Why Zude Are My New Favourite Couple (featuring swoon worthy gifs)

As you guys can tell from the title this post is gonna be about the 'Hit The Floor' couple Jude & Zero aka Gideon because these two deserve a wonderful introduction as to why they are pretty perfect so lets get into the little introduction of my new OTP  - If you have been following me on tumblr & twitter, you can see how much i've been fangirling over this lovely couple... The creator James LaRosa said when he created this story, it was something he wanted to see growing up. Jude Kinkade and Zero where a new set of characters that were brought in the shake it up i guess. 

Jude Kinkade is a junior agent and Zero aka Gideon is a pro basketball player - they are different in personalities but have a similar story... Jude and Zero are two tortured souls who during their journey have fallen for each other and piece by piece they have broken down each others walls, James LaRosa has created a non stereotypical couple who just happen to have fallen in love and treating them with such care & for me that makes the story even more valuable. 
Zero's relationship with Jude was developed amazingly which the fans (including me) of this relationship dubbed as ZUDE - Jude (Brent Antonello) and Zero (Adam Senn) are well developed characters, and their sexuality isn’t their only defining characteristic. The show didn’t declare them gay the moment they stepped on screen. Instead the show decided to surprise the audience with a kiss shared between the two male characters. 

 Jude and Zero are two sides of the same coin, and that’s why they are perfect together. I love them as individuals but love them even more as a couple who are manipulative (they use things to their advantage) together as well as apart. I like how tortured they both are and how they just found each other at a time they didn't expect it... i mean have you seen how compatible and perfect they are together, i'm constantly watching clips or scrolling through the 'zude' tumblr tag aww'ing at these two. Who doesn't want these two to get married & raise kids together (and be in charge of the Devils) Let's face it these two are soulmates.

They're both incredibly handsome (which is an added bonus)

They're two imperfect people who bring out the best in each other

They're have good chemistry (we can thank Brent & Adam for that)

Honestly, their chemistry is just 

They are actually happy when they're together (i mean look at those smiles)

There is literally sparks between them

They love each other at their best & worst

And the way they look at each other is enough to make even the coldest heart melt.

They make a great team. Both are so protective over each other, Zero would do anything for Jude & Jude is always #TeamZero 

They understand each other very well, Zero always knows when something is up with Jude & Jude knows how to calm Zero down when he's nervous etc

They're madly in love with each other, obviously. i mean just look at them what's not to love

Did i mention how gorgeous they are together? 

 At the end of the day, I wouldn't be writing this post & be this passionate about this couple if it wasn't for the amazing writing by James LaRosa who wrote this story beautifully & for Brent & Adam who portrayed these two perfectly & made us fall in love with them ...
So big kudos to James for creating this relationship that deserves to be told & Adam and Brent for doing a fab job with the characters & their wonderful relationship. I most definitely can't wait to see this relationship develop even more and see these two have a future together. Watching their relationship is full on feels and majorly swoon worthy

“We’re still in this together. It’s still just you and me.”

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  1. I only recently discovered this pairing, and I was immediately obsessed with them! I found this post while googling GIFs. Your comments are spot on, and much of the reason I was immediately ensnared by Jude/Zero. I really enjoyed reading this, and not just because I found myself nodding in agreement all the way through. *g*