Fruity Fragrances I Love

I'm quite picky with choosing a sweet/not too over-powering scent. I like sweet, fruity scents mainly becuause i think they show my sweet side (okay that's a weird way to explain it) - they're beautiful, girly scents. I can never have enough perfume, i like having a a choice of various scents which are still sweet and floral. I like smelling nice, a woman is never really dressed until she puts on perfume. It’s the icing on the cake, that extra “oomph” to take you from walking through the door to making an entrance.

Jennifer Lopez Live - is a fruity, floral fragrance with addictive appeal. it's a beautiful & alluring scent with Sicilian lemon and vivacious Italian orange, plus a note of juicy pineapple, fruity redcurrant, peony and piquant violet. Sensual wafts of Caramel interweave with warm, golden Tonka Beans and earthy Sandalwood for a delicious finale. Which tops it off nicely.

ARI by Ariana Grande - this is one perfumes i can't stop using whenever i'm heading out for the day.  the bottle design of Ari is one of my favourites, it's so cute. Ari's scent is very sweet and unique, with notes of sparkling fruits, floral scents, musk and even a hint marshmallow. A beautiful girly scent that matches Ariana's adorable personality. 

Peter Andre Forever - is a feminie, floral scent with hints of orange blossom, rose and honey. which lasts for long periods of time. Wrapped in a pink heart shaped bottle, Forever is classy, romantic and undeniably feminine, the perfect fragrance for your mum, sister or yourself.

I think all these fragrances are perfect for everday or a night out if you want to keep it subtle. What are your favourite perfumes right now? If you’re still looking for a solid everyday fragrance, I’d definitely suggest any of the ones listed above.. Any fragrance's i should try, list them below!

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