10 Adorable Disney Pairings

As I'm in a huge Disney mood this weekend, lets do another Disney post - my favourite Disney pairings! Lets face it we all get hooked on the sweet love story between certain characters in the movies and TV shows, that's what makes it enjoyable. Like everything Disney, it’s not complete if we don’t get our little dash of romance. And Disney has delivered those romances like a pro in both movies and tv series' and made us fall in love multiple times over like a couple of lovestruck hopeless romantics. 

Ariel & Eric - The Little Mermaid

Shane & Mitchie - Camp Rock

Aladdin & Jasmine - Aladdin

Austin & Ally - Austin & Ally

Rapunzel & Eugene - Tangled

Troy & Gabriella - High School Musical

Mulan & Shang - Mulan

Giselle & Robert - Enchanted

Belle & The Beast - Beauty & The Beast

Nick & Macy - JONAS

Are you are Disney fan too, who are you favourite pairings from the Disney movies and tv series?

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