My First Q&A!

I love these kinds of blog posts or videos, i think they are so much fun! So i was in the mood for answering some question no matter how weird & wonderful they were, so you guys tweeted what you'd like to know so here they are! 

ooh, i love this one! Thanks Chloe <3 My favourite princess and sidekick is definitely between Ariel & Flounder and Rapunzel & Pascal but since Ariel & Flounder are my Disney first loves it'll have to be those two.

I think everyone knows i'm a sucker for Catfish because Nev & Max are the ultimate dream team so yeah Catfish would be my favourite.

Aww a Q from my twin. Obviously for many reasons i love being a twin but the one thing that stands out the most is you will always have a forever best friend, someone who's always on your side.

I don't like ignorant people, racist, homophobic. Basically i just don't like people who hate on others for who they love, the colour of their skin, who they are. I don't like walking places and someone is puffing away on their cigarette, the smell is disgusting. I don't like walking in big crowds or just being in big crowds makes me very anxious so i guess that would be another pet peeve..

Hmm, 5 things i can't leave without would be my phone, having access to makeup/beauty, music, my bed (i love sleeping) & internet only because i love social media and because i'm nosey.

because i'm boring and not always adventurous with flavours STRAWBERRY. You can never go wrong with a delicious strawberry ice cream.

Pugs are the cutest little creations of dog kind! Can i say Unicorn? Everyone wants to be a unicorn, right? Yep i'm saying a fabulous Unicorn

 Well, right now i'm loving a new bbc series called New Blood so i guess that would be my favourite & my least favourite would be Sherlock only because i can't get gripped on it and tbh it's not my sort of thing.

As everyone's mental health journey is different i guess my advice to someone suffering from depression would be, you are not alone and they are people who love and care about you to want you to be happy & safe. You are worthy and your mental health doesn't define you one bit. Talk to your relitives, friends or just anyone you can trust.

I love social media so it would probably be between Twitter & Tumblr. I CAN'T CHOOSE

If you do follow me on twitter, you may see me tweeting about the cuteness of my lovely OTP Zude (Jude & Zero). One favourite!? HELP I have so many moment's from their story that love such as the court side kiss, the i love you, zero revealing is real name etc I'm going to go with the ' I already have a family, You' for obvious reasons firstly it's a beautiful scene with just Jude and Zero taking that extra step into their relationship and secondly that head kiss and cheek stroke. I did a post on my favourite moments just here

From now? Hopefully in a good job, having my dream career and having a few four legged friends. Who knows where it could go. I'd like to just be happy and content with my life.

i'd like to learn italian and german but i'd quite like to do french again after learning it at school. I think learning a language would be fun.

One thing that's always atttracted me about blogging is being able to write whatever you wanted freely and creatively. The blogging community is a lovely added bonus, everyone is genuinely really sweet.

Can i say a Disney movie? I love the idea of communicating with animals and having a cute little sidekick. Wouldn't it be so cool.

I don't have a favourite football team per say but living with you constantly brainwashing me about Bayern Munich is bound to do some damage ;) Arsenal would probably be a favourite because my (our) grandad watched most matches and i guess i picked up on the Arsenal bug. My favourite player would be Mats Hummels, for people who don't know who he is, he's a very handsome player who plays for Germany and Bayern Munich.

A girl who fangirls, blogs and sleeps in her spare time. :P

maybe a superpower to communitcate with animals because that would be so so cool.

I've always liked the idea of living in another country growing up, just to experience different cultures and ways of living. I think i would definitely like to experience life in Australia probably because of Neighbours haha don't worry you can come too!

Obviously it would be spend time with family  but i think it would definitely be pet a load of dogs because thats always comforting but also do something generous <3

I love them both. Darren has that sweet boyish charm and also he's someone i'd love to be serenaded by. Darren's just so adorable and lovable. So yep, long story short, Darren Criss 

I would love to work in the media field in a creative enviroment so yeah something in the media would be my dream career maybe in the creative writing sector.

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I hope you liked this kind of post!
Thank you to everyone who sent me questions to answer, I hope you know a bit more about me now :) If you want to ask me anymore questions, feel free to tweet them and I will answer them for you!

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