But You Don't Look Depressed - What It's Like Having Depression & Anxiety

The stigma surrounding mental health is a joke, because how do we know if a person has depression, anxiety and many other mental health disorders? Are you expecting a depressed person to be walking around with a dark cloud above their head or someone with anxiety to be an crippling mess of anxiousness? Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean its not there. It's invisible. No one wears a sign around their neck saying 'i have depression & anxiety' 

Everyday is different, i can either wake up feeling on top of the world, like superwoman and then other days i feel trapped on a never ending roller coaster of emotions, trapped in a dark place where no one can hear you screaming for help. When I'm having those days i just prefer to be on my own, which isn't always a good idea because who knows what i could be feeling. The happiest of people are always fighting their darkest battles - everyone is. I've never wanted pity, i wanted understanding, people to be educated on the struggles of mental health issues like depression, anxiety and of course many others

Baring in mind depression & anxiety are two different things yet they collide. One of the things that frustrates me most about living with depression is being told, “But you don’t look depressed.” Just because someone isn’t lying in bed sobbing, doesn’t mean they’re not battling depression. Functionality varies from person to person, and many sufferers can have periods of time (be it a few hours or a few months) where their symptoms aren’t quite so severe and they feel more able to do “normal” things like exercising, shopping or being sociable. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “better”, and it definitely doesn’t mean they’re “faking” if and when their symptoms start to incapacitate them again. If a person with a debilitating mental health condition manages to get up, shower, put on clothes and go to the supermarket, they should be praised, not questioned or judged. 
Depression is often a feeling of total emptiness - it sucks the meaning out of everything, even the things you love most. It drains your energy and weighs you down like lead, It makes you feel frustrated.

When i was diagnosed with depression soon after leaving school at school and entering college, i felt relieve and confused - although it was an answer for my struggles during high school but i didn't know how to feel. I had people telling me 'what do you have to depressed about?' and to be honest that hurt. It affects all kinds of people no matter what age, lifestyle, class and genders. What people need to do is not judge, we should try harder to acknowledge and treat their illness, because studies show that people with objectively “good” lives are more likely to suffer depression in silence and eventually commit suicide and that's the heartbreaking side of mental health.

Anxiety affects different people in different ways, and like all mental illnesses - society is really making progress in its understanding, acceptance and treatment of poor mental health. And as long as we keep working to further this progress, everybody - whether they suffer from anxiety disorders, a different mental illness, or no mental illness at all - will benefit. I find the simple everyday things like answering the phone, being in social situations, ordering things in shops etc, genuinely being in big crowds. I'd like to think I've gotten better other the years but that doesn't mean it doesn't have it's days of making appearances and that goes for confidence too. You have to think of healthy ways to combat anxiety and depression, this doesn't mean it's gonna disappear but at least be at bay.

I am by no means telling you how you should deal with it, just giving you some sort of guide because hey even i'm still learning how to combat this. I wanted to leave you with ways to help lift your spirits

#1 watch a favourite tv series or movie.
#2 maybe journal your thoughts on some paper.
#3 listen to a playlist, something calming or something of your choice.
#4 open up to family members (i tend to talk to my sister & my mum whenever i feel low)
#5 give yourself some TLC, you deserve to have some time to yourself.
#6 Do whatever it is that helps you express who you are individually, something like blogging, writing, music something that makes you feel good. This will help you feel more confident and happy about yourself and your life.
#7 take a hot bath, fill it with your favourite bath scent.
#8 journal the things you like about yourself and why.
#9 watch youtube videos.
#10 colour, it has been said that it helps with destressing.
#11 take a mental health day.
#12 have a good cry, it will release all that anger and hurt.
#13 have a cuddle with your pet, animals have ways of making you feel better.
#14 read your favourite blogs or even create your own blog.
#15 have a browse through your tumblr and pinterest feed, this somehow makes me feel better.

Please remember: you are not alone, you are worthy and you are more than enough - be kind to yourself, you are awesome. What are your self care tips & ideas?

