6 Reasons Why You Should Watch 'A Place To Call Home'

A Place To Call Home is a 50's Australian melodrama set in the fictional town of Inverness which follows the lives of the Bligh's and their friends and associates. It’s beautifully filmed, nicely acted and well worth savouring. It focuses on the social changes, romances and other stories of that time period. When i first came across this series at the beginning of this year on BBC 2, i was pretty much hooked on the storytelling, the setting and the characters. I know some people call it the Australian version of Downton Abbey like Downton you have people of different social standings and the style/taste of fashion in that time period.

Eye Candy - There is plenty on eye candy on the show including a silver fox (Brett Climo), a sexy son (David Berry), a dishy country doctor (Craig Hall), a gorgeous Italian (Aldo Mignone) and many other characters that pop up, making this show fun to watch and easy on the eyes. Every show needs some eye candy don't you think?

Strong Women - The series is filled with strong, feisty women. Some likable, some not so much. They all go on their own journey of self discovery and face their own personal troubles/traumas.

Issues based drama of it's time - The series tackles women’s rights, homosexuality, religious freedom, bigotry, immigration, depression & addiction, making it a compelling look at Australian culture within the evolving context of the mid-20th century. 

Beautiful Relationships - There are many relationships of different ages, class and family. You see relationships both in the families and romantically develop, break and go through different kinds of trauma

Period Fashion - The ’50s are a popular fashion period reference (and most beautiful) - think Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. From old-money couture to working-girl chic, A Place To Call Home pays excruciating detail to its costumes, showcasing the A-line skirts, padded shoulders, single-breasted coats, two-piece suits, dinner jackets, and cardigans that emerged with the freedom that distinguished fashion during this all-important period of transition. 

Multi-dimensional characters - Many characters have many layers to them which you discover as the series goes on. All the characters have dark sides, some darker and less avoidable than others. Some characters you love, others you detest and others you form an emotional understanding. 

A Place To Call Home is definitely a show worth watching so if you start giving this a watch, let me know what you think. 

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