Catfish: The TV Show - My Ultimate Not So Guilty Pleasure

I watch a quite abit of television if i'm not blogging or scrolling through tumblr and it's either a comedy, drama or a reality tv series. But lets cut to the chase where i talk about the MTV show, Catfish because this show is just awesome and Nev (pronouced as NEEV) & Max are the cutest co hosts. After watching one episode, you are hooked (well at least thats how it happened for me) It's the perfect guilty pleasure show which i'd gladly talk about, so i guess it's not a guilty pleasure on my part.

Cat·fish [kat-fish] noun — a person who pretends to be someone they’re not,
using social media to create a false identity (using false information & pictures), particularly to pursue deceitful online romances

When i first saw Catfish: The TV Show sometime in 2013, i remember thinking 'are people that stupid to fall for something like that' and i'm the most gullible person ever and i freaked out how good the show is (the movie is pretty fab too) because giving it away would ruin the entire point of the movie. HOWEVER, it’s nearly impossible to not ruin it without telling you about the consequent TV show that came out of the movie.

Based on the documentary film of the same name, the show, hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, look to expose “catfishes,” or people who make fake online dating/social media profiles and lure someone into a virtual relationship based on lies. Nev Schulman, who was the creator and subject of the movie. He basically helps people who have been in an online relationship with someone, but the trick is that they’ve never met in real life. And as things get serious between the internet daters, questions may start to arise like – why the hell haven’t we seen each other IRL yet what are you hiding from me etc. 

Basically Nev and Max go and investigate the online beau to see whether they're real or not & 99% of the time, they’re not who they say they are. The show has covered many interesting relationships (LGBTQ, parents, young veterans, etc) and i'm not gonna lie and say most of the time you don't feel sorry for the catfish or the person getting catfished because you honestly do. 

Catfish are currently on their 5th season & it's still the most awesome show on TV but also how are people still being catfished because A) Google and B) We are the generation that stalks literally everyone on social media… ESPECIALLY people we’re romantically interested in. As much as you love watching it all unfold on tv, you also want them to be happy & content with themselves.

Many still want to scoff at the idea of online friendships/relationships, but as Catfish goes to show, they can have very real impact on people and are just as valid as friendships and relationships that form “irl.” Catfish is show you should be watching if you aren't already, above all, Catfish is about love. About finding that one person that makes sense of everything or just helps your world seem a smidge less rubbish. because Catfish ain’t nothing without Max & Nev. Big love to these dorks. And whats not to love about Nev and Max in investigation mode (while being all-round adorable)


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  1. I absolutely LOVE catfish! It is so brilliant!! I can totally binge watch it, I'm so glad I'm not the only person haha!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x