3 Life Mottos For My Teenage Self

It's been a long time since I was a teenager, okay maybe not that long but I've experienced a lot of crazy stuff, the good and the bad. Looking back at all those experiences now, there are things I wish I had known back then. Things I wish someone with a bit more life experience would have told me. I don't suppose that if I knew any of these things back then, my life path would have been a different one or i may have done things differently but I'm quite sure that it would have changed the way I felt along the way. I learned 3 of the things on this list the hard way but I still need to remind myself from time to time, so here it goes. If I had the chance to go back in time and talk to 15 or 7 year old me I wouldn't hesitate. I would go back and teach her/myself all of these things. Don't go being someone you aren't - you are uniquely beautiful just as you are.

I know this may seem like the most obvious one of them all because... who are you going to be other than yourself? But let's think about it for a second. Growing up is a journey. A journey of trial and error and figuring out who you really are. Some people might be born knowing exactly who they are and what they want to achieve in life but let's face it, most of us are not. So figuring out who you really are deep down and which values are important to you is the biggest (and hardest) part of growing up. In that process of "figuring it out" you're going to find roadblocks along the way: people who try to change you, people who don't agree with the person you are (or are becoming)... Don't let these people stop you from being exactly who you are. Don't be afraid to be unique, be you. Having said that, don't try to be someone you're not either, copying someone else is not worth it. Because in the end, only being your true self will bring you happiness. 

I suppose I've always felt that I wasn't good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough. I mirrored myself to other girls my age who I believed had it all. But you know what? I'm pretty sure that they felt the same way. I would tell my younger self to stop wasting precious time making all those plans for the perfect life and start working on accepting the life you have. Acceptance will make you so much happier because you will learn to see that you are good enough, pretty enough, talented enough and there's no need to change anything.
I always tried to write a diary but ended up failing after a few days then picked it up months later and then failed again after a few days. But there's one thing all my diary entries have in common: plans to change myself/my life. I used to think that when I had this or that, or if i looked or acted a certain way (what does that even mean!?), ... that everything would be perfect.

Being yourself and staying true to your values is one thing, and that, in itself, is hard enough. But real happiness also comes from doing something you love on a day to day basis. Having a job, a study or a hobby that is meaningful to you is what will make you intrinsically happy (which is a pretty fancy word to say: from the inside out). So just like you need to figure out which values are important to you, you need to really explore what you like to do, which activities makes you happy, which topics you are interested in and passionate about and which way you want to go for study and jobs. It's never easy to make such important life choices and if you try feeling what makes you happy (instead of knowing what you're supposed to do) you'll be a lot closer to figuring out which way is right for you.

My Happy Playlist

I love listening to music no matter what I'm doing, whether I'm on the bus or in the car, blogging or just want something to jam to. Music is my go to for relaxation, i like a mixture of songs so I've included the songs that make me happy and some of my favourites including the oldies but goodies, all songs that make me happy. 
Some are upbeat, but there are also some more calming sounds too. I listen to various range of songs whenever i need a little pick me up or something to just jam to, so I've put together this little playlist of the songs i enjoy.

What music do you like listening to?

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21 Things I Remind Myself When I'm Feeling Depressed

It seems like the world grows more overwhelming by the minute, especially through the lens of depression. There are some people with depression who are recovering fine or have recovered. There are others who are still suffering, especially behind closed doors.
No matter where you are with depression, there’s no doubt that the feeling of it hitting you like a giant wave freezes you in place.Whether we have a mental illness or not, everyone one has those days where they feel like crap, nothing's going right, there are days were you just want to crawl into a hole and stay there. So i thought i'd share the things i like to remind myself when i'm feeling low.