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Pins I'm Loving #2

Pinterest is one of my favourite things on the Internet. I was not that into it in the beginning & I have to admit that I still prefer Tumblr over it as is my 2nd love (Twitter is my first)  but I absolutely adore Pinterest now, scrolling through the pretty pictures. I can spend hours scrolling through my feed. Plus, it's an amazing source of inspiration for everything.

what pins have you been loving?

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Current Faves #1

I can't rememeber the last time i did a favourite's post or if i've ever done one. But anyway, i've been loving quite a few things from tv to pretty boots. I love reading other people's 'Current Favourites' blog posts because you may never know if you find something you've had your eye on. I wanted to talk about some random favourites of mine at the moment and why i've been loving them.

Fabric 8 Eyelet Boots - i bought these gorgeous boot just a few days into the new year and i'm so happy with them! They are very comfy and cute at the same time. I had been the look out for some Doc Martin esque boots that were affordable and these are definitley a good alternative, i've non stop been wearing them - and hey the compliments were rather nice too.

R5 Sometime Last Night Album - I decided to bite the bullet and buy this album, having listened to the previews/watching the music videos many many times. Their style of music has changed and for good reason, they're one band people should keep on the look out for. They did a show with The Vamps  (another one of my faves), if i remember correctly in London. Favourite Tracks: All Night, Smile, Dark Side, Heart Made Up On You, F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D. 

The Art Of Mindfulness: Peaceful and Calm Colouring - Adult colouring books have become a thing since last year and rightfully so, they are calming and a fun way to be creative. I always turn to my trusty colouring book to ease me out of my anxious state.

Austin & Ally - well there's many reasons why i'm loving this and its because 1) the story of Austin & Ally is the cutest thing ever 2) the cast are the most adorkable. 3) ROSS SHOR LYNCH. The episodes always make me giggle and the music is super catchy. The music has become another one of my favourites too

Ari by Ariana Grande - this honestly spells like heaven in a bottle. it's such a cute perfume bootle and packaging, i've not worn it as much as i like as its only a 30ml. But i'd definitly be getting a bigger bottle at some point, who knows i may buy myself one as a valentines gift to myself because we should always treat ourselves every now and then especially on St Valentines Day.

Pinterest - I wasn't much of a fan of pinterest mainly because i didn't understand the whole pinning thing but now i can't get enough of it! Perfect for blog inspiration, room inspiration and most importantly perfect for a good old pinning spree. 

So there we have it, my current favourites, let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one. AND if you would like to guest post over here on The BeautifulxImperfections Journal, please drop me an email, tweet or even comment below.

16 Things To Tell Yourself Everyday

We are all human, we all struggle, we all have bad days but we shouldn't let those things define us. Be kind and be happy. You are important and you are worthy. Exactly as you are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, even yourself. Keep remembering that because it's up to us to know our worth and be our first supporters! Life isn't perfect, we as people are not perfect but we can be the best version of ourselves.

#1 I don’t know everything. I am still learning.
#2 People & words don’t define me.
#3 I am good enough. I am worthy. I love myself.
#4 Don’t let figures define you. Whatever they may be
#5 Hard work will pay off. Keep going.
#6 Choose happiness. Do what makes you happy
#7 I choose to focus on what I can control.
#8 I am a good person. I am unique. I am a survivor
#9 You’re more powerful than you think.
#10 I am doing the best with what I have
#11 Nothing is impossible
 #12 I define my own success, not others
#13 Everyone has secrets, nobody shares everything. 
#14 Creativity takes courage
#15 You’re someone’s hope and source of happiness. 
#16 I can do this! I can do anything i put my mind to.

If you are having a bad day, remember to give yourself a good positive pep talk - trust me, it works wonders. Do you guy's give yourself a litte pep talk/mantras in morning or during the day? Let me know what they are in the comments below.

ReIntroducing My Blog & I

Hi, I'm Simone. A sometimes ditzy and hearing aid wearing, Cancer. A unicorn enthusiast, wannabe dancer, Disney + romcom lover, most importantly everyday pug mummy.
I was born in the Northants and raised in Norfolk where i currently live with my wonderful mum & twin sister, Nicole who is the exact opposite from me, we are the owners of a pug called Benson and domestic shorthair called Teddy. I am perfectly content with my own company alongside my dog. In my spare time i like to watch Austin & Ally (which is the best Disney series since JONAS) and have cuddles with my adorable pug, Benson. I also like to spend my time on tumblr fangirling over cute couples & bands.

