Things I've Learnt So Far In My Adult Life

I've always thought by the time you get to your twenties, you'd have it all figured out. Being an adult isn't all sunshine and rainbows, when i was younger i use to think that being an adult was the greatest thing ever (maybe not as much as having a pet unicorn or being a princess) you could do whatever you wanted, like nothing could stop you. Like i come across a tweet and think 'thats exactly how i feel!' Maybe this post could be something you should remember when your in your twenties - i've only been on this planet for 20 years and i still don't know what i'm doing or what i want but i know one thing: i want to be happy and content with myself.

Nothing Is Easy:
It's hard when you feel like you're not getting anywhere in life, but always remember that nothing is easy. Those who are successful have had to work really hard to get where they are, and you didn't see the backstage struggle of sweat and tears to get them to where they are now. Always remember to work hard and anything is possible. Don't just give up because something isn't happening right now, that doesn't mean that it won't ever happen. Give it time.

To Stop Comparing Yourself:
 I compare myself a lot with other bloggers and people in general. I'll be like 'why isn't my blog doing as well' 'why haven't I got as many followers?' 'why aren't i doing as well as them' etc... and it's such a horrible thing to do. Comparing yourself definitely kills your joy, and you'll always see someone else who seems to be doing better. I try to not worry too much anymore on anyone else and try to just focus on myself and my stuff. I want to be happy so I'm deciding to stop worrying so much about my blog or anything i can't change. To stop worrying about how many followers I've got, I'm fed up of belittling myself, so it's time to stop comparing for once because it's doing more harm than good. It's not easy, but the sooner you stop, the happier you'll be. It's human nature to sometimes compare yourself (everyone does it), but remember you are you, and you don't need to be someone else. You are good enough and worth every happiness,  the perfect person who you probably comparing yourself to, is probably comparing themselves to someone else too. Lets face it, everyone is facing a battle of their own, everyone is at different stages 

 Start Being Kinder To Yourself:
Growing up, I was pretty horrible to myself. I'd look in the mirror with disgust, and if I did something wrong, I'd be like 'why am I so stupid ?' 'why can't i do anything right?' After years, of being my own worst enemy and belittling myself, I've decided to actually start being nice to myself, to value myself . To stop beating myself up when I do something wrong. To stop worrying that my thighs touch (I'm one step closer to being a mermaid ) and to just enjoy life. I am me, I am my own beautiful self.  I'm not a model, but that's okay. I'm happy and healthy and that's all that matters. I want my twenties to be spent being happy and confident. At the end of the day i'm human, i'm not perfect but i can be the best version of myself, someone who loves herself for who she is and be happy no matter where life takes me, i'm worth every happiness and love.

 No One Has Their Life Together:
Social media makes it seem like everyone has their life together. You see Facebook posts, Instagram photos and tweets that either make roll your eyes or feel envious (or at least thats what i'm like). I don't know about you, but I don't think I've spoken to a twenty something who has everything sorted out. We're all still figuring out all kinds of things Even people who look from the likes of Instagram that everything is all hunky dory but its in fact not. So next time when you see someone getting a new job/buying a house/getting engaged or whatever.... remember that not all is what it usually seems. We all have bad days, we all have days where we just want to eat junk food all day in our pj's and not communicate with the outside world. Don't sweat it. And remember my one of favourite quotes 'don't compare your behind the scenes with someone else's highlight reel.'

The Little Things Are Just As Important As The Big Things:
Life unfortunately is not like a rom com with the big life events and romantic gestures. It's always a crap version of it. So sometimes you have to appreciate the little things in life, and realise that they are the things that are most important. When someone compliments you, when you watch a cute rom com, the smell of your favourite perfume, fresh flowers etc ... you soon realise that the little things are what make life great, they make it more bareable. Sometimes you have to stop thinking that only the big things matter, and when you add up all the little things that make you happy in your life, you'll feel a lot more fulfilled. Be happy with the little things in your life because to be honest, they are best things

You Can Be Selfish:
Your twenties are the years when you can be a little selfish and do stuff for you. Before you have kids, responsibilities, etc... it's a great time to just make time for you. Take one day or two and then to just have some me time. Take care of  yourself, physically and mentally. Don't feel guilt for eating badly, or watching Netflix all day. Treat yourself to a massage or a shopping spree. Being in your twenties is weird. You're confused, you're not sure what to do with life. You still feel like a teenager but you know you're not. Some people may have never felt like this before, but I bet a majority of you have. Don't stress, or freak out. Remember that growing older is a privilege that not everyone gets. The older you get, the wiser you become.

No One's Life Plan Is Going As Planned:
Does anyone really have a life plan? Life has a funny way of working out, and no seems to be on the track they thought they would be in their head. I'm not gonna lie and say i didn't have a 'life plan' at 16 - I try to now just always think that 'things will happen when they happen.' Everything happens for a reason, and no one is ticking off their list. Let things be, and don't worry too much about the goal or whatever.

What have you learnt so far in your adult life?

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