15 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than People

Source: bahhumpug.com

Not every person knows how to love a dog but every dog knows how to love a person. Dog's always have a way to make you feel better and pick you up from that dark place. They know how to make you smile, laugh and they teach us a thing or two. There's a reason why dogs are a girls best friend. Sometimes it takes a canine to remind us how to be good people.

As you guys know, i have a very special pug named Benson who i adopted just this month on the 28th 2 years ago and he's my little fur baby (a cheeky monkey around other people) It's known that pugs enjoy their owners company - Benson doesn't like it when I'm not in the house and if I'm being honest i like to take him everywhere with me mainly because he keeps me calm and safe.

#1 they're always loyal
#2 a dog would never judge or criticise you
#3 dogs are always happy to see you
#4 they keep you and your heart warm
#5 they are always up for a lazy day and just doing whatever
#6 dogs give the most unconditional kind of love.
#7 they're the best snugglers and napping partners
#8 when we're sad they just know how to comfort us
#9 they instantly make you smile with those puppy dog eyes, when you're feeling down
#10 they are the bestest friend anyone could ask for.
#11 There will never come a time when your dog wouldn’t want to see you. They always make you feel wanted & loved
#12 they do the cutest things like: jumping up and down with joy etc
#13 they get excited over the slightest thing.
#14 they are the greatest support system you'll ever know.
#15 most importantly, they bring out the best in us

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  1. I completely agree with everything you've said! I'm always thinking to myself that if people were more like dogs then the world would be a better place!