No Matter What. Be Yourself.

It's easy to say to someone to just be themselves but it's not that simple, is it? There are so many pressures that we have to face in the world today - and it can be a really scary and daunting place to be! Whether it be someones physical appearance or their personality, the media paints an unrealistic picture of what it takes to be popular or good looking or desirable. Personally, growing up i felt like i didn't fitted in anywhere - just sitting on the sidelines (having anxiety doesn't exactly help either)  Despite these pressures its always important to remember to be who you are because this can and will help you to be happier and just be generally a more accepting open-minded person. So i wanted to do a motivational post with a few tips how to be yourself, no matter what! These tips have helped me on a journey of self acceptance,I'm still learning to self accept myself and some days are harder than others and i hope these help you too.

 Understand 'who am I?!' : 
Take time to contemplate who you actually are and what sort of person you come across as. Think about your likes and dislikes and all of your little quirks and celebrate EVERYTHING - this is you! If you have a bubbly and outgoing personality or if you're a shy and reserved person - enjoy and accept it! This is what makes you who you are and although it can be difficult, learning to accept this can actually be quite refreshing! 

Turn your 'flaws' into quirks: 
I know, flaws aren't fun and at times they can be soul destroying! But in order to learn to self accept you need to understand how to turn these flaws into quirks. Quirks can be both physical and emotional, they are the unique parts of your personality and they make up the foundations of who you are. Be honest with yourself and others and learn to let these quirks shine through in your personality, because ultimately, if you learn to love these 'flaws' others will too

Forget about the rest:
This was (and still is) the tricky part for me. But this is an important step when it comes to self acceptance. You need to stop getting caught up in other people's perceptions and stop worrying about what others think of you. The best piece of advice I've ever been given is that yes, there will always be people who judge others (its unavoidable) but if they have a problem with the way you act or look that's their own problem - if they're going to live their lives judging others they will be miserable and to be honest their own personality will end up being quite negative. Don't live your life wearing a mask because you're scared of others thoughts - celebrate yourself and prove to them that everything that makes you you is worth loving. 

Forgive and forget the past: 
It's sometimes difficult to remember that your personality and who you are is not defined by a specific period of your life (i still struggle with this) - you are growing and your personality and wisdom grows with every year and every situation you encounter. Allow yourself to forgive and forget moments of your life you aren't so proud of, mistakes are important and we learn to grow from them - we learn what we can and can't do and what we are capable of. Remembering that you are improving daily will help you to be a happier and more easygoing person and will honestly help you to be a emotionally healthier over all! 

 And... relax:
Relaxing and learning to laugh is important if you want to learn to self accept. Relaxing means not worrying about all the bad things that can happen in a social situation because to be honest 99% of the things we worry about don't actually happen - it's important to not focus on the negative as this won't allow you to show your true personality in these social situations. And yes, okay sometimes we do something silly like trip over or get food stuck in our teeth (we are all human after all!) and when this happens it's important to learn to laugh! We all makes these mistakes and no one is perfect after all! 

Stop comparing yourself to others: 
If you live your life wanting to be someone else, you're not living a healthy & happy life and truth is, you'll never truly be happy! Shh.. its a secret but people only show you want they want you to see - the truth is, behind what they are presenting to you there is not a perfect world. Everyone has their own problems and NO ONE is always perfect! Don't strive to be someone else - instead value and embrace your uniqueness. Be You

I hope you enjoyed this post & helped you to be more accepting of yourself! Please share your own tips in the comments I would love to know your tips - I'm still learning to self accept and I would love to hear a few extra tips that you have used in the past or the ones you've been living by! I hope this post has inspired some of you to go out and celebrate those little things that make you you! 

Why Zude Are My New Favourite Couple (featuring swoon worthy gifs)

As you guys can tell from the title this post is gonna be about the 'Hit The Floor' couple Jude & Zero aka Gideon because these two deserve a wonderful introduction as to why they are pretty perfect so lets get into the little introduction of my new OTP  - If you have been following me on tumblr & twitter, you can see how much i've been fangirling over this lovely couple... The creator James LaRosa said when he created this story, it was something he wanted to see growing up. Jude Kinkade and Zero where a new set of characters that were brought in the shake it up i guess. 

Jude Kinkade is a junior agent and Zero aka Gideon is a pro basketball player - they are different in personalities but have a similar story... Jude and Zero are two tortured souls who during their journey have fallen for each other and piece by piece they have broken down each others walls, James LaRosa has created a non stereotypical couple who just happen to have fallen in love and treating them with such care & for me that makes the story even more valuable. 
Zero's relationship with Jude was developed amazingly which the fans (including me) of this relationship dubbed as ZUDE - Jude (Brent Antonello) and Zero (Adam Senn) are well developed characters, and their sexuality isn’t their only defining characteristic. The show didn’t declare them gay the moment they stepped on screen. Instead the show decided to surprise the audience with a kiss shared between the two male characters. 

