them more than the other (ME and still do.) Then, there was someone to cry to when school got difficult, friends were hard to deal with and someone who always had your back.

Despite all of this, people make one really absurd notion about twins, that we are EXACTLY the same. For example i am into the sterotypical 'femine' things and my sister is into the sterotypical 'masculine' things which you'd class as a tomboy. That is the most naive thing someone can say and honestly very stereotypical. No, we are two different people with different passions, dreams, goals, and personalities.
 Of course we're made of the same DNA but that doesn't mean we can't be our own people. Searching for my own identity and creating my own image became some what different because as twins you are whole and apart you are one half of a whole. It's been the two of us against the world, as we've grown older, our unbelievably close relationship has turned into a friendship of epic proportions (yes we still argue but who doesn't). I do wonder every now and then how different my life would be if I had a younger sibling to look out for or an older sibling to look up to, i wouldn't change anything because my sister, Nicole is my person. Someone who happens to be my biggest fan, my best friend, my confidant and in some ways my soulmate.

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  1. This is such a sweet post! Growing up watching Disney channel and Mary Kate and Ashley made me wish I had a twin. It seems like as a twin you can have such a great and close relationship with a sibling! I think the hardest part would be trying to figure out who you are as your own person since you are identified as "the twins." I have twin cousins and our family always refers to them as "the twins" or "the boys."

    - Courtney