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Today's post i wanted to talk about a favourite youtuber of mine; Katy Bellotte. Katy's YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter is filled with beautiful inspiration. She always wears a smile and to be honest I'm quite envious of her beauty & creativity. 
She talks to you on a very personal level, she's real - you can connect with her, like she's your best friend/confidante. That's the reason why i subscribe to her videos & follow her on twitter/instagram/tumblr.

Because she's relatable and inspiring (let's not forget how awesome her motto is: Could be jogging but I'd rather be blogging) her individuality and positivity shine through her videos
flaws n'all who doesn't sugar coat the reality of life. She is beautiful in every way as a person and with the use of her words - she connects with her viewers on a personal level: growing up, fitting in, self love etc the kinds of struggles young people deal with in their journey to adulthood.
My forever inspiring woman crush, taking into account the important feelings that for some reason most people don't like to talk about the struggles girls (& young women) 
I love her talkative, fun and lifestyle based videos, she creates video's she likes to do and ones that inspire/help someone.

The first video i came across of Katy's was 'How To Be Pretty' and the title fascinated me, the video overall is inspiring and beautiful
To me, being pretty and being beautiful are different things. Everyone's desire is to be pretty, they look at themselves and wish they could be something else or look like someone else.  Beauty is what is on the outside and yet reaches all the way into the depths of the soul, just like being pretty (so screw society)
Katy's video's are something we can all learn from no matter what stage in our life we are in.

* EVERYONE is beautiful, no matter how much you criticise yourself. You're worthy and important - what you think of yourself is most important, love yourself, be kind to yourself. You are enough, you will always be enough.
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter what you think of your appearance, your soul is beautiful. *

if that doesn't convince you, here are 6 more reasons:

#1 she's unique
#2 uses wonderful terminology aimed at young people
#3 her video's contain inspiring messages
#4 watching her videos cheer you up in an instant 
#5 she loves audrey hepburn just as much as the next girl
#6 everything she posts on either Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr is lovely & inspiring, making your day

I enjoy watching talkative, routine, Q&A, fun and inspiring videos from different YouTubers, just learning more about them as people. my favourite ones are from the lovely Katy Bellotte

I think Katy is awesome and very inspirational using what she loves to do, to send out postive and kind words to those who need something to hold on to or just some sign to show everything is going to be okay. Katy is best friend goals, just spend time blogging/vlogging and being an everyday inspiring princess.

You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube Channel

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