What I Do When I'm Having A Bad Day

These last few days haven't been the easiest, i'm still trying make sense of things and come to grips of losing my beloved pooch Benson. It's good to have a good ol cry here and there. You know what it's weird how you can go from feeling happy and then woosh all you emotions are all over the place.

Watch YouTube Videoswatching katy bellotte's videos always puts a smile on my face after a bad day and she's pretty fab too or i'll even watch cute videos of animals and fictional couples (well i'm always fangirling over something)

Browse Through Tumblrjust going through the tags of everything from quotes to my favourite fictional pairings tends to cheer me up

Cuddles With The Cat this is slowly happening, since it doesn't feel just the same like it did with having lovely cuddle with my fur baby but hey it comforts me just the same.

Have A Bathi love a good bath, it warms & comforts me

Watch A Disney Movie or A Chick Flickanything with a good sountrack or a cute love story is a win for me

Pin A Bunch On Motivational Quotesi swear most of my pins are quotes, what can i say i love quotes

Listen To An Upbeat Playlisti have a playlist filled with the songs i quite like listening to so this helps with cheering me up The BeautifulxImperfections Playlist

Have A Good Ol Cup Of Teasomething to cuddle my soul with it's warmth 

Colour In My Colouring Destress Bookcolouring is therapeutic for me as i'm it is for others too.

What do you guys do to pick yourself up?

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  1. A cup of tea literally solves any problem in life! I often end up on Youtube if I'm having a bad day, which is pretty unproductive as I then sit and waste 2-3 hours just scrolling through videos!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x