How I Like To De-Stess

As much as we'd like to go on a spontaneous spa trip everytime the stress of life becomes too much, stress is part of life and we have to power through (unless you're a billionaire/ a Kardashian) and to be honest no one really has the time to focus on staying stress free. So here are what i like to do to help myself de-stress. 

watch a cute chick flick/Disney film or listen to a favourite album/playlist
slowly repeat a positive mantra
browse through my favourite blogs
enjoy a cup of tea or coffee
have a nice warm bubble bath
cuddle up with the dog
colour in my anti stress colouring book
enjoy a favourite comfort food of mine
binge watch a favourite tv series/ watching YouTube videos

Life is stressful but we have to look after ourselves - put yourself first, your feelings matter and you deserve some time out. Take time looking after yourself, look after your mind and body. Everything will fall into place.

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