 Jude and Zero are two sides of the same coin, and that’s why they are perfect together. I love them as individuals but love them even more as a couple who are manipulative (they use things to their advantage) together as well as apart. I like how tortured they both are and how they just found each other at a time they didn't expect it... i mean have you seen how compatible and perfect they are together, i'm constantly watching clips or scrolling through the 'zude' tumblr tag aww'ing at these two. Who doesn't want these two to get married & raise kids together (and be in charge of the Devils) Let's face it these two are soulmates.

They're both incredibly handsome (which is an added bonus)

They're two imperfect people who bring out the best in each other

They're have good chemistry (we can thank Brent & Adam for that)

Honestly, their chemistry is just 

They are actually happy when they're together (i mean look at those smiles)

There is literally sparks between them

They love each other at their best & worst

And the way they look at each other is enough to make even the coldest heart melt.

They make a great team. Both are so protective over each other, Zero would do anything for Jude & Jude is always #TeamZero 

They understand each other very well, Zero always knows when something is up with Jude & Jude knows how to calm Zero down when he's nervous etc

They're madly in love with each other, obviously. i mean just look at them what's not to love

Did i mention how gorgeous they are together? 

 At the end of the day, I wouldn't be writing this post & be this passionate about this couple if it wasn't for the amazing writing by James LaRosa who wrote this story beautifully & for Brent & Adam who portrayed these two perfectly & made us fall in love with them ...
So big kudos to James for creating this relationship that deserves to be told & Adam and Brent for doing a fab job with the characters & their wonderful relationship. I most definitely can't wait to see this relationship develop even more and see these two have a future together. Watching their relationship is full on feels and majorly swoon worthy

“We’re still in this together. It’s still just you and me.”

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Fruity Fragrances I Love

I'm quite picky with choosing a sweet/not too over-powering scent. I like sweet, fruity scents mainly becuause i think they show my sweet side (okay that's a weird way to explain it) - they're beautiful, girly scents. I can never have enough perfume, i like having a a choice of various scents which are still sweet and floral. I like smelling nice, a woman is never really dressed until she puts on perfume. It’s the icing on the cake, that extra “oomph” to take you from walking through the door to making an entrance.

Jennifer Lopez Live - is a fruity, floral fragrance with addictive appeal. it's a beautiful & alluring scent with Sicilian lemon and vivacious Italian orange, plus a note of juicy pineapple, fruity redcurrant, peony and piquant violet. Sensual wafts of Caramel interweave with warm, golden Tonka Beans and earthy Sandalwood for a delicious finale. Which tops it off nicely.

ARI by Ariana Grande - this is one perfumes i can't stop using whenever i'm heading out for the day.  the bottle design of Ari is one of my favourites, it's so cute. Ari's scent is very sweet and unique, with notes of sparkling fruits, floral scents, musk and even a hint marshmallow. A beautiful girly scent that matches Ariana's adorable personality. 

Peter Andre Forever - is a feminie, floral scent with hints of orange blossom, rose and honey. which lasts for long periods of time. Wrapped in a pink heart shaped bottle, Forever is classy, romantic and undeniably feminine, the perfect fragrance for your mum, sister or yourself.

I think all these fragrances are perfect for everday or a night out if you want to keep it subtle. What are your favourite perfumes right now? If you’re still looking for a solid everyday fragrance, I’d definitely suggest any of the ones listed above.. Any fragrance's i should try, list them below!

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

I was thinking the other day, which can be a weird thing sometimes. But I realised, that if you scrolled through my Twitter, Instagram , Tumblr and blog (or any of my social media platforms)... would you really know who I was? Would you have an idea about me? Although, I don't want to be sharing EVERYTHING online, I always like to know more about the blogger who's blog I'm reading (maybe because i'm a nosy parker) but it's always nice to get to know what makes the blogger tick, what they enjoy and so on.. So here is a list of 10 things you may not know about me. 

