Current Faves #2

I kinda abandoned my little current faves segment for awhile, so i think it's time i picked it back up. I've been loving quite a few things some old & new, I wanted to talk about some random favourites of mine at the moment and why I've been loving them.

The Jude and Zero Story -  I've been obsessed with this 'Hit The Floor' couple so much lately, so much so I've spent hours scrolling through the 'zude' tag on tumblr or just watching their story religiously. The story is beautifully written and acted by the always handsome Brent Antonello & Adam Senn. Jude & Zero are just honestly so adorable and the chemistry is wow.

My Unicorn Huggle Buddie - obviously I'm a unicorn enthusiast as said in my little blog bio, and lately I've been loving my little unicorn cuddle buddy whom I've christened Betsy. The perfect comfort blanket

ARI by Ariana Grande - This one has definitely made it's way into my favourite once again, i can't enough. This perfume is honestly my favourite things to wear because this smells like heaven in a bottle and the bottle is the cutest thing ever! You can purchase this gorgeous fragrance at your nearby fragrance shop: Boots or Superdrug

DNCE - for those who haven't heard of DNCE, it's a band fronted by the always handsome Joe Jonas. What's not to love about this band, Joe sings like an angel and the songs are super catchy (I'm always singing Cake By The Ocean)

A Place To Call Home - This is one period drama I've gotten hooked on, its slightly modernised but with the time period. And includes loads of handsome men and beautiful women. It's set in 1950's Australia in a fictional town, Inverness.

Spotify - I'm always listening to music whilst doing something whether its my blog or relaxing. Spotify is everyone's favourite right? You can check out what I've been listening to here

So thats what i've been loving lately, what are your current favourites. Also i'd like offer you guys a chance to guest post on 'The BeautifulxImperfections Journal' so feel free to shoot me a message either on twitter or email.

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  1. I want to see your unicorn! And spotify is such an amazing creation <3

    Be | lovefrombe