A-Z of Me

Ari by Ariana Grande one of my favourite fragrance's of all time, i can't stop wearing it. It smells so lovely and sweet.

Blogging i love my blog and i love blogging. I love discovering different blogs and just reading about everybody & getting to know them more. The blogging community is a lovely thing to part of.

Catfish: The TV Show i'm obsessed with this show, it's so good! And Nev & Max are the cutest co-hosts. They make Catfish and the bromance is adorable. 

Disney  i love Disney but mostly i love the movies because they are so beautifully animated and lets not forget these little gems: Caamp Rock, High School Musical & Lizzie McGuire Movie. What's not to love about Disney? When we think of Disney animation movies, we can easily remember its wonderful soundtracks. Disney is for all generations, by thr time i'm 80 i think i will be sitting in my comfy chair watching Disney movies from the good ol days. Going to Disneyland is definitely on bucket list.

Emoji's i love love love my emojis, like who doesn't?

Family i'm pretty family orientated, i love spending time with my nana and my youngest cousins who always tire me out which their hyper energy. Lets face it i'm probably a young OAP. Spending time with family is important and they keep me sane (and drive me insane)

Good Ol Soak i love my soaks in the bath, with loads of lusious bubbles and gorgeous scents

Hearing Impairment this is probably one that people maybe surprised about because of how well my speech is as i've only got 80-90 percent of hearing also this is something i can get quite self concious about because i can struggle with communicating with many different people, i usually communicate with others by lip reading and of course wearing my hearing aids

iPhone i have the iPhone 6 and it's something i can't leave the house without, it's my comfort blanket & my little baby - how else am i meant to check social media. My phone has everything i need to keep in contact with people.

Jonas Brothers they're are my favourite ever boyband, 13 year old me was in absolute heaven when she saw them in concert. I love my Jonas boys and of course i have to mention Joe Jonas' band DNCE who are just fab!

Kisses & Cuddles from Benson if anything apart from his little quirks, i miss having kisses and cuddles from my beautiful fur baby. He helped me alot with my depression and anxiety, it's not to say i'm fixed but he made everything easier. i miss him tons

London i love walking round london and exploring the city whenever i'm visiting. i definitly can't wait to go in the summer. London is definitely one place i'd like to visit more but as i live in Norfolk it's a bit of a struggle.

Music i like having music in my ears whether i'm traveling, blogging or whatever. Music is comforting, it helps me calm down and relax.

Nicole is my twin sister whom i was born 1 minute before, like many twins we argue like cat and dog but also we are each others best friends.. We are the polar opposites of each other

OTP's okay, i have so many OTP's and for those who don't know what it means, you should be ashamed of yourself. Just Kidding. OTP means One True Pairing. My OTP's are: Jude & Zero (Hit The Floor, Lucas & Peyton (One Tree Hill), Kurt & Blaine (Glee). I have many more but i figured i won't bore you with it. Favourite Fictional Relationships

Paris i think Paris is just beautiful, i've been wanting to go back and see the city since my nana treated us for a weekend in Paris for our 18th

Quotes i love quotes, they always have some sort of meaning or are very relatable

Romance i'm a sucker for romance, well romance in tv shows and movies. I love a beautiful love story. I love love.

Social Media i love twitter, tumblr, pinterest. Social media is where i can connect with people and stay updated.

The Little Mermaid is my favourite disney movie ever followed by Aladdin, Tangled, Beauty & The Beast and Mulan. The soundtrack is lovely and can we talk about how dreamy Prince Eric is!? Growing up Eric was my disney prince crush (and so was Aladdin when i come to think of it)

Unicorns who doesn't love unicorns!? i got pretty excited when the unicorn emoji emerged, it's the cutest emoji ever and my most used emoji

Violet wouldn't it be cool to have violet coloured hair? Purple is my favourite colour, Any shade of purple i like. i love anything with purple

Winter I don't like warm weather, i don't like sweating, I much prefer the colder weather and wearing sweaters, boots and leggings which are my favourite things to wear. Christmas is in Winter... what's not to like? (I love Autumn too)

XOX i like ending most of my messages with an XOX, plus i think its cute

YouTube who doesn't love youtube, its the perfect place to watch your favourite fan videos, youtubers and music videos. If i'm not blogging or scrolling through my social media platforms i'm most liking watching something on youtube

Zodiac I am a Cancer, I was born prematurely on July 11th 1995 named Simone Louise Margett (i'm not too keen on my last name, oh well)

I hope you liked this little A-Z of Me and enjoyed getting to know me a bit more.

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  1. I loved this post! I learned a lot about you (and that Joe Jonas is in DNCE ) and found we have a lot in common! Ari smells so good! I' m holding out till my birthday to get it! I also love emojis, but my favorites are the little monkeys covering their eyes and mouth - they're adorable.

    - Courtney