What Is My Blogging Niche?

I always thought when it comes to blogging, you should create the things you want to create and so forth. This has been playing on my mind a little because i look at other bloggers & their blogs which do tend to have a specific niche (like people would say mine is lifestyle)

This blog has always essentially been a diary, and because of that, it doesn’t have a particular niche. I write about whatever I want to, whenever I want to. Does a blog really need a niche? I totally understand if you want to talk about all things beauty, fashion or whatever it is your passionate about. We should always write about the things we are enthusiastic about because how can we enjoy our blog and the writing process? 

But really i'm not too sure whether my wonderful place on the internet needs a niche as such, yet that seems to be a rule in the blogger book: you need a blog niche! Why did we start blogging? Was it just for the idea of having a blogging niche or for ourselves. There are a lot of advantages to niche blogging, but there are some disadvantages too: the main one is for me being forced to stick to one specific subject is boring (and i bored easily.) Generally i think of a post idea no matter whether or not it fits my blog, if i like it - i do it. 
As i have one blog, one wonderful place on the internet to be creative, theres one me and everything that fits me, my personality, my quirks just fits my blog.

When you look at my blog, what are you expecting? Does a blog really need a niche or do you prefer a bit of everything. As long as a blog has passion then that's all i think a blog needs. You might be talking about one subject or another and you might feel cornered (or even stressed) to pick one blog topic only. What if you change your mind or no longer feel passionate about the subject? You then feel trapped to keep up a blog that no longer has meaning to you. 

No one starts out with followers, or page views. We are all learning as we go, and we all have to make our own path, however we choose. As bloggers we're in this together whether we're just starting out or we've been doing this for months or even years. We all start at "0" Blogging (everything) takes hard work, passion and dedication, as long as you are passionate a niche blog doesn't have to be the only path. Lets face it we all love a good ramble.

What are your thoughts on niche blogging?

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  1. Totally agree - blogging is more about passion than having a niche. I write about a few different things on my blog and I think it keeps me more interested. I would be bored if I just tried to have a college blog or just one topic. There's so many different parts of who I am, that I wouldn't want to limit it to just my "niche." And I prefer blogs that write about a variety of things. I always like coming here to your blog and reading your thoughts on different things.

    - Courtney