1. Feelings like this won’t last forever. It is not permanent and you will get through this.
2. You are not alone.
3. Stop comparing yourself to others around you and focus on yourself.
4. You are worth it, and you deserve all of the happiness in the world.
5. Depression doesn’t make you weak.
6. You are not a burden.
7. Bad days are normal.
8. You are strong. You’re overcoming one of the hardest battles ever.
9. Even though at the time you think it’s a good idea, staying in bed all day is not good for you.
10. Depression doesn’t make you any less of a person.
11. Make a nice cup of tea, take a bath, light a candle, stick on your favourite album/playlist and relax
12. Stop dwelling on the past. Focus on the present and look forward to what is to come in the future.
13. Smile more, you are beautiful when you are happy.
14. It doesn’t mean that you are rubbish at everything you do (but it does make it all a struggle)
15. Keep in mind that you’re not a failure, you’ve just fallen.
16. It’s comforting to know that there people out there like yourself who are struggling with this crazy roller coaster
17. Don't be embarrassed to open up about how you feel or asking for help
18. Be patient and compassionate with yourself, release perfectionist standards, remind yourself of all your wonderful qualities and talents, and give yourself praise and encouragement.
19. I am a work a progress, I'm still learning and I'm going to be better. Progress means more than perfection.
20. Depression does not define who you are.

Highlight Reel

I love this quote, we all constantly compare ourselves with others picking out their best features and comparing them to our own worst. We beat ourselves up about the silliest things and are 1000x harsher on ourselves than we would ever dream of being on someone else! Wouldn’t it be great if we could all see ourselves through someone else’s eyes, our very own highlight reel?

Imagine writing down the top 5 things you hate about yourself, writing them in the third person. Then stand in front of a mirror and read out what you’ve written, would you ever even dream of saying those things to someone else?! Treat yourself with the same respect you would others.We would never say such hurtful things to someone else so why do we constantly do it to ourselves?!

From now on I am going to only see my highlight reel and if I do criticize myself, I’ll balance it out with a compliment on something I love about myself! Or at least try.
Comparison kills all things beautiful & unique, the ultimate truth: Your behind-the-scenes are more honest and beautiful than anything on the highlight reel. 

I don’t think a day goes by where each of us doesn’t compare ourselves to someone else. Maybe it’s a celebrity, a friend, a sibling, a classmate, a colleague. Maybe you’re comparing your beauty, weight, grades, material possessions, strengths, or personality traits.

We all do it. It’s a human drive—comparison gives us context for who we are, why we’re here, and how we find meaning in our lives. The downside is that we tend to compare ourselves to people who have something we think we want or need. 
Comparing ourselves to people we perceive to be “superior” in one or many ways creates envy and jealousy, which clearly does more harm than good. 

We’re constantly comparing our behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel. And as a result, we’re losing sight of what we do have, who we are, all the things we can be grateful for, all the ways in which we are enough as is—even with our lazy days, messiness, and hardships. 

You are enough. More than enough. It’s OK not to be OK. So many times we’re told to toughen up, soldier on, smile and get over it.
We are all human, we only share certain parts of our life with the world and how we feel, who we are is valid. There's nothing more beautiful than being who you are.

What Is My Blogging Niche?

I always thought when it comes to blogging, you should create the things you want to create and so forth. This has been playing on my mind a little because i look at other bloggers & their blogs which do tend to have a specific niche (like people would say mine is lifestyle)

This blog has always essentially been a diary, and because of that, it doesn’t have a particular niche. I write about whatever I want to, whenever I want to. Does a blog really need a niche? I totally understand if you want to talk about all things beauty, fashion or whatever it is your passionate about. We should always write about the things we are enthusiastic about because how can we enjoy our blog and the writing process? 

But really i'm not too sure whether my wonderful place on the internet needs a niche as such, yet that seems to be a rule in the blogger book: you need a blog niche! Why did we start blogging? Was it just for the idea of having a blogging niche or for ourselves. There are a lot of advantages to niche blogging, but there are some disadvantages too: the main one is for me being forced to stick to one specific subject is boring (and i bored easily.) Generally i think of a post idea no matter whether or not it fits my blog, if i like it - i do it. 
As i have one blog, one wonderful place on the internet to be creative, theres one me and everything that fits me, my personality, my quirks just fits my blog.

When you look at my blog, what are you expecting? Does a blog really need a niche or do you prefer a bit of everything. As long as a blog has passion then that's all i think a blog needs. You might be talking about one subject or another and you might feel cornered (or even stressed) to pick one blog topic only. What if you change your mind or no longer feel passionate about the subject? You then feel trapped to keep up a blog that no longer has meaning to you. 

No one starts out with followers, or page views. We are all learning as we go, and we all have to make our own path, however we choose. As bloggers we're in this together whether we're just starting out or we've been doing this for months or even years. We all start at "0" Blogging (everything) takes hard work, passion and dedication, as long as you are passionate a niche blog doesn't have to be the only path. Lets face it we all love a good ramble.