As someone who suffers from depression & anxiety since the age of sixteen, i like to give some tips & advice (not to tell you how to live your life but to help manage it a bit better?) 
I was born with a hearing loss of about 20% i think, which doesn't sound like much but my hearing is somewhat sensitive (and selective), I somehow picked up lip-reading while i was a little baby and this is something my mum noticed but doctors didn't believe her in fact they thought she was an overbearing parent. Come round seven years old, i finally got my first set of hearing aids which filled me with excitement - i'm felt a little complete and happy i could finally hear/keep up with conversations. 
During the same journey of discovering my hearing ability, i was also being teased for having a hearing loss and being different (more in detail here)

i guess you could say my interests are blogging, writing, fangirling, watching cute Disney movies/shows and anything romantic. Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Darren Criss, Ross Lynch are my favourite people. Newly addicted to Pinterest and lover of pretty things & all things purple. Oh and i'm addicted to tweeting and scrolling through tumblr. My past times include sleeping, blogging, watching YouTube videos & fangirling over my favourite couples/people/things

Starting in April 2015, i created this blog The BeautifulxImperfections Journal as somewhere to write my thoughts and passions, a place where i can be creative. Blogging is certainly a learning curve, It takes time to discover your writing style and learn new skills. The BeautifulxImperfections Journal is lifestyle esque blog filled with inspiration, fangirling and a bunch of life musings. What you can expect from the blog: things I'm loving, daily life, advice and many other lifestyle related, a fangirl's perspective on everything from tv, film, music favourites to reality.

I hope you feel you know me better and enjoyed this little glimpse of my life, let me know all the quirky facts about you down in the comments!

My Instant Mood Booster Playlist

Music always picks me whenever I'm in a bad mood or just something to jam to. Music is something that always has the power to change my mood. There are certain artists or even soundtracks I listen to when I’m feeling specific emotions whether it's to calm me down or something to sing along to when I'm getting ready in the morning. We all have something that helps boost our mood and sometimes music is one of them - music has a way of cheering us up or calming us down either way it's one awesome creation. It makes us feel good, content and happy. So here are my favourite songs to jam to and help boost my mood.

10 Adorable Disney Pairings

As I'm in a huge Disney mood this weekend, lets do another Disney post - my favourite Disney pairings! Lets face it we all get hooked on the sweet love story between certain characters in the movies and TV shows, that's what makes it enjoyable. Like everything Disney, it’s not complete if we don’t get our little dash of romance. And Disney has delivered those romances like a pro in both movies and tv series' and made us fall in love multiple times over like a couple of lovestruck hopeless romantics. 

Ariel & Eric - The Little Mermaid

Shane & Mitchie - Camp Rock

Aladdin & Jasmine - Aladdin

Austin & Ally - Austin & Ally

Rapunzel & Eugene - Tangled

Troy & Gabriella - High School Musical

Mulan & Shang - Mulan

Giselle & Robert - Enchanted

Belle & The Beast - Beauty & The Beast

Nick & Macy - JONAS

Are you are Disney fan too, who are you favourite pairings from the Disney movies and tv series?

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5 Disney TV Series I Enjoy

If you read my blog on a daily basis you'll know i love anything Disney, from the movies, TV shows, the franchise. Disney Channel has created so many much loved series from JONAS to Austin & Ally and many others before that. I'm either watching the reruns (whenever i can) or watching a bunch of episodes on youtube. I believe that it is impossible for anyone to not have at least a few favourite Disney shows. Although i only started watching Disney channel soon as i went into my first year of high school, there has been some pretty awesome shows (including my favourites below that always made me laugh till my tummy hurts)

this may be an obvious choice because of how much i adore those wonderful Jonas Brothers. When i first started watching JONAS i didn't care if it was silly because who doesn't love anything featuring these 3 lovely guys. They're just lovable and sweet, this TV series shows some elements of the guys who are as adorkable in real life as much as on screen in my opinion anyway. I miss everything Jonas Brothers, the music, videos and the perfection. A series soundtrack i love and still listen to.

