4 Things You Know If You're Obsessed With 'Catfish'

If you’re anything like me, then you love a good mystery (not the blood chilling kind), and in this modern age, it seems a good amount of our mystery stories have moved online. But that doesn’t mean we have to enjoy them any less, which is why I still find myself watching "Catfish" five seasons later.

The show, which follows Nev Schulman and Max Joseph trying to help people find out if the person they met online is actually who they say they are, is captivating. Even after all these years, I still love watching and waiting for the big reveal to see who the person behind the profile really is. "Catfish" is addictive to watch, and if you’ve seen it, you know why. I've not long ago done 'Why Catfish Is My Guilty Pleasure'

1. You probably know how the episode will end.
The episode endings are hardly a surprise anymore, but they're still fun to watch, even though we all know that the Facebook profiles are fake, and, in the end, the person who did the catfishing will end up telling their heartbreaking story. Nev is sympathetic. Max calls them out on their wrongdoings. Every episode is kind of the same, and yet, they are still so captivating to watch. Partially because we want to know why these people choose to catfish someone and partially because we want to hear the big, blowout confrontation.

2. You love and/or want to meet Nev and Max.
The show would be nothing without its hosts. Nev, who’s more sensitive and understanding, having been catfished himself. And Max, who films everything and isn’t afraid to tell the catfishes how it is. They’re the perfect duo, and we love watching their banter and partnership. They're everyone favourite thing about Catfish, who doesn't love Nev and Max!? Who act like an old married couple & have the cutest bromance going. There aren’t too many other hosts who could do as good of a job. Plus, we love to see Nev getting a little less nice, like the time he threw a catfish's phone into a river, or when he wasn’t afraid to yell. They truly make the show, and we’d love to meet them, but hopefully not through the show. 

3. You’ve become smarter about being online.
I think we all already knew that not to accept friend requests from strangers online, but now, we’re a little more conscious of it. Plus, we know the importance of protecting our pictures. Although it’d be fun to have a Skype call with Nev and Max, the thought of someone using our pictures is both somewhat flattering and frightening. Luckily, we’ve been taught some ways to keep ourselves safe.

4. You know all the tricks to catching a catfish.
It is a little unbelievable that people don’t do any kind of investigation if they think they are being catfished. The image searches and phone number lookups seem like an easy enough thing to do, and yet most of the people on this show never think to do it. Nothing Nev and Max do is ever too difficult and seems like common sense. Although I would also forego logic if it meant I got to hang out with Nev and Max.

Catfish wouldn't be Catfish without Nev and Max's detective skills and adorable bromance, it's definitely fun following the guys on their hunt of catching the Catfish.
Do you love Catfish: The TV Show like me - let me know why in the comments!

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