The Zude Love Story: Favourite Moments

I've been obsessing over this couple for a good few months so i thought I'd share why this beautiful couple is the new 'it' couple and share my favourite zude moments. I'm always watching these two and thinking "can you just get married, raise children and run the devils" or "aww could they be anymore adorable" Season 3 was filled with so many beautiful zude moments (every fangirls dream) and the undeniable chemistry, both emotionally and physically is amazing.

Lets face it, Jude and Zero are a forever couple. You want Zude to find passion, comfort, understanding, and most of all love. We have witnessed them go from two guys finding themselves at odds with their opposing relationship goals, to two men who have found their way to loving each other openly and as honestly as possible while I'm catching the feels. I have many favourite moments in the zude love story and here they are!


• Zero telling Jude his real name to stop him from leaving

•  Jude's smile when Zero scored at the game in the season finale 😍

• "i love you, stupid" - "i love you too"

• Zero telling Jude a little about his childhood & where the name Zero came from

• when Zero bought Jude the Porsche 🙈❤️

• Jude assuring him that he'll never leave him "I was team Zero before, and I'm team Zero now"

• Jude flirting with Zero "Venice grit looks good on you" 😍

• Zero teasing Jude & pulling his towel 😍

• The court kiss  😍 "Lucas isn't coming" "why not" "cause I told him not to"

• "you want me to be the little wifey?" - "more like the big bad baller"

• The morning after scene  "Everything I've done was planned out in advance, kissing you was not" 😭❤️

•  "I can't imagine you being an afterthought, I think about you first all the time" ❤️

• the closet scene "I missed you.. Jude"  & " I missed you too" 😍

• The beautiful hug in 3x07

• Zude looking at each other after the game

•  Zero kissing Jude to stop him from leaving aka their first time

• "I'll go to that house & tell my story but not to him. To you"

• Zero knowing there's something wrong with Jude without Jude saying a word "spill it"

•"I didn't make it for me, i made it for you" (Zero having Jude's back)

• The head kiss & those beautiful smiles

• "Wifey came through"

• The bathtub scene/the bathtub selfie 

• the morning after kiss "because I'm busy"

•  "EVP? that makes you my boss, that's hot" (look at the sexual tension)

• Zero loosening Jude's tie

• "Everything we’re going through is only going to make more of us, not less. We're still in this together, it's still just you & me"

• "if i have to go and you have to stay, why does that leave us?" (this is so sad but so beautiful)

• The kiss in the limo (aka the first kiss)

• "I realised, I already have a family. You." (ZERO BOUGHT THEM A HOUSE)

I want to finish this post with crediting Adam Senn & Brent Antonello for their wonderful portrayal of Zude, the story has captured many zude fans hearts and its all because of Adam and Brent beautiful story telling with the guidance of James LaRosa. I can't wait to see what the future for Jude and Zero in the next series (WE NEED MORE ZUDE) The shipper side of me wants Zude married, raising kids and taking over the devils! Their relationship is just filled with full on feels and swoon worthy moments, whats not to love?
And have that story being told in a sports enviorment, I honestly think if Brent & Adam weren't cast as Jude & Zero it wouldn't have that same affect, like all those emotional and physical scenes wouldn't glow with so much chemistry that Brent and Adam have brought to Zude and to be honest you can't create a beautiful relationship like that if you don't have to right set of actors willing to put 100% into telling the story of them as a couple or as individuals.

I will be spending the rest of my spare time scrolling through the zude tumblr tag till season 4 gets announced, reblogging gifsets, cooing over their beauty & reading the odd set of fanfics (and I'm aware of how weird i sound)

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