10 Important Things Depression & Anxiety Has Taught Me

Having depression and anxiety is emotionally draining, everyday is a battle no matter how big or small. Like many anxiety/depression sufferers I have good mental health days and bad mental health days. Living with both depression & anxiety is a struggle even if you have one or the other, it's difficult and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it and says it's not. 

Mental Health is an ongoing battle and we can beat this stigma. It doesn't define us, It SHOULDN'T define us. It can be extremely difficult to even accept that you're dealing with a mental illness, let alone try to conquer it. Each day is a new day and you're getting stronger. The journey will be a long one but it's worth all those trials and tribulations, i know it.

1) Putting yourself first is OKAY, your mental health is your first priority. Everything comes second.
2) You Are Not Alone
3) YOU are in control, no matter how hard it gets, or how hopeless it may seem, no one, not even this illness, can take that away from you.
4) Don't give up on yourself, It’s a hard lesson, but it’s worth it. Depression can make self-love extremely difficult. You become hard on yourself for not being able to improve and eventually give up on yourself. Remember you are strong, beautiful, important, worthy, and most importantly you are enough
5) It’s okay to fall out of love with yourself. There will be times where you hate yourself and that’s okay because the process of loving yourself again is a tough but a beautiful one.
6) You are not defined by your mental health, only YOU define you!
7) it's okay to cry, cry and cry until you can't cry anymore, then go & hug a pet
8) You are stronger than you think. You are a warrior
9) Every person is fighting their own battle. Each and every one of us is struggling with something. We are all striving to overcome our struggles and not let them control our lives.
10) you are worth recovery and you are worthy of self love & acceptance

Please remember you are not alone and if you need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

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