the cast are adorable and the soundtrack is awesome. Austin & Ally are the cutest songwriting/singing duo (meaning definite OTP) I'm sure I wasn't the only one rooting for them as a romantic pairing, the beautiful duo a cute blond and brunette. I thought the ending was perfect, I'm still holding out for a A&A movie. Ross is just such a handsome cutie. I'm always singing along to the songs, they're honestly that good. This show had many adorable Auslly moments, a beautiful love story & my ultimate Disney otp ;)

one word Queen Duff (okay that was two) This must've been everyone's favourite showing growing up. I wish i had a cartoon version of myself, it would've pretty interesting i think. This show was probably most relatable to some as well, growing up and at high school the pressure to fit in and be a certain way.

this TV family makes me laugh and little Mia who plays charlie is the cutest little kid ever. The entire family were hilarious especially the dad with his bug stories. Little Charlie always stood out with her cuteness 

when i became of Demi during the camp rock days, of course i had to give this show a watch, and like i loved Mitchie, i loved Sonny. probably the reason i liked those characters was because i love Demi. I thought the idea of a show within a show including little skits were pretty awesome.

Sadly they don't make these wonderful sitcoms anymore, but hey that's what youtube is for! I hope you liked this post - what are your favourite Disney series, anything old & new?

Why You Should Love Yourself

I think at any time of our life we struggle to love ourselves, flaws and imperfections - and all the other crazy stuff. We all strive for perfection in any shape or form & we're hard on ourselves letting that want for perfection (and we're not going to have anything perfect, just something more valued: SELF WORTH) embracing every part of you. No one teaches us how to love ourselves and that's something we have to work out on our own. To accept ourselves as we are, means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections.

I think we can all agree that happiness means different things to different people which makes happiness even more worthwhile, and is a rather elusive concept. That doesn't stop us from chasing it, hoping to finally achieve complete happiness one day. While I don't think there is a way to make every single moment of our lives all sunshine and rainbows but you can also embrace the bad stuff too, there are definitely things you can do to become a happier person and live a more positive life. We are all trying to figure things out including what we want from life, what makes us tick and we're learning as we go because life is a journey that will continue as long as you let it.

We are all guilty of this and while comparison can be a valuable source of motivation and growth, it can also spin us into a frenzy of self-doubt. With the explosion of social media giving us access to continuous material upon which to compare ourselves. If comparing is how you evaluate your worth, you will always be losing. Part of what makes life awesome and interesting is learning from the talents of others. Instead of trying to be as good as or better than others, focus your energy on being the very best version of yourself. Instead, next time you catch yourself using someone else as a benchmark for your own worth stop and remind yourself how ineffective this strategy really is. Compassionately redirect your energy and attention to your own goals and what is required to achieve them. Whether its in real life, in the blogging world or even online.

Things to remember when you find yourself comparing
#1 No one is perfect, and no one has it all together.
#2 "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." - Jon Acuff
#3 Everybody has their own personal struggles that they're dealing with too.
#4 Instead of focusing on what someone else is doing, use that time and effort to create something amazing of your own.
#5 "Comparison is the thief of joy." - Teddy Roosevelt
#6 Everyone is capable of creating greatness.
#7 There is enough room for all of us to succeed. Just because one person has made it doesn't mean no one else can.
#8 Don’t compare your path with anybody else’s. Your path is unique to you."
#9 You are too unique to compare fairly. Your gifts and talents and successes and contributions and value are entirely unique to you and your purpose in this world. They can never be properly compared to anyone else.
#10 Telling yourself what a failure you are in comparison to others, won’t make you any more successful. Neither would believing that you’re worthless and unlovable, make you feel any more worthy or lovable. The only way to achieve self-love and stop comparisons with others is to love yourself. Do it regardless of who you are and where you stand and even if know you want to change.

The biggest mistake that we can make in our twenties is tricking ourselves into believing that we are supposed to have our lives together. Give yourself room to breathe and relax, not only you should love yourself but you also need look after your mind, body and health.
you are only human, a work progress, you are also capable, brave and significant. Focus on yourself and your happiness. Life isn't easy. We ALL have our own journey & we all go through different trials & tribulations, never give up.

