Why You Should Watch New Blood

This post is a collab with Lily Olivia

I've recently started watching a new BBC series 'New Blood' which began 9th June, is a crime drama starring newcomers Ben Tavassoli & Mark Strepan which is set in modern London. ‘New Blood’ brings together two investigators, Rash and Stefan, from CID and the Serious Fraud Office respectively. 
New Blood is just so authentic and fresh and unlike any of the more serious cop dramas on TV at the minute. I think the storylines are very well developed and supremely well written. If you want light-hearted, middle of the week drama then I think this is a perfect fit. New Blood for me is the best thing on television right now and here's why.

The Leads 
Two dashing young Alpha males, British-Iranian Rash and British-Polish Stefan. No middle-aged existential angst, instead we get tons of ambition, testosterone and perfect stubble. And to have two unknowns is a breath of fresh air, Ben Tavassoli and Mark Strepan in the lead roles of the primetime drama which we can lose ourselves into. Their first appearances are pretty memorable with Rash, all nervous, trying to impress his senior officers, but clearly going places with his CID attachment, and Stefan undercover for the Serious Fraud Office and fending off the bumbling bully advances of someone hopefully up to his crooked neck. By the time these two met, knocking knees in a local weekend race, it was inevitable mayhem. 

As Simone rightly eluded to above, the reason why this show is so successful and unique has to come down to the characters. We’re talking a young, attractive, charismatic duo that honestly have some of the best on-screen chemistry I’ve seen in a while. Now I haven’t watched Case 2 which is currently available on iPlayer yet as I’ve somehow managed to find the restraint to wait until it comes out on TV, but so far, within the two episodes I’ve watched I’ve found myself really rooting for Rash and Stefan. (To be honest I’m not really sure if we’re supposed to ship them #Stash but I totally am.) 
Like Lily said above about finding the restraint to wait till it airs onscreen, i couldn't wait that long! It's honestly that addictive but if you wait till its onscreen or watch it on BBC iPlayer, it's worth it! Let's just say Rash and Stefan are one hell of a power couple.

Great Chemistry 
Okay so we’ve somewhat covered this already, but it just had to be said again. The bromance between Rash and Stefan is frustratingly good, you either sitting there thinking 'do they fancy each other' or 'are they just have a cute bromance that's just keeping you hooked' They bicker like an old married couple. Either way, the chemistry is on point. Anthony Horowitz did a wonderful job with the casting of Rash and Stefan, there couldn't be anyone better.

The Perfect Balance of Drama and Humour 
The script writing is just so good and the lines are delivered perfectly. One minute you’re on the edge of your seat the next laughing out loud at some ridiculous one liner from Stefan. While there are some unexplained crimes, there is some added humour and it fits so well which is probably why i enjoy the series a lot.

Fantastic Soundtrack & Effects
 Even the title music is pretty darn good. Whoever was in charge of post production is doing a stellar job. I always find myself singing along and of course the music fits perfectly with the scenes/moments. The effects are awesome especially *spoiler alert* the jump into the pool and in the titles with the little montage.

Supporting New Shows 
Both the main leads in New Blood are TV newcomers so not only are you supporting an amazing show but you’re putting confidence in the work of incredibly talented young actors. As it is it’s always great to see some ‘new blood’ on our TV screens... This has honestly been the best crime drama on our screens for a long time.

I think it’s safe to say that if there isn’t a second season there will be some serious uproar because it’s too good just to leave to fade to nothingness in the great archive of the BBC. If you’re thinking about watching this show then don’t just take our word for it! Both episodes of Case 1 and Case 2 are currently up on iPlayer so you can easily check it out further. It's definitely worth binge watching.

Thanks Lily for collabrating on this post with me. Don't forget to follow her on Twitter & check out her blog! Are you a fan on the new BBC series? If so let me know what are your thoughts.

My First Q&A!

I love these kinds of blog posts or videos, i think they are so much fun! So i was in the mood for answering some question no matter how weird & wonderful they were, so you guys tweeted what you'd like to know so here they are! 

ooh, i love this one! Thanks Chloe <3 My favourite princess and sidekick is definitely between Ariel & Flounder and Rapunzel & Pascal but since Ariel & Flounder are my Disney first loves it'll have to be those two.

I think everyone knows i'm a sucker for Catfish because Nev & Max are the ultimate dream team so yeah Catfish would be my favourite.

Aww a Q from my twin. Obviously for many reasons i love being a twin but the one thing that stands out the most is you will always have a forever best friend, someone who's always on your side.

I don't like ignorant people, racist, homophobic. Basically i just don't like people who hate on others for who they love, the colour of their skin, who they are. I don't like walking places and someone is puffing away on their cigarette, the smell is disgusting. I don't like walking in big crowds or just being in big crowds makes me very anxious so i guess that would be another pet peeve..