#1 I dream of having a house filled with animals - dogs, guinea pigs etc. the list is probably endless
#2 i am hearing impaired, i found out at the age of seven (i wear hearing aids in both ears)
#3 i'm a sucker for cute fictional couples, i swear i spend most of my time fangirling over those beautiful couples if i'm not blogging of course.. who doesn't? (if i'm not blogging, i'm always on tumblr, pinterest or twitter)
#4 i'm interested in the whole creative media thing, (both how its preseved on screen and so forth) i like the idea of having a career in writing, that would be pretty cool.
#5 I have a twin sister called Nicole, we are very different in personality and hobbies/things we enjoy.
#6 i didn't grow up with my dad around but i had an awesome childhood surrounded by my mum, sister and grandparents
#7 growing up i had the biggest crushes on Chad Michael Murray, Zac Efron and Peter Andre - and those crushes still exist to this day along with many others (i'm still crushing on celebrities to my hearts content)
#8 i am not a morning person, i love my bed too much. Doesn't everyone?
#9 i love dogs, they are the sweetest animals ever and many other pets too, I'd gladly live with dogs for the rest of my life
#10 i am quite self conscious without makeup,. Although i've become slightly better at accepting my imperfections and feeling comfortable without my 'warpaint'

Tell me 5 facts about you, so we can get to know each other better! :) 

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Pins I'm Loving #3

I have a confession: I'm addicted to Pinterest, although probably not as much as Tumblr & Twitter. Pinterest is definitely a social media platform i find myself on for inspiration and something to cure my boredom if I'm not scrolling my tumblr or twitter feed. So here are my newly selected pins I've been loving lately.. 

What pins have you been loving lately?

10 Favourite Fictional Relationships

All these couple's i love for different reasons and the main one is their love story and their individual characteristics. i did something similar when i first started this blog Favourite Fictional Couples From TV & Film, so this time I've shortened it to 10 and explained why i like that relationship and so on. In no particular order...

JUDE & ZERO (Hit the Floor)

i can't deny how good they look together, good chemistry and good looking guys. Two guys that are pretty different and understand one another completely - two beautiful souls that fit perfectly together. Both Jude & Zero have had their fair share of heartache and the only ones who seem to understand is the other half. A forever couple in my opinion

LUCAS & PEYTON (One Tree Hill

fell in love with these two within that first moment they locked eyes, it wasn't always a happy road for them since they had loads of bumps to come over - but i was so happy thee star crossed lovers got their happy ending which they deserved with their daughter Sawyer Brooke Scott.


Blaine is honestly one of my favourite characters, he's a sweetheart and the relationship of kurt & blaine is so lovely. i love their journey as a couple filled with love and lyrics. Lets face it, these two are perfect together

NATHAN & HALEY (One Tree Hill)

this couple was everyones favourite i think and whats not to love about them? They have been through quite alot and come out 10x stronger from a crazy nanny and nathan's kidnapping. And their son Jamie is adorable. These two were definitely soulmates

JUDE & CONNOR (The Fosters)

i like the innocence of this relationship, its sweet and lovely to watch. who would want a beautiful relationship like these two. From a beautiful friendship to discovering their hidden feelings for one another. I would love to see these two together forever.

MIRANDA & GARY (Miranda)

these two will always be my favourite sitcom pairing, both awkward and adorable - the perfect two. Two friends who met in uni have seemed to have feelings for one another from the get go but having trouble admitting it (mostly on Gary's part) these two finally sealed the deal after finally getting married in the finale

KEVIN & SCOTTY (Brothers & Sisters)

Their journey to how they ended up together was quite intreresting, considering when they first met they didn't like each other but obviously there was most definitely a spark, their love for each other was beautiful to watch. From their beautiful wedding ceromony to their journey of parenthood (which i wish we saw more of)

AUSTIN & ALLY (Austin & Ally)

the story of Austin & Ally is the cutest thing ever & the other bonus is they make beautiful music together. It's not difficult to see the chemistry these characters have which soon blossomed into a beautiful love story - Austin & Ally are most definitely my disney otp


i can't go through my tumblr dash without aww'ing over these two, their story is definitely a lovely one to watch. Lito is a well known actor and Hernando is his adorkable boyfriend (Lito is a closeted gay actor living with his boyfriend in Mexico City. His career is often put at odds with their secret relationship, and is a driving force behind his character) But it doesn't stop them have some adorable moments.

MATTHEW & MARY (Downton Abbey)
Image result for matthew and mary gif
These two were my favourite's from the beginning of Downton Abbey, i liked watching their story develop together and individually. I was heartbroken when they killed beloved Matthew (i'm still not over that) They didn't quite get along to begin with but soon develop an attraction to one another which lead to them sharing their first kiss in S1 Ep6 The will-they-won't-they, the opposites-attract, and the fact that in spite of it all, they were meant for each other.

So those are my 10 favourite relationships to see developing into a beautiful love story. Who are your 10 favourite fictional relationships?

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