My 'Me' Time/Cosy Night In Essentials

Everyone should have some 'me time' now the colder weather is here. - whether its having a tv/movie marathon, reading a book or having a soak in a nice warm bath, having just a few hours in the afternoon or evening doing the things that help us kick back and relax.
During the colder season one of my favourite things to do is to snuggle on the sofa or in bed with a blanket and stick on a good film or watching YouTube videos and maybe having a browse through some of my favourite blogs.

Usually after having a crazy day, i like to make myself a warm drink either a cup of tea or coffee & put my feet up and just unwind which for me means being nosy on social media and flicking through the channels.

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After a good few minutes of that, i will probably go and run a bath with loads of bubbles & while the bath is going i will find some comfy clothes which is just my pyjama bottoms & a t-shirt. If I've been wearing makeup that day i will take my time getting that off with Johnsons face wipes and go over that with the Garnier micellar water using a cotton pad. Once I've done that i will hop into the bath and have a good old soak & wash my body with whatever imperial leather body wash is in the bathroom (& day dream) we all do it, don't lie. 

Once I'm out of my little bath haven, i moisturise my face and body, then get into my comfy clothes and the movie (either Disney, a chick flick) watching, blog reading or colouring (i've not long ago purchased a The Art of Mindfulness: Peace and Calm Colouring Book) will begin. Whilst doing that i have some cuddles with my adorable pug Benson who likes being by my side 24/7, i probably end up having a natter about anything and everything  with my sister like always... I'm probably a little hungry half way through the film so i grab a snack and drink.
After I've watched a couple of movies or tv shows I'll probably start getting sleepy so i shut everything off, put my headphones on and snuggle with the dog & browse through my phone checking messages, tumblr, twitter and instagram or colour before finally deciding to sleep.

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What are your me time essentials? 

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