Being Your Biggest Fan

This is something i've been struggling with in my own life recently and since i use my blog as a place to be creative, let loose & open up.  Just share my thoughts/opinions/random nonsense to you. 
We all have a low points, i certainly do but we're human and we crack sometimes. I know that as a student, I have experienced failure, and not feeling like I am good enough. I think something i struggle with personally is the feeling of being alone in the world with my problems, Similar to other things, not loving yourself eats away at you. Over time, this can have some pretty significant results. We see this happen as a result of depression. And while it's okay to struggle with loving yourself but it's not okay to hate who you are as a human being. I think lately i've just been trapped in my anxiety and depression, and feelings of not being good enough to do what i want to do which isn't doing me any good. Right now i'm taking steps of seeing a therapist and a youth support worker which is helping me quite a bit, i may not be 'fixed' or ever will be and honestly as long as i love myself and treat myself with kindness whats the worse that can happen.

"Don’t be your own critic

If you want to judge yourself,

Do judge.

To judge is to evaluate correctly

What you have and what you are.

But do not criticise yourself.

If you criticise yourself,

Then you are weakening

Your present aspiration-heart

And ruining

Your future manifestation-life." — Sri Chinmoy

Stop Comparing Yourself: I know that we as a society do just that and happen really care about celebrities, money, nice things, etc. People are constantly trying to be something they are not, or trying to have something just because someone else has it. The one thing I have noticed about social media, is that people show you the highlights of their life. They are not going to show you the negative parts, because no one wants to see that! Happiness is such an important part of life, and people thrive off of other people’s happiness, so that’s what you need to remember. I know that particularly in the blogging world, we see this a lot. People have amazing websites & amazing content.I know that I remind myself every day that I am new to blogging! You have to (and always) build yourself up to be what you want, it comes with work. Instead of wishing you were someone else, you should focus on becoming the best version of you. You need to take initiative. You want to be a great blogger? Research, learn and experiment. This is a supportive piece of the internet, and everyone wants to help each other, which is what makes it so beautiful. In our normal world, you don’t have to be someone else. If you like something they have/do, you can do that too! You just have to take the first steps. 

Rewrite Your Self Definition: As we grow and develop we come to, somewhat imperfectly, understand ourselves. Based on experiences and feedback from others, we draft a self definition that greatly shapes how we see our abilities and perceive certain positive and negative situations. And numourous of counsilors/therapists i have seen have pretty much said they same thing. How you see yourself is far more important than how the society sees you. You have the power to rewrite your story. It will not only enable you to talk about yourself better, it reshapes how you feel about yourself. It’s a key part of building (or rebuilding) self-esteem. Although right now i may be in a bit of a rut but bit by bit i'm learning to love myself and rebuilding my self-esteem. Not everyone will understand you and that is a blessing in disguise. Embrace that you are your own person with your own opinion on what is great and roll with it. Push yourself to new limits and have your own back. In the relationship you have with yourself, you are the most important part and you have every right to be selfish. Be your own biggest fan, do what you want, when you want and do not EVER apologize for it. Change your attitude, it will go a long way. I think the moment you accept imperfection, is when you really can be yourself.

I think society as a whole is demanding and can be very critical at times which clearly does more harm than good. And as someone who struggles with mental health, i feel like i'm being shamed for having certain feelings on things (and myself) we can't change how society works but we can change how we view ourselves, i think thats what we should focus on, we're not perfect, we're human and we're beautiful creations - every single one of us. We all have struggles, we all have times were we feel vulnerable. So maybe we should stop basing our self-confidence on mere thoughts and just see ourselves for who we really are instead of critically judging our appearance and putting ourselves in categories & BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN because we are worthy of anything we put our minds to and we all deserve self love.

What advice would you give?


  1. Make sure you always put yourself first and do what makes you happy :)
    Kia x x x

  2. I really like this post and feel a lot of people need to read this. We get so caught up in society and expectations that we forget to really be who we are and be proud of it. :)

    S .x

  3. I love this post so much. I've been having a rough time this month and so this is definitely something I needed to read. With depression, or any mental illness, you have to really work on your self-worth and self-confidence.

    - Courtney