My Morning Routine

9 - 9:30 am: I'm not so good at getting up in the morning, I'd much rather stay in my nice warm, cosy bed. Whenever i have a few things to do for the day this would be the earliest I'd get up (actually my mum or sister wakes me up), anytime before that is considered the crack of dawn for me. I usually lay in bed for a bit and check my notifications or see what YouTube videos have gone up, just going over what I've missed while i was asleep. This always helps me wake up! After checking all my notifications, I'll go to the kitchen and make myself a coffee or whatever it is i fancy that day, if I'm feeling peckish in the morning I'll grab a cereal bar, I'm pretty bad at making sure i eat something in the morning. While I'm in the kitchen I'll take my medication with a glass of water. 

10:00 am: After that I'd head back upstairs with my coffee and cereal bar - I'd run myself a bath to help wake me up some more if I'm feeling groggy and have a little soak, wash my hair and body (for my hair i like using Herbal Essence Volume Shampoo & Bee Strong Conditioner and for my body I'd use whatever we have on the side which is usually Imperial Leather Body Wash) 

10:30 am: This is usually the time I'd get myself ready for the day, once I've put my phone down for the 5th time. I'll brush my teeth and wash my face and then once I've decided on my outfit for the day, I'll start prepping my face for make up i.e cleanse and moisturise my skin. Now time for doing my face for the day (this happens if i have meetings, classes or visiting family), while listening to music. I like to keep my makeup routine fairly simple: foundation, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lip balm and powder. I soon start packing my bag for the day which includes all my essentials for classes or meetings, whatever it is i have planned that day

11:00 am: Round about this time, if i don't have anywhere to be i start drafting blog posts, reading blog posts, browsing through twitter and tumblr with another cup of coffee or tea of course. Or I'll catch up on things I've recorded such as Catfish (which is my reality-based docu-series obsession) I don't really have a blog routine set to stone, i usually like to blog whenever i gain inspiration and so forth. 

11:30 am: If i have somewhere to be, such as classes or appointments to attend this is the time I'd be getting my things together. Checking i have everything for the 10th time before leaving the house to catch the bus or train (or car on some days if my mums taking me places)

So that's what my morning's tend to look like. This routine is easily the most predictable and similar day-to-day or in my case varies, what does your morning routine look like?

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