Hmm, 5 things i can't leave without would be my phone, having access to makeup/beauty, music, my bed (i love sleeping) & internet only because i love social media and because i'm nosey.

because i'm boring and not always adventurous with flavours STRAWBERRY. You can never go wrong with a delicious strawberry ice cream.

Pugs are the cutest little creations of dog kind! Can i say Unicorn? Everyone wants to be a unicorn, right? Yep i'm saying a fabulous Unicorn

 Well, right now i'm loving a new bbc series called New Blood so i guess that would be my favourite & my least favourite would be Sherlock only because i can't get gripped on it and tbh it's not my sort of thing.

As everyone's mental health journey is different i guess my advice to someone suffering from depression would be, you are not alone and they are people who love and care about you to want you to be happy & safe. You are worthy and your mental health doesn't define you one bit. Talk to your relitives, friends or just anyone you can trust.

I love social media so it would probably be between Twitter & Tumblr. I CAN'T CHOOSE

If you do follow me on twitter, you may see me tweeting about the cuteness of my lovely OTP Zude (Jude & Zero). One favourite!? HELP I have so many moment's from their story that love such as the court side kiss, the i love you, zero revealing is real name etc I'm going to go with the ' I already have a family, You' for obvious reasons firstly it's a beautiful scene with just Jude and Zero taking that extra step into their relationship and secondly that head kiss and cheek stroke. I did a post on my favourite moments just here

From now? Hopefully in a good job, having my dream career and having a few four legged friends. Who knows where it could go. I'd like to just be happy and content with my life.

i'd like to learn italian and german but i'd quite like to do french again after learning it at school. I think learning a language would be fun.

One thing that's always atttracted me about blogging is being able to write whatever you wanted freely and creatively. The blogging community is a lovely added bonus, everyone is genuinely really sweet.

Can i say a Disney movie? I love the idea of communicating with animals and having a cute little sidekick. Wouldn't it be so cool.

I don't have a favourite football team per say but living with you constantly brainwashing me about Bayern Munich is bound to do some damage ;) Arsenal would probably be a favourite because my (our) grandad watched most matches and i guess i picked up on the Arsenal bug. My favourite player would be Mats Hummels, for people who don't know who he is, he's a very handsome player who plays for Germany and Bayern Munich.

A girl who fangirls, blogs and sleeps in her spare time. :P

maybe a superpower to communitcate with animals because that would be so so cool.

I've always liked the idea of living in another country growing up, just to experience different cultures and ways of living. I think i would definitely like to experience life in Australia probably because of Neighbours haha don't worry you can come too!

Obviously it would be spend time with family  but i think it would definitely be pet a load of dogs because thats always comforting but also do something generous <3

I love them both. Darren has that sweet boyish charm and also he's someone i'd love to be serenaded by. Darren's just so adorable and lovable. So yep, long story short, Darren Criss 

I would love to work in the media field in a creative enviroment so yeah something in the media would be my dream career maybe in the creative writing sector.

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I hope you liked this kind of post!
Thank you to everyone who sent me questions to answer, I hope you know a bit more about me now :) If you want to ask me anymore questions, feel free to tweet them and I will answer them for you!

What It's Like Being A Twin

What is it like being a twin? (the most asked question) and the answer is it's just like having any other sibling except the bond is stronger and they annoy you just as much. I don't know anything different - Being twin makes growing up pretty unique, having a twin had its upsides. It was great to always have a friend by your side. A best friend. We are fraternal twins which means we are non identical. When someone mentions "twins," you probably think of identical twins with matching clothes. Identical twins are cool and everything, but us fraternal twins are so underrated! We're just as special; we also shared the same food for nine months.

Growing up as a twin sibling, me and my sister were known as 'the twins' -  most people assume you’re exactly alike, and it feels like people view you as one person. Being treated like you are a pair can make it hard to be an individual. But being a twin has it's perks too. First of all, having your twin is having your best friend. Growing up, you spend everyday together. What’s even better than that? You are the exact same age so you love the same things at the same time. There was always someone else to play dress up, build a fort, run around the park, scooter down the street, watch disney movies all day and of course one loves them more than the other (ME and still do.) Then, there was someone to cry to when school got difficult, friends were hard to deal with and someone who always had your back.