What are your thoughts on niche blogging?

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Pins I'm Loving #4

Hey everyone! After a long blogging break - I'M BACK. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen my tweets about my work experience at a local television studio in Norfolk which was fun and getting up at 6am everyday was pretty tiring but other than that, it was fab! Finger's crossed my blogging mojo will be back in full force, so today's post is going to be a fun 'Pins I'm Loving' post. I figured i hadn't done one for awhile so here you go!

What pins have you been loving lately? Send me your links so i can follow you all, I'm addicted to pinterest right now.

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The Zude Love Story: Favourite Moments

I've been obsessing over this couple for a good few months so i thought I'd share why this beautiful couple is the new 'it' couple and share my favourite zude moments. I'm always watching these two and thinking "can you just get married, raise children and run the devils" or "aww could they be anymore adorable" Season 3 was filled with so many beautiful zude moments (every fangirls dream) and the undeniable chemistry, both emotionally and physically is amazing.

Lets face it, Jude and Zero are a forever couple. You want Zude to find passion, comfort, understanding, and most of all love. We have witnessed them go from two guys finding themselves at odds with their opposing relationship goals, to two men who have found their way to loving each other openly and as honestly as possible while I'm catching the feels. I have many favourite moments in the zude love story and here they are!


• Zero telling Jude his real name to stop him from leaving

•  Jude's smile when Zero scored at the game in the season finale 😍

• "i love you, stupid" - "i love you too"

• Zero telling Jude a little about his childhood & where the name Zero came from

• when Zero bought Jude the Porsche 🙈❤️

• Jude assuring him that he'll never leave him "I was team Zero before, and I'm team Zero now"

• Jude flirting with Zero "Venice grit looks good on you" 😍

• Zero teasing Jude & pulling his towel 😍

• The court kiss  😍 "Lucas isn't coming" "why not" "cause I told him not to"

• "you want me to be the little wifey?" - "more like the big bad baller"

• The morning after scene  "Everything I've done was planned out in advance, kissing you was not" 😭❤️

•  "I can't imagine you being an afterthought, I think about you first all the time" ❤️

• the closet scene "I missed you.. Jude"  & " I missed you too" 😍

• The beautiful hug in 3x07

• Zude looking at each other after the game

•  Zero kissing Jude to stop him from leaving aka their first time

• "I'll go to that house & tell my story but not to him. To you"

• Zero knowing there's something wrong with Jude without Jude saying a word "spill it"

•"I didn't make it for me, i made it for you" (Zero having Jude's back)

• The head kiss & those beautiful smiles

• "Wifey came through"

• The bathtub scene/the bathtub selfie 

• the morning after kiss "because I'm busy"

•  "EVP? that makes you my boss, that's hot" (look at the sexual tension)

• Zero loosening Jude's tie

• "Everything we’re going through is only going to make more of us, not less. We're still in this together, it's still just you & me"

• "if i have to go and you have to stay, why does that leave us?" (this is so sad but so beautiful)

• The kiss in the limo (aka the first kiss)

• "I realised, I already have a family. You." (ZERO BOUGHT THEM A HOUSE)

I want to finish this post with crediting Adam Senn & Brent Antonello for their wonderful portrayal of Zude, the story has captured many zude fans hearts and its all because of Adam and Brent beautiful story telling with the guidance of James LaRosa. I can't wait to see what the future for Jude and Zero in the next series (WE NEED MORE ZUDE) The shipper side of me wants Zude married, raising kids and taking over the devils! Their relationship is just filled with full on feels and swoon worthy moments, whats not to love?
And have that story being told in a sports enviorment, I honestly think if Brent & Adam weren't cast as Jude & Zero it wouldn't have that same affect, like all those emotional and physical scenes wouldn't glow with so much chemistry that Brent and Adam have brought to Zude and to be honest you can't create a beautiful relationship like that if you don't have to right set of actors willing to put 100% into telling the story of them as a couple or as individuals.

I will be spending the rest of my spare time scrolling through the zude tumblr tag till season 4 gets announced, reblogging gifsets, cooing over their beauty & reading the odd set of fanfics (and I'm aware of how weird i sound)