ReIntroducing My Blog & I

Hi, I'm Simone. A sometimes ditzy and hearing aid wearing, Cancer. A unicorn enthusiast, wannabe dancer, Disney + romcom lover, most importantly everyday pug mummy.
I was born in the Northants and raised in Norfolk where i currently live with my wonderful mum & twin sister, Nicole who is the exact opposite from me, we are the owners of a pug called Benson and domestic shorthair called Teddy. I am perfectly content with my own company alongside my dog. In my spare time i like to watch Austin & Ally (which is the best Disney series since JONAS) and have cuddles with my adorable pug, Benson. I also like to spend my time on tumblr fangirling over cute couples & bands.

As someone who suffers from depression & anxiety since the age of sixteen, i like to give some tips & advice (not to tell you how to live your life but to help manage it a bit better?) 
I was born with a hearing loss of about 20% i think, which doesn't sound like much but my hearing is somewhat sensitive (and selective), I somehow picked up lip-reading while i was a little baby and this is something my mum noticed but doctors didn't believe her in fact they thought she was an overbearing parent. Come round seven years old, i finally got my first set of hearing aids which filled me with excitement - i'm felt a little complete and happy i could finally hear/keep up with conversations. 
During the same journey of discovering my hearing ability, i was also being teased for having a hearing loss and being different (more in detail here)

i guess you could say my interests are blogging, writing, fangirling, watching cute Disney movies/shows and anything romantic. Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Darren Criss, Ross Lynch are my favourite people. Newly addicted to Pinterest and lover of pretty things & all things purple. Oh and i'm addicted to tweeting and scrolling through tumblr. My past times include sleeping, blogging, watching YouTube videos & fangirling over my favourite couples/people/things

Starting in April 2015, i created this blog The BeautifulxImperfections Journal as somewhere to write my thoughts and passions, a place where i can be creative. Blogging is certainly a learning curve, It takes time to discover your writing style and learn new skills. The BeautifulxImperfections Journal is lifestyle esque blog filled with inspiration, fangirling and a bunch of life musings. What you can expect from the blog: things I'm loving, daily life, advice and many other lifestyle related, a fangirl's perspective on everything from tv, film, music favourites to reality.

I hope you feel you know me better and enjoyed this little glimpse of my life, let me know all the quirky facts about you down in the comments!


  1. Ross Lynch though <3 Loved this post!


  2. Loved this. I feel like I got to know all the random little bits about you! I love Demi Lovato, too. She seems like such a fun person and is a great role model for how you can bounce back after mental health issues. I'm also a bit jealous that you have a pug - they're so cute!

    - Courtney