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously as beautifully quoted by Sophia Bush

20 things to help you build self confidence:
 Do more of what you love
Get rid of anything in your life that doesn't make you happy or isn't fulfilling
Get rid of the excess
Practise self love
Make a conscious decision to let things go instead of dwelling on what you cannot control
Stop comparing yourself to others
Seek inspiration every day
Practise gratitude daily
Create a living space that you find beautiful and inspiring
Learn to laugh at yourself
Appreciate the body you have and learn to love yourself just as you are
Slow down
Savior and enjoy the little things
Forgive quickly
Try new things
Allow yourself to indulge more
Choose a positive mantra that you can slowly repeat in your head
List your best qualities 
Surround yourself with positive, happy people

2 Extra Reminders: A Little Reminder To Know You Are Always Enough & Little Ways To Be More Self Confident

Because the greatest struggle in life is the struggle to accept, embrace and love ourselves, with all of our imperfections.  To be 100% honest about who we are, how we feel and what we need.  To stop discrediting ourselves for everything we aren’t, and start giving ourselves credit for everything we are. Just know that you ARE enough. You are important and you are worthy. Exactly as you are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, even yourself. Keep remembering that because it's up to us to know our worth and be our first supporters!
We should all value ourselves for who we are. It's okay to feel not enough sometimes. We are all human after all, we have insecurities and I think it's impossible to feel confident all the time. We can try to stop comparing because the only thing we can keep comparing to is ourselves. 

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Pins I'm Loving #1

I spend some of my free time on Pinterest if I'm not blogging or scrolling through instagram or having a nose around twitter. Pinterest is definitely one of my favourite things at the moment, so i wanted to show you my favourite pins.

What pins having you been loving? Leave your links below so i can see what you've been pinning lately! 

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New Year. Same Old Me - My 2016 Goals

My Goals For 2016
How fast did 2015 go!? Most of the year was great, the other part not so great. So much has happened, i've grown to embrace my insecurites and flaws because we all have them, we are still learning and growing, a new year just means a new blank page, 357 new blank pages in fact to grow into the person you want to be, glowing with confidence. 2016 marks a new chapter and i'm looking forward to starting afresh 

Be more confident in social situations
Step outside my makeup comfort zone (wear dark lipstick colours)
500 Bloglovin' followers
Create a blogging schedule and stick to it
Finish reading those half read, untouched books
Be confident in myself and kinder to myself
Get back into writing stories
Think health, not weight

Create a YouTube channel and make videos
Improve my blogger interaction
Continue to grow as a person & blogger
Start an Adult Journal
Be more adventurous

I think i will add to the list as the year goes on. What are your 2016 goals i would love to hear them. I hope 2016 will be a fab year for you all.

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Ari by Ariana Grande

Ariana is possibly one of my favourite people, her confidence & style is awesome and she has some amazing songs too, she's a phenomenon pretty much. She stands up for what she believes in and embraces everything to do with the world...
Let me tell you, the perfume is stunning, the bottle is gorgeous, the box packaging is beautiful, and it smells incredible. I'm honestly in love with the packaging and the bottle - it screams Ari. I bought the 30ml and honestly i thought it would have been bigger kinda the same size at Zoella's fragrances (at least a little bit more) i will get a bigger bottle some other time.
The bottle design for Ari is glam and girly at the same time, a circular diamond textured bottle in light pink with a rose gold top. Other touches are Ariana's full name engraved on the rim of the bottle and an oversized white pom pom that attaches to the lid. The bottle embodies Ariana's brand/style perfectly. 
I adore the bottle design of Ari, Ari's scent is very sweet and unique, with notes of sparkling fruits, floral scents, musk and even a hint marshmallow. A beautiful girly scent something Ariana has kept true to her cute and confident self in all aspects of this fragrance, promoting a hidden message to fans to be themselves and celebrate who they are.
“Be happy with being you. Love your flaws. Own your quirks. Know that you are just as perfect as anyone else, exactly as you are.”

I honestly don't think I could fault this perfume, I'm in love with the packaging and the scent! I'd recommend going to your local Boots and Superdrug and have a sniff for yourself, you won't regret it  

Have you purchased a bottle? Let me know what you think!