Thoughts On Social Media

I spend alot of time on certain social media platforms whether it's Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook & even Blogger. And i love it but it also has it's days where you are scrolling through your feed comparing yourself to the "perfect" person

Social media is not a bad thing itself. Yes, like everything, it has it's pros and cons but in reality, it is what you make of it. Apart from all the comparison and numbers, it's a great way to express yourself and connect with people from all over the world and I  love that it's a way to create online friendships! I may be going off topic here but watching an addictive programme like Catfish: The TV Show makes you weary of whats out there in the world of social media. But that's about relationships and friendships (tbh it kinda puts you off having an online relationships, well okay it makes you more curious...) 
I've made some good friends via social media. 

Bearing in mind we only see little glimpses of someones life.
We tend to get wrapped up into the whole social media 'perfection' and it becomes quite damaging to young people when already they are dealing with fitting in at school or lacking some self love and we can't forget that social media does play some part in that with all the so called perfection like its one big popularity contest and the pressure to be perfect online with the perfect hair, the perfect makeup, the perfect life but in reality we don't all have that, some of us are lucky.
I want to be "approved". I want to do/say the right thing. Not only when it comes to social media but real life too. And it's just nice to know that people like the photos you take or the content you create or the things you tweet. But the reality is that we - and I'm speaking to my self too, like always - don't need to look for social approval or feel like we need others to validate how good we are. It should come from the inside. “You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”― Maya Angelou

My Thoughts On Twitter & Instagram
I'm one of those people that checks their feed before she goes to sleep and when she wakes up - its like my own morning newspaper. When I first joined twitter back in 2009 i wasn't a big tweeter, i didn't realise how powerful twitter could be with the hashtags and trending connecting with strangers around the world. Twitter is one of my favourite platforms, i love how connected you are with people and that you can voice your own opinion and be creative in just 140 characters. 
I can spend way too much time scrolling through my feed sometimes out of boredom or just for fun, but I have to admit doing that can either make me feel inspired or pressured just the same as Instagram. With both Twitter and Instagram we only see the highlights not the behind the scenes. My Instagram isn't colourful or thoroughly edited with the cool captions, i use instagram for just me and post pictures that make me smile, i guess you could call it my scrapbook with pretty quotes, cute pet pics and other . In similar ways they are both filtered, there's a whole story behind the "perfect" photo and a more complex person behind the "perfect" feed.

My Thoughts On Tumblr
Tumblr is another social platform i love and use for fangirling purposes. I can't get enough of this site, i actually can't remember when i first created my tumblr account, it was probably around 2010-2011. And no it's not a teenage thing, all ages can have a tumblr page. I see my tumblr blog as a place to reblog pretty quotes, cute gif sets of your favourite fictional couple (and animals) and other awesome things. It also serves as inspiration for pretty room decor and even blog posts
Regardless of how lame you may think you are, on Tumblr you’re one of the cool kids. This is the perfect site where you can fangirl and reblog fictional perfection & pretty things. I guess you can be your crazy fangirling self obsessing over the same thing like other fangirls. It's such a friendly place just like the blogging community is, there are two sides to tumblr as there are with all social media sites. 

I want to use social media, and blogging of course to specifically share my experiences, interests & issues and just things that make me happy. It important to have that balance between your online & offline life and knowing when to take a break from the craziness online, success, fame or followers don't mean happiness neither define who we are as a person. We shouldn't feel the need to put on a persona online, what good does it do? We decide what to share and how to portray our lives online. Nobody is perfect or happy all the time and it will get to a point when we will break. Again it depends how you use your presence online either for good or for bad, we should use our social media influence to make a positive change and continue to inspire other people by being real and honest. 

What are your favourite social media platforms? And what are your thoughts about social media. Let me know in the comments below.

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