Despite all of this, people make one really absurd notion about twins, that we are EXACTLY the same. For example i am into the sterotypical 'femine' things and my sister is into the sterotypical 'masculine' things which you'd class as a tomboy. That is the most naive thing someone can say and honestly very stereotypical. No, we are two different people with different passions, dreams, goals, and personalities.
 Of course we're made of the same DNA but that doesn't mean we can't be our own people. Searching for my own identity and creating my own image became some what different because as twins you are whole and apart you are one half of a whole. It's been the two of us against the world, as we've grown older, our unbelievably close relationship has turned into a friendship of epic proportions (yes we still argue but who doesn't). I do wonder every now and then how different my life would be if I had a younger sibling to look out for or an older sibling to look up to, i wouldn't change anything because my sister, Nicole is my person. Someone who happens to be my biggest fan, my best friend, my confidant and in some ways my soulmate.

My Self Love Playlist

Take this in: you are a strong, intelligent, pretty awesome person and you are worthy. I thought that now might just be the time to share a playlist I’ve been cultivating for quite some time now. It’s overflowing with positivity, self-love, and reminders that it’s okay to be strong and independent but, most importantly, completely human. i already have a 'happy' playlist on Spotify if you guys want to check it out here 

What songs would add to your self love playlist?

Being Your Biggest Fan

This is something i've been struggling with in my own life recently and since i use my blog as a place to be creative, let loose & open up.  Just share my thoughts/opinions/random nonsense to you. 
We all have a low points, i certainly do but we're human and we crack sometimes. I know that as a student, I have experienced failure, and not feeling like I am good enough. I think something i struggle with personally is the feeling of being alone in the world with my problems, Similar to other things, not loving yourself eats away at you. Over time, this can have some pretty significant results. We see this happen as a result of depression. And while it's okay to struggle with loving yourself but it's not okay to hate who you are as a human being. I think lately i've just been trapped in my anxiety and depression, and feelings of not being good enough to do what i want to do which isn't doing me any good. Right now i'm taking steps of seeing a therapist and a youth support worker which is helping me quite a bit, i may not be 'fixed' or ever will be and honestly as long as i love myself and treat myself with kindness whats the worse that can happen.

"Don’t be your own critic

If you want to judge yourself,

Do judge.

To judge is to evaluate correctly

What you have and what you are.

But do not criticise yourself.

If you criticise yourself,

Then you are weakening

Your present aspiration-heart

And ruining

Your future manifestation-life." — Sri Chinmoy

Stop Comparing Yourself: I know that we as a society do just that and happen really care about celebrities, money, nice things, etc. People are constantly trying to be something they are not, or trying to have something just because someone else has it. The one thing I have noticed about social media, is that people show you the highlights of their life. They are not going to show you the negative parts, because no one wants to see that! Happiness is such an important part of life, and people thrive off of other people’s happiness, so that’s what you need to remember. I know that particularly in the blogging world, we see this a lot. People have amazing websites & amazing content.I know that I remind myself every day that I am new to blogging! You have to (and always) build yourself up to be what you want, it comes with work. Instead of wishing you were someone else, you should focus on becoming the best version of you. You need to take initiative. You want to be a great blogger? Research, learn and experiment. This is a supportive piece of the internet, and everyone wants to help each other, which is what makes it so beautiful. In our normal world, you don’t have to be someone else. If you like something they have/do, you can do that too! You just have to take the first steps. 

Rewrite Your Self Definition: As we grow and develop we come to, somewhat imperfectly, understand ourselves. Based on experiences and feedback from others, we draft a self definition that greatly shapes how we see our abilities and perceive certain positive and negative situations. And numourous of counsilors/therapists i have seen have pretty much said they same thing. How you see yourself is far more important than how the society sees you. You have the power to rewrite your story. It will not only enable you to talk about yourself better, it reshapes how you feel about yourself. It’s a key part of building (or rebuilding) self-esteem. Although right now i may be in a bit of a rut but bit by bit i'm learning to love myself and rebuilding my self-esteem. Not everyone will understand you and that is a blessing in disguise. Embrace that you are your own person with your own opinion on what is great and roll with it. Push yourself to new limits and have your own back. In the relationship you have with yourself, you are the most important part and you have every right to be selfish. Be your own biggest fan, do what you want, when you want and do not EVER apologize for it. Change your attitude, it will go a long way. I think the moment you accept imperfection, is when you really can be yourself.

I think society as a whole is demanding and can be very critical at times which clearly does more harm than good. And as someone who struggles with mental health, i feel like i'm being shamed for having certain feelings on things (and myself) we can't change how society works but we can change how we view ourselves, i think thats what we should focus on, we're not perfect, we're human and we're beautiful creations - every single one of us. We all have struggles, we all have times were we feel vulnerable. So maybe we should stop basing our self-confidence on mere thoughts and just see ourselves for who we really are instead of critically judging our appearance and putting ourselves in categories & BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN because we are worthy of anything we put our minds to and we all deserve self love.

What advice would you give?

