Winter/Christmas Holiday Essentials

It's time to wrap up warm and get festive, put the Christmas lights on & grab a hot festive drink. For today's post i wanted to talk about my winter/holiday essentials from the cosy sweaters to the pretty Christmas decor.

Fairy Lights - they make everything look cuter 

Sweaters & Leggings - this is the reason i love the colder weather, i can live in my favourite cosy sweater and leggings wearing layers and layers of clothing

Advent Calendars - who doesn't love having an advent calendar with chocolate behind the little windows

Blankets - oh blanket days, i love having a blanket wrapped round myself during the cold season while watching chick flicks or listening to music 

Boots - wearing comfy boots with my favourite sweater and leggings are a must in the cold season

Chunky Scarves - all wrapped up warm, like being hugged by a cosy blanket

A Good Book - During the winter i tend to read a bit more because there's more time don't you think?

Christmas Music/ A Winter Playlist - this is something everyone must do don't you think? You can check out my Christmas Playlist on Spotify

Lip Balm/Baby Lips - something that's always in my handbag or my makeup bag, since I'm not much of a fan of lipsticks/lip glosses i finish my makeup look with a tinted lip balm to keep my lips moisturised during the cold weather

Hand Warmers - this is something usually i forget about weirdly enough, we have to keep our hands toastly warm

Cosy Pyjamas/Onesie - who doesn't love getting their comfy onesies or pyjamas out? 

Decorations - i love having the Christmas decorations up, it makes everything look festive and cosy with the fairy lights

My Phone/Laptop/Headphones - everybody loves a lazy day, snuggled with a blanket and a good movie or TV series even a good playlist . I'm one of those people who like to spend the lazy days either watching movies and blogging while listening to music, doesn't everyone? 

Hand Cream - nice smelling hand cream is the best, how else are you gonna keep to hands moisturised?

Cuddles With The Dog - always have to have a cuddle with my lovely pug, spending the day with my dog  is something i like to do whether we're just watching movies together or curled up on the sofa watching a sitcom or trashy reality TV. who doesn't love having cuddles with their beloved pooch, and it's been said snuggling up with your four legged friend help reduce stress .

Fuzzy Socks/Comfy Slippers - lazy day's aren't complete without the fuzzy socks and slippers

Movie Nights - the prefect time to watch the movies you've been wanting to see and relax with a cosy blanket and nice hot drink.

Nice Smelling Air Freshener - i love the winter vanilla air freshener from febreze

Hot Drinks - i love those days where you have a piping hot coffee or hot chocolate in your favourite mug, i always like to have a hot drink on those cold autumn days whether it's a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Tissues/Day + Night Cold Flu Capsules - during the winter season comes the dreaded colds and flu, this is something the family stack up on.

Christmas Tree - having the tree up with the lights and the presents surrounding the tree makes me happy.

What are your Winter/Christmas Holiday essentials?

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