Things I've Learnt From Blogging

Every blogger is different and thats what makes blogging interesting in my opinion - we all have our blogging strengths and weaknesses. The BeautifulxImperfections Journal will be hitting its 1st birthday soon and it's journey has been incredible, i have learnt a bunch of things that allows me to improve my capabilites and my lovely little blog. I've become more confident and happy with what i put on this blog and thats what makes blogging so worthwhile

Its okay to be your quirky self. you don't need to have you life all figured out or pretend to be someone your not. There's a bunch of people in the bloggersphere on the same boat as you ready to embrace and support your personality (and your blog)

Blogging gives you a voice. It's great to have a little space on the internet to rant about whatever it is you enjoy and after awhile, people actually listen to you, it's pretty amazing. It feels good when some takes time out of their day to read some of your blog posts and actually wants to listen to want you have to say

It's inevitable to not compare your blog to others. It will only put a damper on your confidence, focus on whats important. It takes time to build a blog - it doesn't happen overnight. Consume less and create more. Your blog is awesome, remember that

It's not that scary to talk to people online. the majority are great to talk too and you form some lovely relationships with those you have things in common with.

Blogging can teach you many wonderful skills. web design. content creation, writing, you name it. Having a blog can also help with confidence when interacting with others & yourself

It's also inevitable to get stuck in a rut once in a while. It sucks when you lack inspiration, not just from blogging but life also. Don't push it - take a break and do something else (inspiration can hit us whenever) and it will come and you will find your way

Do you have a blog? What have you learnt from blogging?


  1. The comparison issue is definitely one that I've come to learn is enevitable. Using our blogs as a voice platform is super important too I think! X

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