Why You Should Love Yourself

I think at any time of our life we struggle to love ourselves, flaws and imperfections - and all the other crazy stuff. We all strive for perfection in any shape or form & we're hard on ourselves letting that want for perfection (and we're not going to have anything perfect, just something more valued: SELF WORTH) embracing every part of you. No one teaches us how to love ourselves and that's something we have to work out on our own. To accept ourselves as we are, means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections.

I think we can all agree that happiness means different things to different people which makes happiness even more worthwhile, and is a rather elusive concept. That doesn't stop us from chasing it, hoping to finally achieve complete happiness one day. While I don't think there is a way to make every single moment of our lives all sunshine and rainbows but you can also embrace the bad stuff too, there are definitely things you can do to become a happier person and live a more positive life. We are all trying to figure things out including what we want from life, what makes us tick and we're learning as we go because life is a journey that will continue as long as you let it.

We are all guilty of this and while comparison can be a valuable source of motivation and growth, it can also spin us into a frenzy of self-doubt. With the explosion of social media giving us access to continuous material upon which to compare ourselves. If comparing is how you evaluate your worth, you will always be losing. Part of what makes life awesome and interesting is learning from the talents of others. Instead of trying to be as good as or better than others, focus your energy on being the very best version of yourself. Instead, next time you catch yourself using someone else as a benchmark for your own worth stop and remind yourself how ineffective this strategy really is. Compassionately redirect your energy and attention to your own goals and what is required to achieve them. Whether its in real life, in the blogging world or even online.

Things to remember when you find yourself comparing
#1 No one is perfect, and no one has it all together.
#2 "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." - Jon Acuff
#3 Everybody has their own personal struggles that they're dealing with too.
#4 Instead of focusing on what someone else is doing, use that time and effort to create something amazing of your own.
#5 "Comparison is the thief of joy." - Teddy Roosevelt
#6 Everyone is capable of creating greatness.
#7 There is enough room for all of us to succeed. Just because one person has made it doesn't mean no one else can.
#8 Don’t compare your path with anybody else’s. Your path is unique to you."
#9 You are too unique to compare fairly. Your gifts and talents and successes and contributions and value are entirely unique to you and your purpose in this world. They can never be properly compared to anyone else.
#10 Telling yourself what a failure you are in comparison to others, won’t make you any more successful. Neither would believing that you’re worthless and unlovable, make you feel any more worthy or lovable. The only way to achieve self-love and stop comparisons with others is to love yourself. Do it regardless of who you are and where you stand and even if know you want to change.

The biggest mistake that we can make in our twenties is tricking ourselves into believing that we are supposed to have our lives together. Give yourself room to breathe and relax, not only you should love yourself but you also need look after your mind, body and health.
you are only human, a work progress, you are also capable, brave and significant. Focus on yourself and your happiness. Life isn't easy. We ALL have our own journey & we all go through different trials & tribulations, never give up.

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously as beautifully quoted by Sophia Bush

20 things to help you build self confidence:
 Do more of what you love
Get rid of anything in your life that doesn't make you happy or isn't fulfilling
Get rid of the excess
Practise self love
Make a conscious decision to let things go instead of dwelling on what you cannot control
Stop comparing yourself to others
Seek inspiration every day
Practise gratitude daily
Create a living space that you find beautiful and inspiring
Learn to laugh at yourself
Appreciate the body you have and learn to love yourself just as you are
Slow down
Savior and enjoy the little things
Forgive quickly
Try new things
Allow yourself to indulge more
Choose a positive mantra that you can slowly repeat in your head
List your best qualities 
Surround yourself with positive, happy people

2 Extra Reminders: A Little Reminder To Know You Are Always Enough & Little Ways To Be More Self Confident

Because the greatest struggle in life is the struggle to accept, embrace and love ourselves, with all of our imperfections.  To be 100% honest about who we are, how we feel and what we need.  To stop discrediting ourselves for everything we aren’t, and start giving ourselves credit for everything we are. Just know that you ARE enough. You are important and you are worthy. Exactly as you are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, even yourself. Keep remembering that because it's up to us to know our worth and be our first supporters!
We should all value ourselves for who we are. It's okay to feel not enough sometimes. We are all human after all, we have insecurities and I think it's impossible to feel confident all the time. We can try to stop comparing because the only thing we can keep comparing to is ourselves. 

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