Current Faves #1

I can't rememeber the last time i did a favourite's post or if i've ever done one. But anyway, i've been loving quite a few things from tv to pretty boots. I love reading other people's 'Current Favourites' blog posts because you may never know if you find something you've had your eye on. I wanted to talk about some random favourites of mine at the moment and why i've been loving them.

Fabric 8 Eyelet Boots - i bought these gorgeous boot just a few days into the new year and i'm so happy with them! They are very comfy and cute at the same time. I had been the look out for some Doc Martin esque boots that were affordable and these are definitley a good alternative, i've non stop been wearing them - and hey the compliments were rather nice too.

R5 Sometime Last Night Album - I decided to bite the bullet and buy this album, having listened to the previews/watching the music videos many many times. Their style of music has changed and for good reason, they're one band people should keep on the look out for. They did a show with The Vamps  (another one of my faves), if i remember correctly in London. Favourite Tracks: All Night, Smile, Dark Side, Heart Made Up On You, F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D. 

The Art Of Mindfulness: Peaceful and Calm Colouring - Adult colouring books have become a thing since last year and rightfully so, they are calming and a fun way to be creative. I always turn to my trusty colouring book to ease me out of my anxious state.

Austin & Ally - well there's many reasons why i'm loving this and its because 1) the story of Austin & Ally is the cutest thing ever 2) the cast are the most adorkable. 3) ROSS SHOR LYNCH. The episodes always make me giggle and the music is super catchy. The music has become another one of my favourites too

Ari by Ariana Grande - this honestly spells like heaven in a bottle. it's such a cute perfume bootle and packaging, i've not worn it as much as i like as its only a 30ml. But i'd definitly be getting a bigger bottle at some point, who knows i may buy myself one as a valentines gift to myself because we should always treat ourselves every now and then especially on St Valentines Day.

Pinterest - I wasn't much of a fan of pinterest mainly because i didn't understand the whole pinning thing but now i can't get enough of it! Perfect for blog inspiration, room inspiration and most importantly perfect for a good old pinning spree. 

So there we have it, my current favourites, let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one. AND if you would like to guest post over here on The BeautifulxImperfections Journal, please drop me an email, tweet or even comment below.

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