My Actual Day to Day Essentials

These essentials vary on whatever i'm doing that day, they are pretty much things i can't do without or even things i have to carry in my bag as a just in case. So here are my day to day essentials

Headphones - I don't like going anywhere without my headphones/earphones especially if i'm travelling to college or just off on a car journey (and weirdly enough i don't like the sound of a car engine - so my trusty headphones/earphones have to be nearby)

iPhone 6 - i would love to not to rely on phone so much and leave it at home, just to see what happens without it that being said I like to have my phone nearby just for calming reasons. And how else I'm i going to check my twitter, tumblr & pinterest feed. I can't go anywhere without it, just like i can't leave my cute little fur baby Benson (he comes everywhere with me)

Notebook - i like to have a notebook or a piece of paper just in case i have blog ideas or just something to journal down my thoughts

Cosy Socks - cosy socks keep my feet toasty warm as they start catching the cold first even in the warmer months. Who doesn't love a good pair of cosy socks

Laptop - of course i need a laptop to actually type up my posts. even if i'm not do anything blog wise, i like to have nearby because who i might need it to watch cute youtube videos or browse through my tumblr dash.


Cleanser - Even though I don't wear makeup on a daily basis I still like to make sure that I give my skin a proper cleanse in the morning. It not only does my complexion the world of good but it makes me feel fresh and awake, ready for the day. I would use my Garnier Micellar water to get rid of the grime from during the night and finish it off with a splash of water & maybe a mini face wash.

Tinted Lip Balm - tinted lip balm is one of my favourite lip products, Wherever I go I've always got a lip balm on hand. I feel like this item is pretty self-explanatory why it's a day to day essential, no one strives for dry lips. I've always preferred a balm over a lipstick as well because I'm sort of lazy and cannot be bothered to upkeep a colour all day.  

Moisturiser - this always makes my skin feel better although I'm bad at keeping my body moisturised, i like to make sure my face is moisturised before and after makeup.

Foundation - i would probably say foundation is my beauty comfort blanket, although i don't like to wear makeup everyday i go for a medium coverage and then add concealer to the places i feel need it. 

Mascara - A makeup routine is never complete without eyeliner and mascara, both of these make my eyes look more awake and decent looking. Although i have dark hair, my lashes are lighter which annoys me so mascara makes everything better.

Powder - my makeup routine isn't complete without adding my powder to set everything, i would always skip this step when i first started with makeup and thank god i came to my senses - it honestly makes it look less cakey and more flawless.

Perfume - I love the feeling after adding perfume/body spray to my outfit. My favourite perfume at the moment is ARI by Ariana Grande, it smells gorgeous and stays on for long periods of time (this is definitely something i like to put in my bag)

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  1. Awwww girly this post is amazing !! All these are probably essentials in my day to day like too .. except headphones !! I always just constantly have my ipod on in my car!! Definitely agree with perfume.. I cannot go a day without it.. even when I am just at home!!



  2. I agree with so many of these things, especially wanting to leave my phone at home too. I just know if I do it'll be the day I need directions or need my phone for something haha

    Angie xx
    Silk and Sapphire