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch 'A Place To Call Home'

A Place To Call Home is a 50's Australian melodrama set in the fictional town of Inverness which follows the lives of the Bligh's and their friends and associates. It’s beautifully filmed, nicely acted and well worth savouring. It focuses on the social changes, romances and other stories of that time period. When i first came across this series at the beginning of this year on BBC 2, i was pretty much hooked on the storytelling, the setting and the characters. I know some people call it the Australian version of Downton Abbey like Downton you have people of different social standings and the style/taste of fashion in that time period.

Eye Candy - There is plenty on eye candy on the show including a silver fox (Brett Climo), a sexy son (David Berry), a dishy country doctor (Craig Hall), a gorgeous Italian (Aldo Mignone) and many other characters that pop up, making this show fun to watch and easy on the eyes. Every show needs some eye candy don't you think?

Strong Women - The series is filled with strong, feisty women. Some likable, some not so much. They all go on their own journey of self discovery and face their own personal troubles/traumas.

Issues based drama of it's time - The series tackles women’s rights, homosexuality, religious freedom, bigotry, immigration, depression & addiction, making it a compelling look at Australian culture within the evolving context of the mid-20th century. 

Beautiful Relationships - There are many relationships of different ages, class and family. You see relationships both in the families and romantically develop, break and go through different kinds of trauma

Period Fashion - The ’50s are a popular fashion period reference (and most beautiful) - think Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. From old-money couture to working-girl chic, A Place To Call Home pays excruciating detail to its costumes, showcasing the A-line skirts, padded shoulders, single-breasted coats, two-piece suits, dinner jackets, and cardigans that emerged with the freedom that distinguished fashion during this all-important period of transition. 

Multi-dimensional characters - Many characters have many layers to them which you discover as the series goes on. All the characters have dark sides, some darker and less avoidable than others. Some characters you love, others you detest and others you form an emotional understanding. 

A Place To Call Home is definitely a show worth watching so if you start giving this a watch, let me know what you think. 

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How Depression & Anxiety Makes Me Feel

Lately, I've been feeling low and in a rut. I'm questioning what is my purpose in life, what is it want from life. Things aren't going how want them to go, feeling like the worlds against me although i know that's not true but i just feel stuck, i feel a little bit worthless. I'm frustrating myself because i just don't know what I'm doing and my mental health at the moment is causing me to take a step back instead of forward... 16 year old me just didn't know what to make of the diagnosis and 20 going on 21 year old me just can't seem to get to the root of the problem, why am i feeling like this, why am i feeling a little bit worthless, why am i feeling frustrated and why are my feelings confusing me.

 ♡ you need to be kind & patient with yourself, because you're human too ♡

This little quote here is my little reminder and one i have trouble with reminding myself of because i do struggle with being kind to myself, i do struggle to be patient with myself, i do struggle to be my own cheerleader, i do struggle with letting myself know that all these feelings i have are normal, they aren't alien.
I see depression and anxiety as these creatures that constantly fight with my inner self, they know how to push my buttons, they know how to belittle me. They just know how to make me feel at war with myself - But then again, that's mental health, that's what depression does to you! 

"You are important. Your feelings matter. Your story matters. Your life matters." Everything matters. But right now life doesn't make sense to me, every little step I'm taking doesn't seem to matter. It takes time i know that but I'm just stuck.

I'm belittling myself at every chance i have. Thoughts of not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough. Like my pinned tweet says pretty much word for word and right now it just makes me feel like a fraud because i can give/offer advice but i can't take my own. I'm a mess pretty much. I'm pretending everything is okay and most days it is but the stresses of life is making me feel stuck, frustrated. Lately i haven’t been feeling happy or sad i’ve just kind of been existing and i don’t really know what to feel.

Long story short my mental health is making me feel like crap, I'm at war with myself and it drains me sometimes because I should be focusing of my strengths, intelligence and how my family see me: a young woman who's capable of many things but she can't see it herself.
My mental health doesn't need to define me, i shouldn't let my depression cloud my judgement of how i see myself, how i view myself and what my place is in the world. 
When i compare my young self with my current self - I've learnt to value myself more, to love myself more, to embrace what makes me me. Although right now i might be struggling a little bit and that's okay because i am going to get through it, i am going to be okay and most importantly I'm going to do many wonderful things, I'm going to be better than before.

I am worthy
I am beautiful
I am good enough
I am strong
I am unique
I am loved
I am important
Most importantly, I can get through anything
I am a work in progress

Life isn't a race, We all have our own path in life, We're still learning more about ourselves. I need to my patient with myself, i need to be the best possible version of me because i am worth the fight. It's about the progress not the perfection. I am a work in progress and that's okay. I may not have everything figured out, and again that's okay. This storm isn't going to last forever. I am going to be okay, i know it.

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