10 Favourite Fictional Relationships

All these couple's i love for different reasons and the main one is their love story and their individual characteristics. i did something similar when i first started this blog Favourite Fictional Couples From TV & Film, so this time I've shortened it to 10 and explained why i like that relationship and so on. In no particular order...

JUDE & ZERO (Hit the Floor)

i can't deny how good they look together, good chemistry and good looking guys. Two guys that are pretty different and understand one another completely - two beautiful souls that fit perfectly together. Both Jude & Zero have had their fair share of heartache and the only ones who seem to understand is the other half. A forever couple in my opinion

LUCAS & PEYTON (One Tree Hill

fell in love with these two within that first moment they locked eyes, it wasn't always a happy road for them since they had loads of bumps to come over - but i was so happy thee star crossed lovers got their happy ending which they deserved with their daughter Sawyer Brooke Scott.


Blaine is honestly one of my favourite characters, he's a sweetheart and the relationship of kurt & blaine is so lovely. i love their journey as a couple filled with love and lyrics. Lets face it, these two are perfect together

NATHAN & HALEY (One Tree Hill)

this couple was everyones favourite i think and whats not to love about them? They have been through quite alot and come out 10x stronger from a crazy nanny and nathan's kidnapping. And their son Jamie is adorable. These two were definitely soulmates

JUDE & CONNOR (The Fosters)

i like the innocence of this relationship, its sweet and lovely to watch. who would want a beautiful relationship like these two. From a beautiful friendship to discovering their hidden feelings for one another. I would love to see these two together forever.

MIRANDA & GARY (Miranda)

these two will always be my favourite sitcom pairing, both awkward and adorable - the perfect two. Two friends who met in uni have seemed to have feelings for one another from the get go but having trouble admitting it (mostly on Gary's part) these two finally sealed the deal after finally getting married in the finale

KEVIN & SCOTTY (Brothers & Sisters)

Their journey to how they ended up together was quite intreresting, considering when they first met they didn't like each other but obviously there was most definitely a spark, their love for each other was beautiful to watch. From their beautiful wedding ceromony to their journey of parenthood (which i wish we saw more of)

AUSTIN & ALLY (Austin & Ally)

the story of Austin & Ally is the cutest thing ever & the other bonus is they make beautiful music together. It's not difficult to see the chemistry these characters have which soon blossomed into a beautiful love story - Austin & Ally are most definitely my disney otp


i can't go through my tumblr dash without aww'ing over these two, their story is definitely a lovely one to watch. Lito is a well known actor and Hernando is his adorkable boyfriend (Lito is a closeted gay actor living with his boyfriend in Mexico City. His career is often put at odds with their secret relationship, and is a driving force behind his character) But it doesn't stop them have some adorable moments.

MATTHEW & MARY (Downton Abbey)
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These two were my favourite's from the beginning of Downton Abbey, i liked watching their story develop together and individually. I was heartbroken when they killed beloved Matthew (i'm still not over that) They didn't quite get along to begin with but soon develop an attraction to one another which lead to them sharing their first kiss in S1 Ep6 The will-they-won't-they, the opposites-attract, and the fact that in spite of it all, they were meant for each other.

So those are my 10 favourite relationships to see developing into a beautiful love story. Who are your 10 favourite fictional relationships?

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