TV Series I'd Love To See Return To Our Screens

Just earlier i was thinking about the shows i loved watching when they were on air and i thought what a great blog post this could be! P.S this has been in my drafts for a while. By being on our screens i don't mean the repeats but hey who doesn't love having a TV series rerun? I'm a sucker for a cute, well written romance or series, so pretty much anything from Sitcoms to Dramas i enjoy (nothing with blood & gore or horror - i can't stomach those kinds of things, like how can anyone watch those kinds of things without hiding behind a cushion!?) Now, here are the shows I'd love to see back on air and why.

This finished airing on our screens in 2015 and i want it back, it ended lovely with Miranda and Gary finally tying the knot. I'm not gonna lie i squealed with joy.
it may not be back on our screens for awhile but hey it doesn't stop us wanting to see our beloved chum, Miranda and her dishy chef husband Gary. Along with the other wonderful characters

The Paradise
This is one period drama i absolutely loved watching on the BBC, and i wasn't a happy bunny when they didn't renew this lovely period drama for a 3rd series. If we saw Moray and Denise's wedding, i think i would've been happy. BBC missed out on having a long running period drama on its channel/network like Call The Midwife (which also pretty good too) 

Brothers & Sisters
One thing that annoyed me was that the show didn't get a proper goodbye/wrap up. I would love to see my favourite couple- Kevin & Scotty with their children a bit more and see Nora Walker have the love she deserves with Beau Bridge's character Brody since they are each others soul mates etc and overall just see this lovely family.

One Tree Hill
In my eyes Lucas and Peyton (and the other main characters) made OTH, Lucas & Peyton are my favourite couple/characters as you can probably tell. I have watched the other OTH series and its good but didn't give me the same feelings as when i was watching the series with Lucas and Peyton present. I think if it were to come back i would like all the original main cast all together again. One Tree Hill was pretty fab with teaching us a few life lessons 

Do you have a series you'd like to see return? 

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  1. I loved One Tree Hill but since it's on Netflix, I can totally rewatch it! :) That, Charmed, Gossip Girl and Scandal I can watch endlessly! :)

    S .x